Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Release! Transgressive Science Fiction Erotica

I’ve just self-published a new story entitled The Antidote. This is not erotic romance, though it has a HFN ending. But if you enjoy steaming hot, transgressive sex, along with a serious message, you might want to check it out.

What if the government stole your libido? What would you do to get it back?

Sixty years after the Plague, few remember the mass deaths, the riots and the massacres triggered by the sexually-transmitted disease. Still, most people accept the Council’s mysterious libido-suppression technology as necessary to prevent a resurgence of the deadly virus. Monthly procreative sex, government-supported and hormone-enhanced, is enough to satisfy them.

Lena’s different. Though she loves her husband Jeff, she yearns to experience the thrill of forbidden lust, to know what it feels like to couple with a stranger. Rumors speak of an antidote that liberates the libido from the Council’s thrall. Denied from birth, Lena is willing to risk everything—her marriage, her freedom, even her life—for one taste of unbridled desire.

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Coming soon to Kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt, not available anywhere else. Warning: it’s definitely rated X.

Like it? Do you like my cock? Do you, baby?” He punctuated each question with a fierce thrust.

I couldn’t answer. I could only moan as he rammed me, again and again. I heard moans from the audience, too, evidence that the show was turning them on. Another climax gathered on the horizon of my consciousness.

A picture of Jeff swam into my mind. Handsome, kind, responsible Jeff, the model husband. The model citizen. He’d never approve. He’d be shocked, maybe disgusted. I pushed away the guilt that threatened to dampen my pleasure. How could I have been satisfied with him? He worked closely with the Council, helping them implement their policies for the good of society. Whereas I was an outlaw, a horny cunt who got off being watched while strangers fucked her.

Bolt suddenly pulled his rod out of me. I clenched around his vanishing bulk. “I’m going to come all over you. To show everyone what a filthy slut you are.”

The audience roared. His spunk showered down on me, a bitter, sticky rain. He smacked his cock against my butt, scattering the last drops of semen over my back. At the same time, he reached forward between my legs and squeezed my clit.

My body dissolved in a sea of mindless pleasure. I’d never known anything like this, not in the most ecstatic, intimate coupling with my husband. A thousand sensations flooded through me, washing away every thought. I was nothing but a whirling, trembling mass of flesh, tossed on currents of dark delight.

Dystopic sci fi with a searing edge...Get your copy today.

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