Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Snog: Wednesday Night at Rocky's Ace Hardware

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

I'm really busy getting ready for a business trip today, and I thought I might skip the traditional snog - but I just couldn't.

Today's snippet is from my short story "Wednesday Night at Rocky's Ace Hardware", one of the offerings in my collection Spank Me Again, Stranger: More Tales of Dominance and Submission.  The book should be out this week from Books We Love. I'd share the cover, but we just discovered I made an embarrassing error in my cover information form that has to be fixed first...

Anyway, there's a kiss in this excerpt - though if you blink, you might miss it.You might be - um - distracted by the other goings on!

Of course, as usual you'll find links to lots more snogging action over at Victoria's joint!

He slips a casual finger into my soaking cunt and wriggles it around. "You certainly are wet, Sarah." My pelvis churns at his touch. Without thought, I grind myself against his hand. I am rewarded by a sharp slap on my butt cheek.

"Be still!" he says softly. "I did not give you permission to move."

He continues to explore my well-lubricated folds. Meanwhile I press my lips together and tighten all my muscles, struggling to obey his directive of immobility.

"What are you thinking, little slut?" he whispers in my ear. "Tell me."

I can hardly speak, aroused and taut as I am. "That I'm yours," I gasp, finally. "That I would do anything for you."

"Really? Well, we'll see about that, won't we?" His voice holds that familiar hint of mockery, but I can tell he is pleased. He pulls his hand abruptly from my sex, and I almost cry out in disappointment. "Now, let me think about this..."

I can hear him rummaging among the dowels. My mind paints pictures of what he will do, what he will choose. I see him easing the fattest rod into my cunt. My sex spasms at the thought, and an electric thrill seizes my clit. But then, why would I think he'd prefer my cunt to my rear hole? He's told me, often, that taking me anally is the purest form of domination. What if he forces a dowel into my ass, presented so conveniently to him here in the aisle of this hardware store, where anyone could watch and observe my total degradation?

I almost come with that thought. But as usual, he surprises me. Just as I am getting control of myself, I hear a swooshing sound, and something burns a fiery track across my left buttock. Before I can recover, my right cheek is symmetrically assaulted. Tears rise and spill down my face at the sudden, spectacular pain.

I tense, expecting more blows, but instead there is the blessed relief of his palm, delicately stroking my inflamed skin. "Yes," he says, "this should do quite nicely, seeing as birch switches are fairly hard to come by in the city..." He circles me, raises me up, and deposits a gentle kiss on my grateful lips. "Don't you think that this will work well, Sarah?"

I nod, still dazed by the pleasure and pain surging in my lower parts. He smooths my dress over the rosy streaks that I know mark my skin.

I am barely decent when a bespectacled clerk in a blue-striped vest rounds the corner and almost bumps into us. "Oh, excuse me," he says, flustered. "Can I help you with anything?"

My Master looks down at me, pondering a moment. "Let's see, we have plenty of rope... which way to the plumbing supplies?" 


Tabitha Rayne said...

Phew! That's woken me up! x x

Anonymous said...

Wow, just... wow! Cold shower here I come.

Victoria Blisse said...

So glad you still decided to join in! I love your Snogs! ;)

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