Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Snog #192: The Antidote

My snog excerpt today is from my most recent release, The Antidote, a bit of speculative erotica with a lot of heat and a bit of a message. Hope you enjoy it!

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What if the government stole your libido? What would you do to get it back?

Sixty years after the Plague, most people accept the Council’s mysterious libido-suppression technology as necessary to prevent a resurgence of the deadly virus. Lena’s different. Though she loves her husband Jeff, she yearns to experience the thrill of forbidden lust. Denied from birth, Lena is willing to risk everything—her marriage, her freedom, even her life—for one taste of unbridled desire.


You bastard!”

Lena, please...”

I sat up in our bed, pushing away the hand that tried to stroke my hair.

What about me? What about the rest of us? What about Bolt? And that poor woman who was with me? What about her? What will happen to her?”

That’s not my responsibility.”

The hell it’s not! You pretend to be Mr. Morality-and-Social-Conscience, all cozy with the Council, but do you care what you’re doing? What you’re supporting? All you want is to get your rocks off.”

That’s what you wanted.”

Yes, but I have no power to change anything. You’ve got connections, or so you say. Maybe it’s time for a change. The plague is long gone. Maybe it’s time the Council let us make our own decisions again, about who we fuck, and how.”

Maybe you’re right. But the Council won’t willingly give up the policy of lust-suppression. It makes us all so easy to control.”

He caressed my cheek, then allowed his hand to drop to my breast. Dimly, I felt something stir in my crotch. “Seriously, hon, there’s nothing that I can do.”

You can get hold of the antidote, right? For free?”

Well, for favors. But yes, I can get it. Several of my project sites are at the drug factories.”

Let’s start giving it away.”

Giving away the antidote? To whom?”

Anyone who wants it.” I thought about Merle. She’d take some. She’d pass it on.

The Council...the Inspectors...”

They can’t arrest us all. They need us.” I leaned forward and kissed him, trying to summon a hint of the passion I’d experienced earlier. Something flickered through me, a pale shadow of the lust I knew I was capable of. It was a tiny spark, but real. I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth, concentrating on that spark. Trying to fan it into flame.

Jeff returned my enthusiasm. The rich scent of his sweat tickled my nostrils, overwhelming his after shave. I broke the kiss, searching his face. “Did you take it again? The antidote?”

I managed to persuade the Inspectors not to inject me with the suppressors.”

Do you have any?” I wanted to feel it again—the rush of desire overwhelming every other emotion.

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