Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fighting Cancer - One Dollar at a Time

I try to keep my blog upbeat, but today I want to take a few minutes to introduce a serious subject: cancer.

Practically everyone I know has been touched by this disease. My mother died of leukemia, after two years of chemotherapy that left her a shell of herself. Later, one of my dearest friends succumbed to ovarian cancer, which hit completely out of the blue. My step-mom and several close friends are breast cancer survivors.

You probably have your own litany of victims.

Now you can do a little something to help find a cure for this dreadful disease. This week, MuseItUp Publishing released Lavender Dreams, an anthology to help support cancer dollar at a time. The ten great stories in this book were generously donated by Muse authors. The cover art was also donated. All the royalties from this volume will to go to the Dana Farber Research Hospital, in memory of one of our editors who fought a long battle with cancer. She passed away this year, and it was this hospital her husband asked us to donate and help them along in their research.

I don't have a story in this book, but I know many of the authors who do. It's bound to be fabulous. You can get your copy today - for only $1.99!

With your help, hopefully we can one day find a cure to this disease that has taken many from our lives.

For more details, please visit the Muse bookstore and click on the LAVENDER DREAMS banner on the right sidebar.

Thank you!


Debby said...

Thanks so much this. I think we sometimes focus on one type of cancer but we need to look a them all.

R. Ann Siracusa said...

Thank you for this reminder and for another avenue for contributing to the fight. Cancer is a terrible disease, and, as you said, touches us all in some way.

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