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Islands, Waterfalls, and Hot Men from Down Under

By Cassandre Dayne (Guest Blogger)

What is it about the water, whether it’s the ocean, a lake or a crisp cool swimming pool that is such a delicious aphrodisiac? I don’t know about you but I love seeing sun-kissed men lounging on a towel, their carved bodies kissed by the sun. Yummy. Doesn’t the thought of slipping behind a waterfall into a hidden cove and stripping down naked turn you on? One of my greatest fantasies is having a ménage with two hot men that have nothing on their minds but pleasuring me in a tropical location.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done with a lover during an island vacation? Have you have snuck into the pool very late at night and allowed him to tease you relentlessly with his naked body? Can you imagine lying on a soft towel, your legs curled up as he licks your heated skin with his tongue, tracing lazy circles up and down the length of your tummy as you gaze into the star lit sky? How about trying the hot tub, slipping inside naked to ride him hard and fast against the tile wall?

This has to give you some wicked ideas about your next vacation. Now imagine if there was a little game involved in which you and a girlfriend decided to kick up the heat and seduce not one but two men in a very safe club where you don’t have to worry about holding anything back. Would you allow a naughty little taste and throw all your inhibitions to the wind? Come on ladies, imagine the first stunning blond with shoulder length hair and light blue eyes and the dimple in his chin and the first taste as you brush your lips across his. Close your eyes and imagine the second yummy man. He’s six foot something and a half with broad shoulders and long raven hair. Reach out and touch them. Do you feel how hard their thick shafts are, throbbing in hunger for you? Hmmm…

Now imagine for just a minute that you are on vacation with a girlfriend soothing a broken heart and she decides to kick up the heat suggesting a very wicked game of tasting not just one but two men at the same time and the first girl that can achieve the naughty prize has all her expenses paid by the other? No worries – this secluded island hot spot requires health tests so you can play all you want. What kind of flavor would you select if you had your choice? I’m a woman that craves all flavors from French vanilla to chocolate and everything in between and for me, add a snazzy and very sexy accent and I am drooling. Particular for me I love the men from down under. I was lucky enough to have a muse for my upcoming release, Taming Paradise. He’s from New Zealand and not only helped me understand the HUGE difference in men from Australia and from New Zealand but took the time to teach me the absolutely gorgeous Maori language which I sparkled throughout the naughty piece.

By the way, these types of clubs truly exist and I have used the concept of Hedonism – probably the most famous club in several stories. I think we all love a heated fantasy and perhaps something we may never have the nerve to try but the thought is tasty indeed. Think about it, a hot island club with perfect cerulean waters, a crisp sky two sexy men from down under and you throwing your inhibitions aside. Could you do it? I think it’s something we all crave – men and women alike.

Thought I’d give you a naughty taste of my upcoming release in which that very game is played in an effort to sooth a broken heart. Taming Paradise is a HOT summer read with two hot men with wicked New Zealand accents, one island destination and a woman that is determined to find her way. And trust me ladies…she finds ore than that. Take a taste.

Would running away to a lush island soothe your broken heart?


Shannon Myers had it with men. Finding her fiancé, Randolph, in bed with a naughty blond vixen half her age did little for her self-esteem and despair settled in. Incensed, her best friend, Amy, whisked her way to a Caribbean island and a well known Hedonistic spot so that she could recover while convincing her to have a wicked fling of her own. Developing a naughty game titled Taming Paradise, the first one that bedded not one but two stunning hunks would win. Her spirit crushed, Shannon refused until she took one look at New Zealanders, Brandon and his rough-hewn friend Kyle and knew that two young studs just might be her ticket to a slice of happiness. Instantly the nights turned saucy as Brandon introduced her to a very kinky society, where all things scandalous were on the menu.

Shannon found herself falling hard, until she realized that he was none other than Randolph’s son and she was embroiled in a ruse that included releasing her inner most secret and very erotic cravings they had shared together years before. Racing back to the states, she was determined to put the experience behind her. However Brandon wasn’t playing a game. He had been in love with her for years and the moment he found out about his father’s behavior, he was determined to win her heart. It took nefarious planning, a surprise visit from Randolph and a series of truths to finally convince her to take a chance with a young man that stilled her heart and filled her every desire.


Shannon frowned and glanced across the shimmering pool, reflecting the iridescent gold of the late morning sun. Several of the young male guests preened and obviously hungered for company. Somehow the vision curled Shannon’s stomach, yet she had to admit, the yummies were hot and she was in need. These boys are half your age. Shivering, Shannon envisioned their naked bodies. As she licked her lips, her pussy tingled from the lascivious thoughts. Chastising herself, she growled remembering she came to the gorgeous island for respite and recovery, not fresh prey.

