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Sunday Snog 236: Calculated Risk (#erotica #sundaysnog #giveaway)

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My snog this Sunday comes from an unfinished story entitled Calculated Risk. Like many of my books, I started writing this to challenge myself; I wanted to create an erotic romance in which the characters were the opposite of exotic. My heroine Laura is an insurance agent. My hero is a shy, awkward music teacher.

More than seven years ago, I wrote three chapters of this book. Then my motivation sputtered and died. Now I’m wondering whether I should revive the tale and try to finish it.

What do you think? Read the kiss excerpt below, then give me your opinion. Would you want more from these characters?

To energize you, I’ll give away a $5 bookstore gift certificate to one randomly selected commenter!

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A knock on the door frame made me jump. "Laura, are you in there?" a hearty baritone voice called.

"Just a minute, Sam. I'm with a client." Laura scooped up my briefcase and dropped it into my lap, covering my still-open fly. She checked that all her buttons were fastened, and smoothed her hair. "Okay, you can come in."

The voice belonged to a tall, athletic-looking guy of about thirty, neatly dressed in a suit that even I could tell was expensive. "Hey, Laura, Beecham won't be happy if he finds out you're using his office."

"I'm sure that he wouldn't mind. It's so hot in the outer office today. He'd want me to make sure that our customers are comfortable."

Sam looked me over curiously. I wondered if the office smelled of sex.

"This is Mr. Rossini. His mother has a policy with us, and he came in to ask some questions about it." I noted her half-truth with some interest.

"Mr. Rossini, I'd like to introduce Sam Cooper, our top salesman."

The handshake was a bit awkward since I didn't dare stand up.

"Rossini... From Longmeadow, right?"

"Right. I'm impressed, Mr. Cooper. Do you remember every customer?"

"Pretty much. It's part of my system, the reason I'm the best in the business." Cooper laid a casual hand on Laura's shoulder. "Isn't that true, Laura?"

She smiled sweetly up at his chiselled features. I decided that I didn't like him. "There's no one who's better than you, Sam. At selling, at least."

Then she was all business again. "Did you need something, Sam?"

"No, I'm fine. Just got off the road and thought I'd check in, find out what you're up to."

"Just the usual. Doing my best for the company."

Cooper gave me a knowing smile. All the double-entendres were making me very nervous.

"Well, keep up the good work. See you at the barbecue on Saturday. Nice to meet you, Mr. Rossini."

"Shut the door behind you, will you please?" Laura called after him.

I didn't breathe again until I heard the latch click. "Do you think he knows?"

"I doubt it. He doesn't have the requisite imagination. It's too bad he didn't come in a few minutes earlier. He might have found the scene quite instructive." Laura read the shock and dismay on my face. She grinned like a mischievous child.

"Angelo, I'm only kidding." I wasn't completely sure that was true. "Look, you shouldn't worry so much. I was only having some fun." She stroked my thigh in a proprietary gesture. "It was fun, wasn't it?"

I zipped my pants, hiding my semi-stiff cock, and sat up straight. I struggled to reclaim some dignity. "That's not exactly the word that I would use."

"What word would you prefer? 'Thrilling'? 'Overwhelming'? 'Life-changing'?"

"I was thinking more of 'nasty' and 'obscene'."

"Oh, don't be such a prude! And don't pretend that you didn't like it. You can put on the moral purity act with someone else, but you don't fool me. I know you, Angelo. I know how to touch you, inside and out."

She slipped to her knees in front of me, took my face in her hands, and kissed me.

It was the last thing I expected.

The kiss was gentle, full of sweetness. I sensed her need, a vulnerability that was completely at odds with the Laura I had seen so far. Her lips melded with mine; they parted shyly. I couldn't resist the urge. I allowed my tongue to wander into her mouth, to explore her textures and tastes: minty toothpaste, black coffee, and a faint bitter tang that I knew was my own cum.

I gathered her in my arms and pulled her into my lap without breaking the kiss. Sudden passion erased her passivity. She seized me and crushed my body against hers. Our tongues tangled together. Now she was bold, vulnerability replaced by a different type of neediness. She gulped me down like water in the desert. I could hardly breathe, but I didn't care. My hands traveled over her luscious body, molding the curve of her hips, tracing the line of her spine through the thin crepe of her blouse, up along her ribs to where her soft breast was flattened against my chest. She shivered when I touched her there, and deepened her kiss.

I imagined lying naked with her, our limbs entwined. I was dying to feel her bare skin. I grabbed her blouse in the back and pulled it up, out of her waistband, then fumbled with the clasp of her brassiere.

She broke away from me. "No, not here, not now."

"I thought you got a thrill from the risk of exposure." Defiantly, I unfastened the second hook. I pressed my bare palms against the silky skin of her back, and tried to bring her mouth back to mine.

She managed somehow to extricate herself from my grasp. "Sometimes that's what I like. Sometimes it's not. Right now, I'm thinking that our first fuck should be more relaxed and comfortable than we could be in here."

I winced as the raw word tumbled from her sweet lips. She noticed.

"Oh, my poor Angelo! I'll cure you of the affliction of your innocence." Deftly, she reached behind her and refastened her bra, then tucked in her blouse. She kissed me lightly, pulling back before I could grab her again. "Don't be concerned, hon. You won't miss it."

So, what do you think? You can be honest with me! Your answer won’t affect your chances of winning... but you can’t win unless you leave a comment! Be sure to include your email, so I can find you if you win.


Michelle said...

Sounds like it would be a good short read. For when you just need something to take you away from the daily grind.

Michelle B. OOPS! forgot my email

Marlene said...

3 characters leading into a three some outside of the office. Or Sam knows the smell of sex in the office and a blackmail scene is developed. Lots of ways to write this story out.Go for it...short and sweet.

bn100 said...

finish it; would be interesting

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Debby said...

I like the opening. Intriguing as the rest.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

With the humor shown in this scene, it should be a funny read as Laura gets Angelo to open up and lose his prudishness. I'd read it

pansypetal said...

Hmmm . . . Shy and awkward? Potential! Hidden kinky exhibitionist side even. Yep! I think I need more. Doesn't everyone! MORE! MORE! Please More! Or is that Harder? Oh yeah! Both!:D Bottom line, I like the snog and I think you need to write this! pansyparsons at hotmail dot com

Melanie B said...

Sounds pretty hot, would definitely read more!

Annie Chanse said...

I don't generally appreciate stories told from the male POV, but I could see myself getting into this one.

Colleen C. said...

I liked what you have shown us so far... definitely think you should continue w/it! greenshamrock ATcoxDOTnet :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it would be fun to see them shed their inhibitions!

Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

Mary Preston said...

I would like to read more thank you.


Jen B. said...

Laura is one dirty broad. I like her. It's an interesting start. It could go so many ways. jepeb (at) verizon DOT net

H.B. said...

I'm not sure how I feel about Laura but I always did like a shy character and Angelo seems like he might need soe help and Laura is just the person to help him.
humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging comments. I'm deep in my werewolf/vampire novel at the moment, but I may pick this up after that's done.

Congratulations to Colleen, who was picked by as my winner!

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