Saturday, October 25, 2014

Support: Nice or Necessary?

By Beth Wylde (Guest Blogger)

For me writing is a very solitary endeavor, as I suspect it is for most authors, though I can only truly speak for myself. Except for occasional events like signings and conventions, and the few times I have co-authored stories with a partner, writing is best done alone.

I can’t write when there is a lot of noise or activity going on around me, which means I often end up writing late at night when everyone in the house is asleep or early in the morning before everyone wakes up. I spend large amounts of time working at my computer or, when I get blocked on an idea or the kids have taken over the desk and/or laptop, I break out the pen and paper. I have imaginary worlds and people inside my head fighting for me to tell their stories. It’s a creativity that few understand, which brings me to my question. Can writers function without a support system? Are partners, friends and family that encourage creativity just a nice thing to have or a necessity?

I’ve lived for years with the lack of a support system when it comes to my writing and lately I’ve really felt the strain. My family despises my chosen profession. My previous partner hated it. I’ve been all but disowned by some friends because of it, but still I persist. Why? I ask myself this question all the time.

Part of the answer is that I’m just freaking stubborn. When someone says I can’t do something, I have to prove that I can. The other part is that writing is not just a hobby for me. It’s a way of life. I’m a writer. I HAVE to write. I’ve been doing it since I was very young. I began with poetry and song lyrics then I moved on to short stories and longer novella pieces. In my early twenties I discovered erotica and I’ve never looked back. When I go long periods without working on something I become almost intolerable to be around. I get moody, angry, cranky, and often dangerously depressed. My writing gives me an outlet for my emotions. It lets me work out things that I often don’t even realize are bothering me until they appear in a new storyline. It’s a way to vent, to figure things out, to entertain and sometimes educate readers too.

Even though I write fiction bits and pieces of my personality shine through in all my stories. My wants, my needs, my dreams. The sex scenes often involve acts that turn me on or pique my curiosity.

I think of my writer friends that have spouses or friends that either write with them or critique their work afterwards. They have people handy to talk with about current ideas or to brainstorm with when they need a new perspective. I can’t imagine how amazing that must be. How freeing not to have to hide all my notebooks or files, not because of my young children, but because my family would find the work gross and disgusting.

I’m in the process of working on a new collection of lesbian erotica for Desert Palm Press, plus a few shorts for several upcoming anthology calls. Now that I’ve had to move out of my house and in with my mom, finding time and space to write is harder than ever. I’m not allowed to write in the house so I go to restaurants or coffee shops or sit outside with the laptop. It’s a depressing situation that I look forward to remedying once I find a place of my own for me and the kids. I still won’t have anyone there to talk shop with but I won’t have to stress about finding a place, outside of my home, to create either.

I’m interested in everyone else’s perspective on this. In the long run, is support necessary or just nice to have? If the people you love are constantly criticizing what you want to do with your life will the creativity eventually cease to exist? Thoughts?

Personally, I’m proud of what I write. Despite the obstacles I’ve had to face, I still keep managing to get stories written and published. That has to count for something, but I keep wondering what it would be like to have someone to share my passion for writing with.

~ Beth Wylde October 2014

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