Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Snog #138: Yes, even more from Ingredients of Bliss

When I started writing The Ingredients of Bliss, I reminded myself that I wanted to include lots of kisses. Not that this was difficult, given the powerful bond between Emily and Harry. Putting up a new kiss every week, though, does tend to deplete one's backlist!

Anyway, I have a short but sweet one for you today, from near the end of the book. It's a brief peek at a happily ever after, just over the horizon.

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Anyway, on with the snog!

God, I’m sorry, Em.” Harry traced the raw crescents his fingernails had left in my flesh. “I’ll get some disinfectant.”

No!” I rolled onto my back—wincing a bit as the wounds grazed the sheets—and pulled him down on top of my prone body. “You’re not going anywhere right now.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist to enforce my statement. “Kiss me.”

You’re pretty uppity for a sub, aren’t you?” he laughed. However, he obeyed my command, sealing his lips to mine.

He let me control the kiss at first, and I took advantage, probing his sweet, hot mouth and nibbling at the corners. Before long, though, he reasserted himself. He bore down, till my lips were bruised and sore, drinking me in like he couldn’t get enough.

Finally he allowed me to catch my breath. His nutmeg-brown eyes were hazy with exhaustion and desire. “I love you so very much. I’m not sure you can understand…”

I have some idea, Harry. I feel the same. Well, I don’t know if it’s exactly the same, since you’re Dominant and I’m…well, not. At least not usually.”

You can kick ass when you want to, Ms Wong.”

Yeah, well, whatever.” I knew he was thinking about Etienne and about Jean. I was annoyed to find I was blushing. I blundered on. “Harry, when I saw you out there at the Hammer’s hideout—well, I knew…that I didn’t want to live without you.”

Whooee! Is that a proposal, Ms Wong?” He hiked himself up onto his forearms and grinned down at me.

Well, uh—I’m not sure. Maybe. Something like that.” I hadn’t thought in terms of marriage but if we loved one another, wasn’t that the next natural step?

“I accept. When should we have the wedding?”

Um, wait a minute—let’s not jump into things.”

“Are you or are you not asking me to marry you, Emily Wong?”

Uh—I think—um—yes. Yes, I am.”

Quick as a cobra strike, Harry grabbed my wrists and forced them down onto the bed. He bent to my chest and took my nipple in his teeth. I gasped as new pleasure streaked to my extremities.

“Definitely too bossy for a submissive. But I know what to do about that.”

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Jaye said...

That last sentence - such promise. Want to know what he has in mind.

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