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Breaking Hearts and Wrecking Homes

By Dragyn Jones (Guest Blogger)

Heartbreakers and Homewreckers, Inc. is the name of an informal club founded by myself and some friends long ago to challenge us by chasing married and engaged women. I tend toward irreverent humor in walking through multi-orgasmic past experiences as the H&H crew pushed the limits on chasing women. Offering to give attached women “options and respite” from unfulfilling relationships, I keep trying to add “firsts” to my list of sexual accomplishments.

With married and engaged women, the word “No” was a common occurrence, but with half the fun in the chase, I learned to take the frequent refusals in stride as a cost of higher risks than just chasing single women, which I still did with relish (and bananas, honey, etc.). This quest also had us help each other with some not-so-subtle manipulation from my buddies, now called wingmen.

I think I offer a unique perspective on sex from the male point of view. Driven to find as many naked women as possible, I weigh my efforts and goals to get laid with a sincere respect for women. We came up with typically male justifications and rationalizations for “helping out conflicted women.” If they had sex with me or another H&H member, they must not be happy at home. If they said no, then we moved on. No harm, no foul. Shallow, I know, but pussy makes people do strange things.

I enjoy writing my own experiences from the first person perspective, hearing what Dragyn is feeling and thinking while he chases copious sex. I feel like I’m writing my memoirs, or at least the sexual ones. All of the stories in the first five books are true, with some literary license taken by me regarding what coulda/shoulda been.

I’ve written a couple of nonfiction books in my real life and have always wanted to write fiction. However, I seem to have a serious brain cramp at inventing something from scratch. Therefore, I tapped into my own memories and experiences where I could embellish or alter without having to think everything up.

Readers get to hear Dragyn’s most intimate thoughts, inappropriate comments, and a running dialog of how each woman, or women, are affecting him. Yes, Dragyn is me and I am Dragyn.

I hope readers move through my series as I bring in other H&H members and their exploits as well. I think some of our efforts were funny as hell. I believe my books have improved a lot since Homewrecking 101, plus gotten much longer. I write hetero stories but multiple partners show up here and there. Dragyn is particularly fond of oral sex, both giving and receiving.

I’m very anxious to start writing Scoping 101, stories of us scoping/watching each other having sex through windows, from closets, even hiding under beds for a closer view of the action! Scoping allowed great visuals that were much better than a camera, plus kept stories the next day from getting skewed like fishing tales.

Episode #1--Homewrecking 101 has Dragyn interested in Maria, an older married woman who has had an impotent husband for ten years. Faithful during their marriage, his physical inability to have intercourse has led to his general ambivalence with any kind of sex, so Maria isn’t getting any relief at all. So, will she allow Dragyn to help relieve ten years of sexual tension? What does ten years of foreplay end up like in bed, anyway?
Episode #2The Gutterslut introduces Sandi, an oversexed woman engaged to a man out of state and she is not getting her insatiable needs met. Dragyn comes to the rescue, and offers himself graciously as a test of her commitment to the fiancé.

Episode #3The Need to Seed has Dragyn introducing the other Heartbreakers and Homewreckers, Inc. members and their own exploits. Men like Dragyn are driven to seed as many women and orifices as possible. It’s genetic, built into our DNA. Follow the H&H crew as they try to ‘spread’ the wealth.

Episode #4Scoping 101 is a fascinating and often hilarious romp though the H&H pastime of hiding and watching others have sex, usually without the woman knowing it. Peeking though windows, hiding in closets and under beds, even climbing roofs for better views of sexual action going on, sometimes even the H&H guys don’t know they are under scrutiny. Sketchy at best, it helps prove the guys’ bragging rights with visual proof, and offers some great horny stories the next day. It’s fascinating what goes on behind closed doors, and eyeballs get a much better picture than stupid hidden mini-cams.


I continued.Im really sorry if what I heard about your husband is true. I cant even imagine a guy not sexually driven to some degree, especially with you.This last comment appeared to lift her spirits a bit, but not much.

Nothing,” she mumbled, and suddenly flew into a rage. “Its like he’s a fucking eunuch or something. OK, his balls and dick don’t work and I can deal with that, I think. I have been for ten years.” She smiled a little bit, stunned, I think by her outbreak. “He told me before we got married but I thought with some creativity we could work around his problem and still have some fun sexually. But he won’t even try to meet my needs, or even help me. Shit, he won’t talk dirty, watch porn or even watch me masturbate, which is getting more and more frequent.” She looked up after that statement, embarrassed, but held my eyes. Timidly she added, “He won’t even eat me out…”

She was shaking like a leaf as I walked up to her, a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. ”I don’t know what to do,” she lamented. I asked if they had ever talked about her being able to have a little outside sex once in a while. Rather than being smacked like I expected, she said they did, and he always told her to go ahead and experiment a little. “But I know he’s afraid I’ll fall in love with someone and leave him. Maybe I am too,” she concluded quietly. “That’s why I always back out, Dragyn.”

Are you?” I asked.

Am I what?” she countered. “Afraid I’ll meet some one else? Yeah, sometimes.”

Well, that’s perfect then,” I pointed out. “You know me, I’m a whore! I’m not looking for a long-term relationship. If you fall for someone it won’t be me. I’ll move on and make it hard for you to repeat with me.”

