Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sneak Peek: The Memory of Mermaids by Spencer Dryden

[I’ve got a very special sneak peek today, from my good friend Spencer Dryden’s new release, just out from Fireborn Publishing. I know you’ll love this romantic fantasy novella. In addition to previewing the book, I’m giving you a early peek at the great prize he’s giving away in his blog tour next week! ~Lisabet]


After he rescues a mermaid from a sea monster, Max Weiss falls into a world of pirate treasure, dolphin whisperers, murderous mobsters and a forbidden love.

Troubles multiply in the already-troubled life of Max Weiss after he rescues a mermaid from the clutches of a sea monster. Drawn by the allure of the enchanting mermaid, Azzaria, Max agrees to help her find her lost mermaid sister. Max is pulled into a world of missing drug money, pirate treasure, murderous mobsters, dolphin whisperers and a forbidden love.


Their bellies full of fish and rum, Max followed her in the skiff to one of the many little islets dotting the Matanzas River. He turned the skiff sideways to the shore and dropped an anchor on each end. They lay in the warm shallow water; direct sight lines to the river were blocked by the boat. She played with his hair as they talked. They lay side by side almost spooning, his one arm around her shoulder supporting her, his other hand tracing her face. Small talk finally gave way to the challenge she set before him.

"Azzaria, how do I go about finding your sister?"

"The dolphins say she is nearby, Max Weiss. She is a landwalker now, with no memory of me or the sea. You must search for her and bring her to me so I can whisper memories to her. When she slips back into her tail, she will remember all."

Max nodded. "What's her name? That might be a start."

"I don't know her landwalker name. Her mermaid name is Bekkaul."

"Bekkaul," he said, not quite able to match the smoothness of Azzaria's voice. "That's a beautiful name, just like yours. If I shout out her name everywhere I go, will she know it?"

"No. But if you can get close enough and whisper, it might sound familiar."

Max flashed an impish grin. "That'll probably get my face slapped."

Azzaria took his hand and gently nibbled his fingertips while staring deeply into his eyes. "Max Weiss, you are a powerful warrior and a seductive man. A mermaid would melt to hear you whisper her mermaid name."

Max snickered. "You should tell that to the women who think I'm a worthless slug."

She bit harder on his fingers. "Max Weiss, the daughters of Eve do not know the hearts of men."

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About Spencer Dryden

Spencer Dryden is a new writer, but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security.

In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA).

Like all writers he has a cat but they don't get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts:

Please note: This post is not part of Spencer’s blog tour, which starts next week. I do hope after this sneak peek that you’ll hop over to the official tour sites and enter to win!

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Fiona McGier said...

First, loved the excerpt. Intriguing idea, that a mermaid would lose her way and forget herself, once she grew legs. And that whispering in her ear might help her remember. Will look forward to reading this one when it's out.

That being said, why do ALL men your age have that same exact facial hair? I've always been a huge fan of mustaches, and when I met my husband over 30 years ago, he had a great one. Beginning in his 40s, he used to grow a chin-thing every fall, to keep him warm over the winter. Now he's got that same look that you do. As a woman "of a certain age," I'm wondering why. I still prefer a man with just a mustache...okay, I love the scratchy effect of beard just growing in at night, from shaving in the morning. But I'm still not a fan of beards. Alas, husband and every other man near his age, seem to be huge fans.

If your answer is that you're tired of shaving after so many years of doing it, can I stop shaving my armpits and legs now too?

Unknown said...

Nice to hear from you. I'm glad the story intrigues you. Hope you'll read it.
As for the facial hair. I'm from the 60's, I wore a beard for many years. It wasn't white then. I shaved when I went corporate in the 80's. I grew it back in 2013 following emergency kidney surgery for a stone too large to pass (yes, I know what a 10 on the pain scale is now) It was November when guys are supposed to grow a beard for deer hunting and or prostate cancer awareness. I already had a good start so I just let it grow. My wife likes it and my boys too. I think it makes me look like a classier homeless guy. Several older women have told me it makes me look like Hemingway. (I'll go for that). Its actually more preening than not having a beard. I have to trim it every day where as I used to go with the modern thing of shaving only every three days. You can grow your arm pit hair out if you like. Once again that's what the hippie girls of my era did. Just be sure to cover yourself in patchouli oil. Thanks for commenting.

Fiona McGier said...

I'm right behind you, age-wise. The 70s was my high school and college era. I did let my body hair grow back then, but had to "get with the program" once I was working full-time. When at home raising kids I got lazy. Now I usually only shave in the summer...sporadically. And BTW, I found a great deodorant made by LUSH, a pricey, organic small store. It comes in chunks, like chocolate, and smells like, you guessed it, patchouli!

I don't know about the Hemingway are a much better writer than that hack!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the story from the start to finish! I always wondered where mermaids came from and this story answered that in great detail! The book was a good thriller with romance, beautiful mermaids, sea monsters and treasure. The best mermaid story I read this year!

Unknown said...

Thank you. My wife still stocks patchouli oil in the arsenal of allure.

Unknown said...

Thanks Julie:
I hope you meant that you have read hundreds of mermaid books in making your evaluation:)

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