Thursday, October 2, 2014

Great Reviews for The Ingredients of Bliss!

Just popping in to share two wonderful reviews for my latest novel, The Ingredients of Bliss.

Carly's Book Reviews says:

I would recommend THE INGREDIENTS OF BLISS to readers of BDSM/Erotic Romance who are looking for more than a romance, but also a well rounded story that allows readers to experience an adventure of self discovery

Read her full review here:

Meanwhile, my colleague Ashe Barker (who writes even more BDSM than I do!) penned a wonderful peer review of the book. She writes:

Pushy, determined, inventive, courageous, Emily is everything I love in a heroine. She does what she has to do, and finds some unexpected allies on the way. No spoilers here, but I do like it when a baddie turns out to be, well, not quite what I expected.

Read the full review on the Totally Bound website: 

My thanks to both reviewers for taking the time to read and then share their thoughts!

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