Monday, July 4, 2011

I Won!

I can hardly believe it. I never win anything. Especially not for my writing, which is normally too unconventional, too distant from general readers' tastes, to attract a large following.

And yet - and yet - I somehow managed to win the Whipped Cream Book of the Week contest. I'm still in shock.

It works like this. Every week, Whipped Cream, a popular erotic romance review site, collects all the books that have been reviewed during the past seven days. Any review that received a rating of 4.5 Cherries or better gets thrown into the poll. Over the weekend, readers can vote for the book they'd most like to read, based on the reviews.

When I learned that I'd gotten a 5 Cherry review for Bodies of Light, I was ecstatic - especially after I read Clematis' review. She called my book "original" - not once but twice. For me, it's hard to imagine higher praise. It's so difficult to come up with anything new in erotic romance. Evidence that I seem to have succeeded in doing so is incredibly satisfying.

Anyway, my book got thrown into the poll, but I didn't have much hope of winning that sort of popularity contest. After all, even the reviewer said she'd never heard of me before reading this book! I didn't want to beg for votes but I did send out the review and poll links to my lists, just in case anyone really felt like giving me their vote. (I admit, I also emailed my sister and a couple of friends who know I what I write.)

I promised myself I wouldn't keep checking back to see how I was doing, and I kept that promise. For one thing, it was a bit awkward since I was competing against two other authors from my main publisher, Total-E-Bound.

Anyway, I finally allowed myself to look at the results today, July 4th, after the polls had closed. I was floored to see my name at the top of the list.

I want to thank everyone who did vote for me. Now my review will be on the front page of the site for a week, hopefully a boost to sales. If you want to read the review for yourself, just click here

Now, I think I'll go pour myself another glass of champagne...!


Cate Masters said...

Kudos and congrats Lisabet! So glad to see you're getting the recognition you so deserve. Cheers!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks so much, Cate!

I'm truly blown away.

Colleen said...

Belated congrats... that is terrific news!

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