Maria surprised me by adding, “But that’s part of the problem. Anyone I’m attracted to just for sex could be the next Mr. Right or something. Damn, Dragyn, why do you think I’ve been so up and down with you the past couple months? I can’t tell if I just want some of the sex going around this store or if I really like you!”

I took a step closer. “You know me, Mr. No-Commitment!” She smiled a genuine smile of what seemed relief as I stepped up close, into her space. “Please don’t take this wrong. I’m not here to replace your husband. I’m not really even trying to break you guys up.” I stepped closer. “I’m just trying to help you make a safe test. No strings, no blowback. Just some of all that sex you hear us having and talking about…” I stepped into her personal space.

What are you doing,” she asked somewhat huskily. “I wasn’t really thinking now! Someone might come!”

Yeah, you might,” I said dryly. She looked appalled and excited with the same look. I slowly stepped up a bit more into her intimate space, close, touching. I figured her first time having sex in a decade while in the back of a warehouse was not what she dreamed nightly. She kept shaking her head wearily, though, and didn’t say anything. The way we were positioned against a pile of boxes, I could feel her breath on my face, her right breast pushed into my chest and her right thigh pinned against some boxes by my legs. Her head had stopped nodding no, and her breathing was quickening.

I… I haven’t decided,” she stammered.

This is just a small test,I offered, now slipping into H&H rationalization strategies.Well fiddle around a little but not really break your vow and you can decide whether to go further or not later. You have all the control.You dont become a founder of H&H by being shy. I slowly placed my right hand into her dress, cupping the breast not pinned by my body. Her look when I just took soft hold of her breast and twirled her nipple was hard to read, but things had changed quickly. I moved to kiss her, and her lips moved forward to meet mine. But rather than kiss her, I ever so slightly brushed her lips with mine and slid down to her neck and throat. She growled at this tease but just put her head back, her breathing getting faster and more ragged as she gripped the hell out of my shoulders. I had deftly removed her breast from her bra and was kneading her pink nipple with my fingers. Her nipple had gone erect like I was getting.

After a couple moments nibbling on her nipple with my mouth, I worked my way back up her throat and neck and found her lips. Hungrily she kissed me with no reservation. As my eyes closed I briefly saw tears falling from hers, but she was certainly making no move to stop. My ego and I decided she was, for now, a happy camper and to continue. The way she was trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth also encouraged me on I was on the right track. She pawed at my head and shoulders, pulling me closer and closer.

I knew we didn’t have a ton of time and while I was down for the risk I figured if she got caught half naked, bent over a few cartons of Chanel with my face or cock jammed in her back side, she’d have trouble explaining how she lost her job to her husband. One of the classic moves we employed, especially when a woman was on the fence, was to back off rather than press forward like with single women. What did some smart person once say? Always leave them wanting more. My wanna-be chivalrous decision made, I went for closure and hopefully baiting the hook for later. I nudged her legs apart a bit with my knee. She didn’t resist but only had so much room to maneuver.

I slowly drew my hand up the length of her leg and thigh. She moaned with pleasure and I felt her trying to open her legs wider in the cramped space. Like cupping her breast up front, I like to take bold, calculated moves that usually work but certainly not all the time. Like a firm handshake, I quickly but gently put my three main fingers over soaking panties where her pussy was hot and so, so wet.

She gasped and just held onto my head and shoulders. “More, Dragyn, more,” she rasped quietly. From her legs shaking I figured she was having trouble standing on her own power. I backed up a bit and released myself from her wonderful lip lock. Still mostly wiggling my fingers on her moist panties, with my thumb pushing and rubbing her clit, I told her to now grab me. Somewhat lost, she panted she was already holding me.

Below, I felt her pussy lips part underneath her wet panties when I managed to mumble, “My cock, grab my cock.” Frantically she started to rub my erection through my Levi’s, but I’d had enough dry humps with jeans to know they can put you out of action for a while with blisters on your dick. “Unbutton my pants!” I gasped at her. God I love 501s. She grabbed the top of my jeans and pulled, with all buttons opening like well trained soldiers.

About Dragyn Jones
Dragyn Jones is much like the persona he writes of himself: wry, irreverent, with conflicted morals and sexual philosophy about women and the great sexual pursuit. While not above some trickery and manipulation of the fairer sex, he often revisits his exploits via hindsight so we can see what he has learned about himself as he matures. He has a very high regard for women and the Feminine, generally enjoying women in many ways. Dragyn is a storyteller at heart and would prefer to recount his exploits rather than just invent some. He considers himself lucky for the unique experiences he found himself in, the lessons he was taught, the amount and quality of the sex he had (to date anyway), and is grateful for the memories to put in these pages.

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Fiona McGier said...

It's so much easier for a woman to get laid. No advance planning or complicated philosophy needed. I have a cartoon my my fridge that shows 2 panels. The first says, "How to pick up a woman," and shows 3 men at a bar, all quoting various "lines" calculated to interest the woman who regards them all with disdain. The second says, "How to pick up a man," and shows a woman smiling and saying "Hello," to the men.

In my younger days, before marriage, I truly enjoyed that essential difference. And I, also, put some of my experiences into my books. Which ones? Ask me!

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