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Wild Wild Sex

By Laura Tolamei (Guest Blogger) (Note: this post is triple X!) This is a fun and sexy post to reflect if and how characters change their sexual style to adapt it to their partners. In my writing, I often have characters sleeping with both men and women, sometimes both at the same time, but I’ve never thought to analyze if they act differently. To be fair, they have anything but an easy time of it for I always require them to be as open minded as possible in bed! So here’s an exercise I hope you’ll enjoy in which you can confront Lidia, my Roman matron in Spying the Alcove, in various situations, including some very embarrassing ones, and judge if she indeed has a different attitude.


Please,” I begged at last, not really knowing what I wanted.

Please…what?” Brutus asked ironic.

Take me, fuck me, do something…anything. I can’t stand this torture any longer,” I replied, my head feeling hotter with the blood rushing to it.

This is just the beginning,” he assured, bending on his knees.

I tensed, unsure what he wanted to do. When I felt the wet tongue circling my ass hole, a wave of desire hit me so hard I almost fell. As if expecting it, he held me firmly on my legs, his tongue hardening as the circles narrowed on the hole. He lingered on the outside without taking the plunge despite my swaying. His slow rimming was irresistible, but he didn’t stop there.

Still holding my legs, his fingers traveled to my bursting clit, brushing it lightly. I almost jumped at the unfamiliar sensation. Men had never touched me there so I didn’t know how it felt. Even more surprisingly, his tongue slipped between my open legs, vigorously lapping the dripping wet skin hidden underneath. I tensed again, unsure about the situation. No one had ever taken this kind of interest in my body, let alone my pleasure, and the feeling was unsettling at best. But he kept going, uncaring about my reactions, his aim seemingly to make me feel more pleasure. So I dispelled the doubts, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

Brutus’s wide spread tongue stroked the outside of my slit before rubbing its hard tip along the inner folds. I felt myself drip into his mouth, my fluids mixing with his saliva in a delicious combination. I slid on him, pressing down to brush harder against his tongue and he did not stop me. In fact, he even moved to the center of my throbbing sensation, hard tip curling around it before licking lavishly.

It would have been more than enough for my excited senses, but unexpectedly he added something more. With a decisive shove, Brutus pushed two fingers in my slit while other two ravished my asshole.


I must admit she’s good,” Britannicus reconfirmed at last, grabbing my hair, “but I’d like to play differently today.”

Not quite understanding what he meant, I raised my gaze and saw the men exchange an incomprehensible glance. Before I had time to think, Brutus pulled me up. “You’re right, Britannicus, so I’ll start with her and you can join any time.”

Grinning, he took me to the bed for a change, laying me down on my back. His hard cock had no trouble finding his way in my wet, actually drenched pussy, slipping inside in one single shove. I arched my back, curling my legs around his waist in order to pull him deeper, then moved my hips at his tempo, rubbing my clit against his crotch. The dance was moving faster when I noticed Britannicus settling behind Brutus. Tickling my feet with his tunic, he exposed the other man’s buns. I felt his hand travel lightly first on my legs, then obviously on Brutus’s naked skin. My eyes opened wider, partly curious as to what would happen, partly shocked at the strange images popping in my head. Is it going to happen? I wondered.

Don’t worry, Lidia,” Brutus breathed huskily as if reading my mind, “the game’s only going to get more interesting.”

How?” I asked, unable to contain my curiosity.

Can’t you guess?” he challenged.

Before I could answer, I felt him push harder on me as if something was holding him down. His movement changed, too, and that was when I understood Britannicus had shoved his hard cock in his ass. Disturbed at the mere idea, I stopped moving altogether while the two men adjusted the rhythm between them, going about it as if I weren’t there at all.

Obviously, men having sex with their own kind was nothing new to me, but I had always assumed they wouldn’t like women, having trouble satisfying them. Yet, both men had proven to be more than adequate in the art of lovemaking, using their cocks admirably well in all my available holes. Some women had told me about distressful situations where their partners had failed to have a hard-on, thereby ruining their entire evening. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, of course, well…at least until today. Or rather, their cocks were still as thick as the day before, but this unexpected twist made Brutus look less the conqueror and more the slave to my eyes. And I definitely didn’t like it.

Uncaring of my doubts, they kept pumping, coordinating their movements, rise and fall perfectly matched while I had lost my taste for it all. I just waited patiently for them to finish their business, but Brutus must have perceived something was wrong because he stopped.

Let’s change positions, Britannicus,” he suggested, hardly looking at me.


Without even glancing at me, they went to the triclinium, Brutus lying down on his back while Britannicus picked up his legs and placed them on his chest. Fascinated in spite of my misgivings, I watched the thick cock disappear inside Brutus’s slightly raised ass, the huge head fitting easily in the tight hole, enlarging it to an incredible size. I saw it shove forward, then pull back, taking a steady rhythm, followed by Brutus, too. Again, they seemed completely unaware of anything beyond their pleasure, but I was wrong.

Hey, Lidia,” I heard Brutus call me, “aren’t you going to join us?”

I blushed deeply. “I…don’t know how. I thought you wanted to be alone,” I said, my voice sounding as disappointed as my body.

Come here,” he invited me softly.

I reached him. Britannicus, still pumping hard, ignored me.


The lady’s having fun,” Britannicus mused, stopping my head. “That place you’ve found, Brutus, must be really something. Mind if I try it, too?”

Love switching,” Brutus assured.

Pulling out of my ass, he brought me to the triclinium where Britannicus had already lain down. With my back turned to the sprawled man, Brutus placed me on top of the jutting dick, pushing until my asshole felt the hardness nudging at the entrance. I tensed for a second, but he didn’t give me time to adjust. With one fast shove, Britannicus’s cock penetrated deep inside all the way to the balls.

It feels excellent, Brutus,” Britannicus remarked, again talking as if I weren’t there.

Yes and it’s going to feel even better.”

He made my back stretch down on his friend’s chest, my legs on either side of Britannicus’s body left my slit wide open for another guest. Kneeling between his friend’s legs, Brutus’s hungry cock penetrated in the free space, soon giving me a taste of his harsh shoves, which paired with the ones I felt in my ass.

The two immediately found a congenial rhythm and all I could do was lie there, trapped between them, my crushed body completely possessed by them. And it was magnificent. Never in my life had I felt so deliciously full. Cramping my tight spaces, my flesh wrapped around such big, hard cocks, wanting to suck them dry. The awareness that both wanted me, was pure pleasure in itself so I let their tide wash over my body. I couldn’t move anyway, their shoves jiggling me until everything shook on its own, fiery contractions spreading from the center to the farthest corners. My flesh coiled around their shafts, squeezed them tight, sucking them in so deep they had no way to resist. In a matter of seconds, they flooded me, both holes drenched with their fluids, remaining limp and dry.

Spying the Alcove by Laura Tolomei


GENRE: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-347-0

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

RELEASE DATE: August 1st, 2009

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books


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