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The Joys of Research

By Beth Wylde (Guest Blogger)

What do you do when your fantasies go beyond what people around you consider normal? Who do you turn to for information on spanking and wax play when you live in the middle of redneck hell in the dead center of the Bible belt in BFE? Questions like these are things some author’s face every day. It's hard being a writer, and even tougher when you write in genres that a lot of people still sneer at.

I know erotica is selling better now than it ever has been and GLBTQ stories are rapidly gaining in popularity and acceptance, but in my town openly admitting interest in either of these subjects is likely to get you hurt. I don’t see that attitude changing anytime soon. Knowing where to turn for those tiny details you aren’t sure of is key to writing believable and plausible stories. I’ve never been shy. (loud, hyper, sometimes annoying – those terms all fit but I’ve never once been called timid. I’m extroverted to a fault!) This is where quality research comes into play. Remember there are no stupid questions.

I know that sounds nerdy. You’re probably shaking your head already, thinking “Research, ewww. How can that be enjoyable?” Well maybe you aren’t looking in the right kinds of places to get your information. ;)

When I write a story I want my take on the topic to be as realistic as possible. Hence my first trip to a play party four years ago in DC. (probably not the gentlest introduction to the lifestyle but definitely an eye opening evening and a whole lot of fun!!) They day started off gently as a fetish flea where kink and fetish vendors filled the area to pimp their wares. Then night rolled around and the toys came out.

I’ve been interested in and a fan of BDSM stories for quite some time (long before I should have been reading that type of content) but when I finally decided I wanted to write one I had no idea who to turn to for information. I had no way to know if what I’d been reading was a true interpretation of events or a load of bullshit. I could have tried to fake my way through a story and hope for the best but I didn’t want to do that. (Posers make me ill) I wanted readers who picked up my book (kinksters or newbies alike) to not only be entertained by my writing but to also enjoy scenes that were as true to life as possible. This is where the research angle comes into play.

I started out online actually contacting some of my favorite BDSM authors and asking for advice. I figured I’d go directly to the source. The worst they could say was no or ignore me entirely. I’m no stranger to that. LOL I was super shocked when quite a few of them returned my emails and even offered links and resources to real people and groups in the know about BDSM.

I chatted with those that had direct knowledge of the lifestyle and asked for references. I found a few groups within driving range that put together monthly munches and held demos. I met a wonderful submissive who offered to critique my story for accuracy. (Dee Dee, you rock!)

Then I decided it was actually time to visit a club. At first I was nervous as hell. Worrying over what I’d find inside. Praying they’d be nothing like a night spent in a regular nightclub being manhandled and treated like a piece of meat being sold at the market. (The lack of this type of atmosphere is one reasons I love to go to the gay clubs and it was amazingly refreshing to attend and see how receptive the BDSM club is to newbies and how strict rules are in place so everyone enjoys their evening. No groping or grabbing and no drunken idiots. You can’t beat that!)

I’d rented and watched a fair amount of actual BDSM and fetish porn, even a few instructional books and videos. I attended a munch and a few demos but none of that prepared me for a party in the BIG city. There is a big difference between a small local, private club and a huge converted warehouse in the middle of downtown Washington. The equipment alone is enough to make even the staunchest fetish aficionado weep tears of joy. I saw scenes that were beyond my wildest dreams and some things I never thought would turn me on left me hotter than a fireworks display on the fourth of July.

Now I have quite a few published BDSM and fetish themed stories under my belt but that doesn’t mean the research has stopped. I love learning new things and I’m constantly finding new toys or types of play that get my motor running. Education of any type is a gift and when research is this much fun I hope to be learning new things long into the future.

You can check out several of my kink themed stories in my newest release, Women Gone Wylde. I’d love to know if all my hard work and research paid off. The book is a personal anthology of all my favorite Sapphic stories rolled into one tidy print book. The cover is also freaking HOT too! Of the nine stories in the book several carry a fetish or BDSM theme. There’s spanking, strap-ons, fantasies come to life, tattoo fetish, and phone sex, just to name a few.

