Friday, October 10, 2014

A Giveaway at C.A.'s Blog... AND Here!

Hi! I'm over at C.A. Szarek's blog today, talking about how confused my characters sometimes seem to be about what - or whom - they want.

Since the post I sent her was too long - I do have a problem with wordiness - she decided to omit my excerpt from The Ingredients of Bliss. So I'm posting it here, just for fun, and because it highlights my main point about my character's confusion.

Leave a comment on her post or on this post and I'll enter you to win a copy of Wild About That Thing. Leave comments on both posts, and I'll enter you twice!

Excerpt (R-rated)

Damn you both! Im not some piece of meat to be carved up between you!All at once I wanted to get out of this too crowded bed. I wanted to throw on my clothes and storm out of the room in righteous indignation. To do so, though, I would have to clamber over Etiennes magnificent body. It would be difficult to avoid touching his resurgent erection.

Calm down, Emily.Harrys hand clamped around my wrist and I knew I wasnt going anywhere.We did confer about tonight, I admit. We agreed that sharing you was the best approach to a situation that was bound to become awkward very soon.

Awkward? Things were going very smoothly. You dominated me. I dominated Etienne. Everyone was happy.

You werent happy, love. Admit it. You felt guilty and confused. When you were with Etienne, you felt as though you were betraying me. Meanwhile Etiennes devotion had you worried about his reaction when he learned you belonged to me.

He was right, of course. I remembered my tête à tête with Etienne at the café that afternoon. Id been terribly concerned about his reaction to the news about Harry. Meanwhile when Harry had made me recount my exploits with Etienne, Id always tried to conceal my excitement, to play down the thrill I got acting the role of his mistress.

Youve got nothing to hide now.With his lanky frame, mussed hair and crooked grin, Harry almost looked like a teenager. A very horny teen, considering the substantial erection bobbing hopefully at his groin. He flipped back onto his side and fixed me with a slightly fuzzy gaze. He was irresistibly cute without his glasses.Everythings out in the open.

But its all socomplicated!As usual, my objections began to melt in the warmth of his smile.

He danced his fingers up my outstretched thigh and my pussy clenched in anticipation.

On the contrary, I think this considerably simplifies the situationMs Wong.Etiennes voice was deferential, but I read a mirror of Harrys mischief in his expression.I serve you. You serve Harry. Each of us gets what he or she wants.

Theres no more need for secrets, love. Or for surreptitiously administered enhancements to the libido, either…” Harry slipped a fingertip between my moist lips and grazed a fingernail across my clit.

My annoyance paled next to the flare of pleasure kindled by his touch. Before I could clamp down to hold his hand in my crotch, however, he’d snatched it away.

Oh no!I groaned, fighting arousal and disappointment.You told him?

I had my suspicions in any case. It doesnt matter. Your methods might have been dubious, but Im grateful for the results.Etienne glanced down at the livid marks from my beating, a set of parallel strips leading up his lean thighs toward his rearing cock.I might never have had the courage to act on my desires if not for yourumintervention.His voice held quiet pride.

You dont have to be ashamed or embarrassed,Harry added.All we wantboth of usis to satisfy you. To please you and make you happy. Cant you just accept that?


Debby said...

That is a good excerpt and I see what you mean!
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helene said...

just how many ways are there to say HOLY BEGEES this excert is sizzling hot lol love love it :)

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Very nice excerpt

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Yay for the excerpt! Enjoyed it. turtle6422(at)gmail(dot)com

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Hey, with hot men around, it's hard to decide!

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The book is even hotter (hint hint...) Thanks for dropping by.

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Exactly. Would you call her wishy washy?

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Hello! I've drawn the winner. Congratulations to BN!

Thanks to you all for participating!

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