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Going all the way, and then some (#erotica #fairytales #freebook @SharonFisher)

By Sharon Lynn Fisher (Guest Blogger)

I never set out to write an erotica collection. I was supposed to be working on my second sci-fi romance, but I’d reached that point about halfway through when things suddenly get real. When the honeymoon period has ended, and you’re not sure you and that book have what it takes to go the distance. So basically I was trying to escape, and I wrote a scene that became the second chapter of “The Garden Rules,” the first erotic bedtime story in Before She Wakes.

At the time I had no expectations. I didn’t even know if what I was writing was any good. I showed it to some trusted readers and got some encouragement, and months later I decided to finish that first story. I shared it with my agent, and with additional encouragement from her, I wrote a second one. The original plan was to indie publish, and we did try that with the first two. But I just didn’t have time for the kind of promo you have to do as an indie author, and also I wasn’t sure about the market for individual erotic short stories. In the end, we sold a collection of six stories to Penguin Random House, for their Loveswept imprint.

What I’m really here to talk about, though, is how these stories were different from anything I’ve ever written. As a sci-fi romance author, I’d written plenty of sex. But when I wrote that first scene of “The Garden Rules,” I locked my inner critic in the basement. At the time, I had no idea I’d end up pitching it to a traditional publisher, so I wrote what I wanted and let the chips fall where they might.

By the time I started the third story, I’d taped a note to my desk that said, “Remember to have fun.” Every time I started to worry about whether the story was working, I asked myself, what’s the most fun I could have with this story right now? And if what came to me was something that caused my inner critic to pop out and say, “oh no you don’t,” I just crammed her back in the basement and did it anyway. Every time her voice drifted up, warning me something was too weird or over-the-top, I knew I was on the right track.

The result was stuff like a herd of randy fauns, a purple fairy with an oversized phallus, steampunk sex toys, dragon shifters getting it on in the clouds, and a pair of French monarchs licking confections off court visitors. It’s resulted in Goodreads reviews with comments like “If you like fairy tales, keep your mind open, and just go with the flow!” And it was, hands-down, the most fun I ever had writing ANYTHING. 

By the way, I'm giving away a free copy of the book to one person who comments. Tell me what you think about my excerpt, or the concept of erotic fairy tales in general. I'll randomly select one person as my winner. Don't forget to include your email address so I can find you if you win! 


You’ve never read bedtime stories like these. RITA Award finalist Sharon Lynn Fisher blends fantasy, science fiction, and dark romance in these bold tales of seduction and sensual awakening.

The Dragonmaid’s Secret

On the king’s orders, a mercenary has come to ransack the village of Roussillon. But when he confronts the town’s defender, the dragonmaid Isabeau, he is seized by the call to mate—for this rogue is, in fact, a dragon-shifter.

Raven Takes A Pearl

Pearl is a captive of Master Raven—part man, part crow, part machine. And as she submits to the curious probing of the dark-winged inventor, Pearl discovers that her body contains mysteries even she never dreamed it possessed.

The Garden Rules

After swallowing an acorn sweetmeat, Sylva is transported to a fantastical forest and begins training as a nymph at the behest of her faun master. But before she earns the right to please him, she must complete three tantalizing trials.

The Kelpie’s Prize

Dragged beneath a fairy pool by a mechanical horse, Vivi finds herself held by an alchemist claiming to be Merlin himself. Now, to escape an ancient curse, she must play the wanton seductress—and pray he releases her in more ways than one.

Willa And The Wisp

In the bayou that covers the long-ago flooded city of New Orleans, Willa uses light to keep her safe from the creepers. She never expected that light to take the form of a brightly glowing man—a lover who ignites a flame that just may thaw her frigid grip on self reliance.

The Dragonfly Prince

In post-apocalyptic Ireland, a virgin gives her hand in marriage to broker peace with a genetically modified race. But when a human rival challenges the dark prince’s claim, the bride chooses the field of contest: her own body.


This scene is from “The Dragonfly Prince.” It’s about a young woman in post-apocalyptic Ireland who gives herself in marriage to keep the peace with a clan of genetically modified humans who call themselves the Tuatha De Danann. What she doesn’t know is that a man she has always considered her stepbrother is in love with her and wants to stop the wedding. When her betrothed walks in on a forbidden kiss, awkwardness ensues. After the stepbrother is ordered out, the bride and bridegroom have their first conversation. 
Dayne’s countenance is so smoky and dark that it is hard to imagine what he’s thinking. His arms are folded, and the bunching of shoulder and chest muscles reminds me how powerful he is. My heart races, and I struggle to find my voice. But he doesn’t speak, so I must.

I apologize. Jamie’s behavior was wrong and...unexpected.”

Dayne lifts a dark eyebrow. “You were disgusted by it? It didn’t appear so to me.”

My already hot skin saves me from displaying the shame I feel. “I was surprised. And I...” On an impulse, I raise my chin to better meet the challenge in his gaze. Instinct is warning me I can’t win a game of cat-and-mouse with this man. “I was confused. We grew up together, and I’ve always thought of him as my brother. I didn’t know that he felt differently.”

And now that you do?”

I drop my hands to my sides and take a slow breath, knowing how important my answer is. “Now that I do, I understand why he was so violently opposed to this marriage. And I regret that I’ve hurt him so deeply.”

I know I haven’t answered the question he’s really asking, but he seems to accept it anyway. He strides to the window beside the bed, and I find my eyes following the crimson wings as he moves. Their texture makes them appear to glisten, and I wonder whether they’re as fragile as they look. I wonder whether they’re capable of flight. My da says that the biological mechanics are all wrong. That the winged transgenics were a failed experiment. But they proved more resilient than most of humanity. And though his wings may serve no practical purpose, it’s impossible not to appreciate their delicate-veined beauty.

Has the conflict been resolved?” I ask, a tremor in my voice.

No,” he replies. “But my father will try to distract them until the danger passes. There would have been games after the wedding. Contests of strength. He’s trying to interest them in those.”

I don’t understand what happened. Have I done something wrong?”

He turns from the window. “Yes. But it wasn’t your fault. It was an oversight of my father’s, when he arranged the ceremony with your father.”

I lift my eyebrows, waiting for the rest of it.

You should never have appeared in public at this time of your cycle. A Tuatha woman wouldn’t do such a thing unless she wanted attention from potential mates.”

I stare at him, keenly aware my color is rising again. My betrothed, whom I’ve just met, is talking about my fertility—and he seems to know more about it than I do.

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About Sharon

An RWA RITA Award finalist and a three-time Golden Heart Award finalist, Sharon Lynn Fisher ( writes stories for the geeky at heartmeaty mash-ups of sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, and romance, with no apology for the latter. She lives where it rains nine months of the year, and she has a strange obsession with gingers (down to her freaky orange cat). Sharons works include:

  • Ghost Planet
  • The Ophelia Prophecy
  • Echo 8
  • Before She Wakes


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Sharon,

Thanks so much for being my guest. I am really looking forward to reading your book.

And yeah, it's huge fun to send the censor to sleep and just write your fantasies.

Sharon Lynn Fisher said...

Thank you so much for having me, Lisabet! I love sharing that story with others. Makes me feel liberated all over again! :)

pansypetal said...

Sharon - I adore erotic fairy tales. Actually I love any (re)telling of fairy tales in general, but the spicy ones are really fun. I have looked at this before and thought it fun and exciting. After reading your except, well it has now hit my lists. I look forward to reading it. Thank you. pansyparsons at hotmail dot com

Sharon Lynn Fisher said...

Thanks so much, Pansy, and thank you for dropping by! :)

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