Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Snog 235: Mystery Snog and Giveaway! (#sundaysnog #excerpt #giveaway)

I’m off being professional at a conference this week, but I thought we could have a bit of fun anyway. Here’s a sexy kiss excerpt, slightly modified to remove the characters’ names.

Can you tell me what book it comes from? I’ll randomly draw a winner from all the people who answer correctly. That lucky person will receive a copy of the book! Leave your guess in a comment, with your email, please!

When you’re done with my mystery snog, don’t forget to visit Victoria’s Sunday Snog page, for more delicious kisses!


Love clutched at her chest, as it always did when she beheld his beauty. She ached to touch him. She imagined herself standing behind him, resting her palms lightly on his shoulders, feeling the shift and surge of his muscles as he played. She wanted to brush that stray curl away from his pale forehead, to run her tongue down the side of his neck and along his collarbone where it disappeared under his Led Zeppelin T-shirt. She would reach around to his chest, circling his sensitive nipples as her own tightened and throbbed, challenging him to ignore her caresses if he could.

Instead, she simply watched him, marvelling at his grace. She was about to shut the door and leave him in peace when his green eyes snapped open.

Baby!” He tossed the earphones onto a pile of sheet music beside him. “Why didn’t you say something?” In an instant, he was in front of her, cradling her against his chest. “God, I missed you.”

He swept her into a kiss whose intensity confirmed his words. His mouth locked onto hers, his lips soft but his tongue brazen. He tasted of coffee and tobacco, his two vices while he was working. His passion melted her, as it always did. Her legs turned to rubber. Hot juices pooled between her thighs.

His swelling erection prodded her, through his jeans and the fabric of her dressy trousers. He reached between their bodies and unzipped her. His long fingers slipped into the opening, wriggled under the elastic of her panties and came to rest nestled in her bush. He moved his fingertips in gentle circles across her pubis in an intimate, teasing massage.

Did you miss me?” he murmured, close to her ear. She tilted her pelvis, working without success to bring her hungry clit into contact with his roving fingers.

Of course,” she replied, cupping his bulk in her palm to seize the offensive. It was true. In the middle of the afternoon’s editorial meeting, she’d had a sudden, highly distracting vision of her husband lying naked on their bed, stroking his cock. Mr. Jamison, seeing her flush, had inquired sharply whether she was feverish. She had to excuse herself to go splash some cold water on her face.

Did he actually jack himself off while she was at work? She ran her thumb over his denim-covered hardness and was rewarded by his shudder of pleasure. His potency still astonished her, after ten years of marriage. He was the only multi-orgasmic man she’d ever known. He might well have relieved his tension during the afternoon and still be stone-hard as he was now. “But you didn’t wait for me, did you?”

His finger slipped between her swollen lips and brushed the tip of her clit. She gasped, circles of pleasure rippling out through her body from that hidden centre. He was driving her crazy.

Do you mind?” He bent to her lips again, this kiss more yielding, almost a supplication.


kaisquared said...

Truce of Trust is the source of this snog, thanks!
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Kristine *chaos* said...

'Truce of Trust', I think. Thanks for this
KristineLR23 (AT) gmail (dot) com

bn100 said...

truce of trust

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Wow, you guys are good!

Congratulations to BN100, who is my randomly chosen winner!

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