Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lesbian Death Bed

By Annie Alvarez (Guest Blogger)

Lesbian in the house!

Hello everyone, It’s my first time here so I wanted to introduce myself while touching on base on something important. Oh, don’t poo-poo me off, yet. I haven’t even gotten to the good part.

I write lesbian, paranormal, erotic romance and thrillers. Yup. That’s me writing about all the wonderful, if not supernatural, ways girls have sex. Some of you might ask, how can I write that? Well, because…surprise! I’m a lesbian. Okay, maybe no surprise there if you know me. LOL

I love everything there is about being a lesbian and I love incorporating that into my books. The soft sensuality of another woman’s touch, the gentle seduction that takes place over time, the intrigue and the mystic of it all. But, if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t be dismayed. We have hot, steamy, rip our clothes off, passionate sex also. Oh, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

I started writing paranormal erotica because honestly, I wanted a good vampire book I could curl up with late at night. I mean, eventually Edward and Bella made their appearance and everyone went goo-goo gaa-gaa over them, but who did we, the girls have? We certainly didn’t have a sexy vampire beauty falling in love with a mortal, well, in my case, a half witch. No. We had nada. So, I decided that it was time to create my own erotic, lesbian, vampire clan story and The Hightower Series was born. Yea me!

Now to reveal a secret about our lifestyle. Yes, it’s sad, but true that LDB strikes even the best of relationships. Urban Dictionary defines Lesbian Death Bed as follows: “When sexual relations between a lesbian couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains.” It’s almost taboo even to mention the dreaded LDB in some communities. Hang on to your panties, there is a cure!

Even if you’re not a lesbian, you may find some of this information useful in your relationship. The best thing to do is to break out of that boring cycle. Do something spontaneous. Surprise yourself and your partner. Nothing says, “I’m ready” better than meeting your honey at the front door, naked. Trust me!

Another option are toys. Yes, adult toys. I’m not talking about a Slinky or Chutes and Ladders unless you want to make up your own rules. Oh… kinky…that could work, but I’m talking about the plethora of sex toys available for your enjoyment. Feathers to tickle your fancy. Harnesses to make your point, if you get what I mean. Handcuffs lined in pink fluffy stuff. Gags. Blindfolds. Even edible body paints in all sorts of flavors including…chocolate. Yes, chocolate. What a delectable nibble that would be. They even have pearls. Don’t worry if you’re not a back-end girl. Get creative with the pearls. I did in the first Hightower Book, For The Love of Blood.

And that brings me to yet another way of breaking free from the LDB scene. Take turns reading an erotic story to your partner. I guarantee a well-written book will give you lots of motivation. Pretty good segue into introducing my books, huh? LOL

As a first timer here, first I wanted to thank Lisabet for having me and secondly, treat you all to something special. Here’s a never before released excerpt from, For The Love of Blood. Be forewarned, it is adult content and it is certainly not appropriate for the workplace.

To help you on your way, I’ve compiled the series order for my books.

The Hightower Series

Book 1: For The Love of Blood

Book 2: Cheating Death

Book 3: Dying To Live

Book 4: Lustful Torment

Book 5: Gaia’s Lust

Book 6: New Beginnings

Carly Bright Series

Carly Bright: Sex Games

Stand Alone Books

Boi Toi


Enjoy! For lots more information about me and my writing, visit:

And you can find me on Facebook and/or Twitter @ AnnieAlvarez

For The Love of Blood Excerpt

I held my legs as still as my restless body would allow. Meticulously, she inserted each individual pearl into my waiting cunt, teasing me as she slowly filled my emptiness. Filling me completely, my muscles stretched, taking in the last pearl. She pressed her lips on my folds and kissed me. Standing, she extended her hand and lifted me to my feet.

“Get dressed,” she said while putting on her pants.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I snapped.

Tamara smiled. “Get dressed. And don’t put your underwear on.”

I couldn’t believe she was subjecting me to this. As I reached for my pants, the pearls inside me shifted and sent a shock wave through me. Oh God, maybe she did know what she was doing. I straightened. “Could you please?” I pointed at my jeans.

“No.” She smiled and leaned against the wall, watching me. “Get them yourself.”

Slowly, I bent down, again the pearls shifted and my cunt tightened around them. They felt so good. I slipped my hand between my legs, massaging my crotch as I grabbed the jeans off the floor. She was on me, instantly, grabbing my hand away from my own wetness.

“Don’t.” She slid her own hand between my legs. “Touch yourself.”

She helped me get into my jeans, but before she slipped them over my hips, she tugged on the string that hung out of my cunt. Slowly, she pulled out a pearl and it slid between my lips. Continuing to pull on the string, she dragged the pearl up through my wetness, blissfully tormenting me. She then pulled out another one. Following the path of the first one, the second pearl was almost my undoing. My excitement grew.

“Now.” She motioned that I pull my jeans up while she held the string between her fingers, commanding my pleasure.

I zipped my jeans and again she gently tugged at the string. Another pearl slipped out as she laid the string up and over my waistband.

“You ready?” She held out her arm, offering to escort me out.

“You’re kidding.” I snarled.

She just smiled, keeping her arm out. I took a step and the pearls came to life, teasing me and exciting me. I stopped in mid-step. The pleasure was unbearable. Reluctantly, I grabbed her arm for support. She wouldn’t allow me to take the elevator down so we ventured the stairs very slowly. The pearls took on a renewed life with every step I took. Halfway down, I stopped, the pearls threatened to dominate my orgasm. I grabbed her arm harder, balancing myself as euphoria started to take control of me. I couldn’t stop the pleasure building inside of me. I was going to cum.

“Look at me,” she ordered.

I tried, but I couldn’t focus. I gripped her arm harder as my orgasm threatened to explode.

“Do not cum.” She scorned and pinched my nipple hard.

he pain rocked my body, temporarily keeping my orgasm at bay. “Ouch! Did you have to do that?”

“You were going to cum.” She was wrapping her finger around the string hanging over my waistband.

“Don’t. Please don’t.” I stepped backward, trying to get out of her reach. She smiled and slowly tugged at the string, sliding another pearl out of me. My desires screamed as the pearl brushed against me, teasing me. My knees buckled.

“You need to get a hold of yourself or you won’t make it through the rest of the evening.”

She smiled.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Annie,

Welcome to Beyond Romance. I love the idea that you started writing lesbian vampire stories because that's what you wanted to read.

I wish you lots of luck with the series!

Anonymous said...

That is definitely not a work-safe passage! But I can imagine overcoming LBD by having to read this at work (or making someone else do this) & then holding the thought until later. :) Will look up your vampire series.
- Jean Roberta

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