They are half our age to be exact and who the hell cares?” Amy said as if reading Shannon’s thoughts. “My God Shannon, we came down here for sun, drinks, relaxation and some kinky sex and not necessarily in that order. Come on girl.”

Correction, you ran away with me to the Caymans as my best friend to help me wallow in my misery.“

Oh Christ woman. You need to get laid! You need wild steamy sex with not just one but two hunky males and I think I know how to make that happen.”

Please say that a little louder so everyone at the pool can hear you!” Granted, Shannon hadn’t had sex since she found out Randolph had cheated on her with a water nymph or so she liked to call the twenty something spicy bottled blonde with fake boobs. She remembered seeing the vixen riding her man like a stallion in heat, naked except for a dangling gold necklace. The woman, hell the girl was half her age and the damning event refused to leave her mind. That had been almost six months ago.

Amy glanced over at her as she swirled her drink. “All right, I’ve had enough of this pouting shit. We’re in a place that could only be described as a slice of heaven and you’ve done nothing but think about that freaking asshole you dated for far too long. I’m taking matters into my own hands, and girlfriend, you will not say no to me or I’ll find a way to make you suffer.”

Shannon grimaced and shook her head. Amy might be right but Shannon still stung from being pushed aside for a younger version. She glanced at her finger, rubbed a thin line where the engagement ring used to be and watched Amy saunter toward the bar. If anyone could get her out of her ridiculous doldrums, Amy, the buxom redhead who had been her best friend for years just might be able to. There was no doubt Shannon wanted to live again, but the thought of having sex with a stranger was sinful. Salacious. But the shameless thought did indeed sizzle her cunt.

Here we go. You’re going to love this.” Amy handed her a pineapple filed with vibrantly colored straws.

What is this?” Shannon asked as she raised her eyebrow.

This is a naughty girl game called Taming Paradise and it’s one I won’t take no for an answer.”

Taming Paradise? That sounds like something I wouldn’t do and you know it.”

Amy grinned and suckled her finger. “Well, how about this, you play lest I publish your diary over the internet.”

You wouldn’t!”

Amy cocked her hip, tipped her glasses and gave Shannon a saucy grin. “Try me.”

Shannon growled and climbed out of the lounge chair. “What do you want me to do?”

Short straws. The one that picks the shortest straw has to select not one but two of these fine hunky stud muffins. The fun part is you have to seduce both of the breathtaking hunks at the same time or face spending the remainder of the trip inside the hotel room. Of course you can do the nasty in the pool this afternoon for an appetizer and we’ll allow that to count as points.”

What? Are you insane?” Shannon crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at her friend.

You heard me, girl. Two men, at least one wild night of erotic sex and um…oh yes, the selection has to be made in the next fifteen minutes.”

Are you out of your fucking mind? Ever hear of diseases and all of the rest that goes with something this crazy?” Thoughts of going home with something contagious ran through Shannon’s mind.

“’Scuse me, everyone goes through the physical screenings in order to be able to play. These delicious, horny men are completely safe.”

Tests can be wrong.”

BIO: I started writing stories and poems before I knew how to ride a bike and proceeded onto novels by age eleven. By the time I was an early teenager, I’d written fifteen novels. As early adulthood, college and life settled in; writing was placed on the back burner but never forgotten entirely. One delicious night I was suddenly awakened by the rampant fantasies and untold stories of characters that flowed through my dreams every night and filtered into my daylight hours. That was the final straw and I decided I had to write again.

I write highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently I have seven erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and several more under contract. They include, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Her Sinful Long Legs, Revving Her Wild Engines, Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire, Wicked Wager Among Friends - Tales from Lucifer’s Lair – the first in a series, Breakfast Eye Candy, and my first m/m piece just released titled Game Over. My first full two length novels will be released in August and September titled Truth, Dare or Dangerous Intent and Deception, Domination & Hunted Desire.

I also recently contracted with Naughty Nights Press and have an upcoming cougar piece this July titled Spankdown.

In addition, as my alter ego Bethany Halle, I am the host of two blog talk radio shows with Robin Falls Red River Radio. The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness airs every other month highlighting writers and other artists in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres. Dare to Take the Plunge also airs every other month featuring writers, publishers, cover artists and reviewers in the erotic romance genre. I’m also is a weekly/monthly contributor to Naughty Nights Press and Queer Online Magazine.

I was a Passionate Ink finalist for their Passionate Plume contest with Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper and have received several four and five star reviews for her work.

You can reach me on my website which hosts my blog and email address at

Tell me, can you dare to take the plunge and enjoy a touch of the wicked?

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Thanks Lisabet for having me. I think so too but so very much wicked fun!!

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Tempting Paradise sounds good. I like the younger men. I'm interested to see how Brandon bests his father to win her heart.

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