Jean Roberta from Erotica Revealed gave the book two thumbs up. She wrote "This is the kind of book that makes you want to take it under the covers and read by flashlight, almost hoping to be caught in the act."

The book is available at CreateSpace as well as all your other favorite on-line bookstores. Just a reminder thatbuying direct always helps the author out more when it comes to royalties. ^_^

If you’d like a signed copy you can email me at b.wylde [at]

I had special beach tote bags made up for the GCLS convention last month and still have about 10 left. If you order a copy of the antho direct from me I will include a tote bag for free. (Choice of black or bright green while supplies last but you must mention this post on Lisabet’s blog to get the free bag. I might even toss in a few extra goodies too. I love giving away free stuff!!)

Copies are $15 each and shipping in the US normally runs $5. If you want to purchase more than one copy let me know and I will combine shipping as much as possible. Books make great presents and I’ll be glad to personalize them if needed or desired.

A huge thanks to Lisabet for letting me be a guest here today. Stay Wylde everyone,


Excerpt (from "Saddle Up")

By the time I walked back behind the stadium Amanda was gone. I’m not sure what bothered me the most, the fact that she was missing or that she’d taken my favorite hat with her.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid.” I’d let my hormones get away with me. “At my age I should know better than to think with my pussy.”

I followed the path around the back towards the parking lot where my truck was parked, passing by the smaller barn where the horses and calves were housed while they awaited their turns in the ring. Now it seemed eerily quiet. Something strange caught my eye so I abandoned my intended destination and headed cautiously into the barn. What I found was infinitely more interesting then anything I could have expected.

Amanda was in the back, near where they kept all the food for the horses, laid out on a hay bale with my hat over her face and her little skirt down around her ankles. Her little white panties were caught on her knees and she had both hands between her legs, one working away on her clit as her other jammed three fingers deep inside her pussy. The sight was truly inspiring, and had me hotter than a mare in season, but it was her words that left me no doubt as to who she was fantasizing about.

“Oh shit. Please Sammy. Please fuck me! Suck my clit. Harder.”

My earlier doubts about her sexual orientation vanished completely. As I watched she spread her legs as far as the panties would allow, pinching and smacking her clit as her other hand began to pump in and out wildly. “Now Samantha, now. I’m going to come.”

It seemed cruel to make her jill off by herself when she could have the real thing. I made it to the back of the barn faster than I’d taken down the calf earlier, pulling my Stetson off her face so I could look her in the eyes. The minute we made eye contact she fell over the edge, screaming and creaming her satisfaction. I gave her a minute to regain her wits before starting up a conversation by taking a second to put my hat back on. It smelled like vanilla and wildflowers, a scent I knew I’d associate with Amanda from now on.

“Looks like you took real good care of my hat for me. Maybe I should thank you properly."

Bio: Author Beth Wylde writes what she likes to read, which includes a little bit of everything. Her books range in theme from paranormal to contemporary and in pairings from lesbian erotica to straight m/f as well as menage and beyond.

When she isn’t writing she can still be found in front of her computer either plotting, chatting or working on promo. Her first story was published in 2006 and her reviews have been top notch, including a FAR recommended read in October of 08.

Some of her most recent awards include, The Romance Erotica Connection (REC) 2007 & 2008 F/F Author of the Year, REC’s Best Gay short story of 2008 (co written with Cassandra Gold) and she is up for the GLBT author of 2008 award from Love Romances Cafe (LRC) as well as several nominations in the P&E polls.

Beth loves to chat online and can be reached via IM or email at b.wylde [at] You can also find examples of her work at her website or join her busy yahoo group at

She also runs a yahoo group for published and aspiring authors of lesbian stories and works hard to maintain her les-lit database. For info on either of these projects email Beth directly.

The database and author website can be found at: and

Keep an eye out for more new releases plus news of signings and appearances by Beth in the near future.

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