Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Last week I made a tough decision. After thinking long and hard, I concluded that I should terminate my contract with Books We Love Limited.

I have no complaints about the company. They treat their authors well, offering a higher-than-usual royalty percentage and providing a very proactive, hands-on approach to marketing. The reason I decided to leave was that they're phasing out their erotic imprint, previously known as "Spice We Love". From now on, they will be focusing their attention on more mainstream markets, including print.

It's tough to sell erotic fiction even with support of your publisher. The way things were going, though, it was clear that the eight books I'd published with BWL were about to become orphans. I thought that maybe I could find new homes for them, where they'd be more welcome. So I reclaimed my rights.

What this means is that a number of my titles are temporarily unavailable. These include:
  • Body Electric
  • Just a Spanking
  • Spank Me Again, Stranger
  • Bangkok Noir
  • Nasty Business
  • Exposure
  • The Eyes of Bast
I spent several hours on Sunday updating my website to remove all mention of these books, and their covers. (Sigh - that really  hurt! Michelle Lee's covers are fabulous.)

I've already resubmitted two of the titles (Nasty Business and The Eyes of Bast). They'll be easier to place because they're romance.  As for the more hard-core titles - well, I haven't really decided what to do with them. (If any of you has suggestions about erotica publishers, do leave me a comment, or contact me privately.)

I've definitely got to get moving on them, though. My back list has shrunk dramatically because of this choice of mine!

But I still believe it was the right thing to do, for me. Whatever else you can say about me, I don't really write mainstream fiction. And despite my family's wistful questions ("You're such a good writer - why don't you write a real book?"), I don't see myself abandoning erotic literature any time soon.


Fiona McGier said...

Glad I already have copies of Bangkok Noir and The Eyes of Bast (which I really loved!) Good luck with finding a new home for your "babies". I'm having to do the same for 4 of mine, since the publisher sold anything not written for kids to another conglomerate. I'm working on submitting them to my current publisher, Eternal Press/Damnation Press. I'm not sure how they feel about erotic, but the Damnation Press takes things with a darker tone.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Fiona,

Thanks! I'm surprised you bought Bangkok Noir. I thought you didn't like BDSM.

Fiona McGier said...

You're the one I refer to when I say that if BDSM is well-written, I can enjoy the read. I think I got my copy when it was a special sale price and I wanted to give you a try since I've enjoyed reading your words on various sites like here and "OGAG" for so long.

I've read a lot of books I would never have chosen, since I judge in the EPIC eBook contest every year. I've discovered new authors that I really liked, and read some stuff that I had to chain myself to the desk to finish. I try to keep an open mind, even about stuff that makes me uncomfortable.

I can enjoy a book for it's realistic, well-rounded characters, even though I still can't empathize with people who want to be debased, or who enjoy being hurt until it feels good. Nor do I understand the desire to be the dominant. Sex to me, especially good sex, involves a partnership of equals. Thanks to your writing, I can understand how for some folks, finding someone with a complementary desire is the answer to their loneliness. But that still won't be what I reach for when I want to be entertained. To each their own.

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