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Scarlet Glasses: Writing erotica as an everyday exercise

By Ginger Segreti (Guest Blogger)

What do you see when you walk down the street? A sidewalk? A couple walking a dog? Flowers? Trees? What if you saw a lover’s embrace? Flower petals strewn across a bed or bathtub? A new position afforded by a low hanging branch …

My lens as an erotic author is always scarlet. Sometimes all it takes is a word, a thought, a look, an object and my mind journeys on an erotic exploit. I may play out a fantasy, a concept or a scene. The people may be distinct or just placeholders. It isn’t just the physical that’s arousing. The dynamics between the characters can be just as appealing.

I’m especially prone to titillating thoughts while engaging in physical activities, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing throughout the day. I wonder about casual glances, whispered words. Could they? Did they? A light touch, a lingering hand or finger…. I’m highly susceptible to amorous thoughts at the gym. As I work my muscles I’m intimately aware of my body. Regardless of where my eyes wander there are scantily clad people in all manner of bearing: squatting and lifting, bending over, kneeling and lying down. The positions, the muscles, the strain, the breathing add to my salacious speculations. That muscled man on the weight bench—would he flinch if I sat on his lap? The woman on the parallel bars, how would she react if I joined her and wrapped my legs about her waist? What would happen if I blocked the way for someone walking, the suave flow of muscles stopped midstride; their confident gait off balance from my intersection?

As I ruminate over rousing thoughts, I’m stimulated. My mind hovers in the space where arousal registers. I’m more in tune with my body. I take note of how things feel. I ponder different ways to capture need and want in words. I mull over experiences. How do you characterize the feeling of an ice cube as it melts along your belly or as you hold it between your lips? What about the delicious tickle of heat that shoots straight to your core as fire is blown upon the soles of your feet? What words can I combine to give you, the reader just enough imagery to spark your imagination and draw you into the experience?

I may develop the scene as I play out the moves in my mental chessboard or I may let the characters take me for a ride. As I’m more aware of how blood flows, lubricant increases and tissues swell I incorporate these experiences into my scenes. I pay attention to breathing, the variety and texture of inhalation and exhalation both as it moves the body and moves in and out of the body. Can you feel the soft sweet breeze as it travels across your chest from a lover’s mouth? Do you feel the swell of muscles pulling your nipples taut? Have goosebumps begun in random march across your flesh?

I muse over passion that begins on some days like hot coals or erupts on other days like fireworks from a simple single flame; how quickly or slowly the mind transitions to arousal and how that plays into the body’s response mechanism. At what point in the arousal cycle will my scene begin and end? Is foreplay enough to whet your appetite to read on? Are the characters in the mood? Am I in the mood? If I choose to incorporate penetration, what does that mean? What sensations do these words evoke?

How intimately can I influence your experience of these sensations through scene and character development? As my awareness of my own physiological experiences increases how can I impart that wisdom to you without being intrusive? Thoughts of these countless sensations to be explored tether me to arousal as easily as an elephant to a pole.

I posit arousal is much more a state of mind than anything else. Schedule some sexy time for you and a partner. Play. Swap fantasies. Do something new and exciting this month. I challenge you to a month of yes. Say yes to yourself, your partner, whomever. Say yes. This month. See what happens.

And please do let us know how it goes …

In my most recently published novella, How About A Threesome I focus equally on the heat among characters as well as the challenges of opening a relationship up to a third person.


How About A Threesome

Catalina is a dark haired Latin beauty with an hourglass figure and an ass that pops. She considers herself a lesbian top. Her girlfriend Ginger is a rebellious, red-headed Aquarius whos half hippie, half career woman. Her sexual identity is in flux and in her secret dreams she sometimes sees a husband. Both ladies want kids, but first they need some sperm.

Catalina suggests advertising for a threesome and their sexual odyssey begins. Ginger thinks of it as playing the lottery and enjoys the new-found undercurrent of sex in her day-to-day.

Catalina enjoys Gingers jump-started libido. Its as if they were newly dating again.

Their email floods with responses ranging from phallic to financial. Fantasies abound and new boundaries forge as both ladies explore uncharted territory.

Choosing a man who likes to be aggressive but loves being submissive, they head out for their first threesome


Mmm,” he moaned and squirmed, exciting me further. I moved back up his body and extended my exploration to his arms, which were large and well-defined, the better to hold me up against the wall and fuck me with.

Mr. 420 soon grew tired of being pinned. Uttering a low growl, he deftly moved me from his torso and tossed me down on the bed. I pushed him off of me as I pulled my shirt over my head. His lips fluttered across my abdomen and down as his hands held my sides. Pulling my skirt from my hips over my legs he left me practically naked. Not to be left out, he dropped his pants and stepped out of them revealing boxer briefs and a decent erection before turning to help Catalina remove her clothing. He was too late managing only to help her slide her pants over her calves.

Dropping her pants to the floor he turned his attention back to me. He gathered me in his arms as our lips locked. His mouth sought more of me kissing along my chin and trailing down my neck. He slowly approached my chest.

Catalina lay on my other side, her lips nibbling on my earlobe. In and out her breath blew a tight cord to my pussy. She caressed my stomach, leisurely making her way down my thighs when she whispered, “Can I blow him?”

It was the funniest, most random question, and I almost lost it.

Yes darling if you want to.” I whispered back my heart overcome for her.

Her tongue found mine and we kissed passionately before she got up to take his boxer briefs off. My core throbbed as Catalina positioned herself parallel to him, her mouth inching towards his cock, and her pussy in his face. I sat down on the other side of Mr. 420, giving me ample room and the perfect view to both watch and engage as I desired.

My breath hitched as Catalina’s eyes bloomed with raw heat and desire. I grabbed my left breast with one hand and my pussy lips with the other. His eyes were closed shielded from my inquiry and my show. Catalina moaned, her pelvis thrusting against his face while her mouth glided up and down his cock. Spit dribbled from her lips as she took him entirely. I watched as the juices from her cunt ran down his chin.

Ahhh.” I wanted. I needed. Oh fuck.

How About A Threesome is available on AmazoneXcessica and Barnes and Noble.

About Ginger Segreti

Ginger portrayed the professional good girl career woman before relinquishing her briefcase for handcuffs and a whip. Her background is all things business, while her current endeavors build on creativity.

She is developing a brand integrating erotica, self-exploration/ narrative and technology, with the goal that all three focus areas complement and overlap creating an oasis for the senses. She believes that as adults we repress more than is good for us. Ginger wants individuals to be free to express themselves and see sex and sexuality as the adult playground it is-the place that we can act, explore, challenge ourselves and above all elsehave fun.
Ginger believes in being the change she wants to see in the world and actively engages in the best part of her jobthe research! She is working at the intersection of technology and sex, building a sex positive experience through erotica, dream weaving and observations. Embracing her passion for life, Ginger embodies a free spirit, pushing boundaries and limits on the journey to be @DesireBound.

Read more about Ginger and her journey on her website and most recent interview! Stay in touch via twitter, facebook and join her mailing list.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Welcome to Beyond Romance, Ginger!

I love your perspective. Definitely lubrication for the imagination!

Good luck with Desire Bound!

Ginger said...

Thank you for having me!

Unknown said...

I couldn't state it as well as you have but I am always writing by wondering and playing with fanciful notions, especially at the gym.

Best wishes

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