Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Characters in My Head

By Jude Mason (Guest Blogger)

“No, don’t listen to that idiot, it’s my turn,” snarled Jazz, one of the newest men in my life. A smart ass at the best of times, Jazz liked getting his own way and often went just a little too far in order to get it.

“Idiot?” Sammy’s eyebrows rose and he carefully placed a well manicured fist on each hip. “Who do you think you’re calling an idiot, you swine?” The spike haired man turned on his heel and sashayed across the room, his beautifully tailored purple suit clinking in all the right places.

Jazz snorted and crossed his massive arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. “Listen, dimshit, I’m new, it’s my turn. She hasn’t even got me in the damn book yet and I’m raring to go. Doc needs me!”

From the doorway, a husky male voice called, “You two, she’s working with me right now. You’ll both just have to wait.” Quinn shrugged and entered, striding to the comfortable looking easy chair sitting in front of the fireplace. “Jack and I have a wedding to plan,” he added before picking up the glass of wine left sitting on the coffee table. He sipped it and peered from the muscular Jazz to Sammy.

Jazz crossed the room, heading for the newcomer. He stopped in front of Quinn and scowled down at him. “She’s dropped you. She’s working on Doc’s story and mine.” He tore his gaze from the seated man and glared at the swish in purple. “And you, she’s freakin’ forgotten all about you!”

Grabbing my head, I pushed away from the computer and strode into the front room. “Men!” Tossing my hands into the air, I added, “Freakin’ gay dimshits. All of you!”

The three men, characters in books I’ve written or am writing, cowered in the corners of my mind, awaiting whatever explosion they must know was about to happen. Even Sammy, the most familiar and beloved of my collection of gay guys seemed concerned for his place in my thoughts.

He blinked up at me, and tried a smile. “Jude, take a breath, hon. We’re just anxious to get our say in stuff, you know that.”

“Yes, dumbass, I know that.” I turned and headed into the kitchen. Coffee might calm me; these idiots sure as hell weren’t going to. “But, how the hell am I supposed to get anything done with you three belly-aching?” A moment later, cup filled with steaming black coffee, I returned to the den and sat in front of my computer. The screen faced me, its blank white page waiting for me to fill with text.

“Mine’s the one you want to work on, my lovely woman,” Jazz’s silken sweet voice whispered in my ear.

I scowled at him and he stepped back.

Sammy winked and went towards where Quinn sat gazing into the fire. He plunked himself beside the newest of the Kindred Spirits group and smiled up at me. “Jude, take a break. You’ve been pushing too hard lately and you’re going to burn yourself out.”

I scowled at him, and he shut his mouth with a soft pop.

Quinn looked at me, but seemed to know better than to say a word. I nodded and took a sip of coffee before allowing my mind to leap into the story.

Yes, this is how my days go sometimes. The more I write, the more characters there are to inhabit my daydreams. I adore each and every one of them, but I tell you, there are times I’d happily strangle one or two of them. They never die. The do fade into the background for a while, but let there be a day when I have time to myself or a plot doesn’t work out quite right and OMG, the suggestions or harping for attention begins.

Do I actually talk to these ‘people’? Well, not always. Since my hubby has been home, I try to limit my rantings to these guys to a bare minimum. Can’t quite imagine what he might think of me yelling at the air at some imaginary guy? He’d think I was … uh… crazier than he already does.

I’ve asked non-writers if they have story ideas like I do: people whispering, or yelling, inside their heads when they sit at a stop light or stand in line at the grocery store. So far, not a one has said yes. I used to think everyone had them. Even up to a few months ago, I assumed that while they may not be plagued with the ‘voices’ all the time, they would at least get the odd nudge or urging from some ghostly phantom. Seems not.

Would I change it?

I have nightmares of the voices stopping. What would I do if they stopped and there just weren’t any more stories inside me? So, even though these guys drive me crazy sometimes, I’d miss them more than I could say if they weren’t there. Just don’t tell them.

Who am I going to write about next?

Well, I’m afraid Jazz and Sammy are going to have to be patient. Quinn is a character in a book Jenna Byrnes and I are working on together called, Quinn’s Blessing, book 4 of the Kindred Spirits Series. I’m working on the edits of Jenna’s last addition and, after a quick glance ahead to see what she’s suggested next, I believe I’ll be writing a hot and heavy sex scene. Yum!

Jazz next, him and Doc will be meeting soon and I can’t wait. Sammy, sorry dude, you may have to wait for awhile yet. But, you have been the focus of a couple of very hot reads, so just hold on to your shorts, baby.


BIO: Multi-published Canadian author, Jude Mason, writes in a variety of genres and adores stretching the boundaries. The bulk of her work has been D/s and femdom, but she enjoyed straying into fetish, pulp fiction, m/m. f/f, paranormal and sci-fi, among others.. A picture, a smell, an unexpected glimpse of flesh, or a load of soil in the back of a pick-up, are all fodder for her writing. Her male characters run the gamut from the alpha male ruling his women with an iron fist, to a simpering purple-clad boy-toy, whose only desire is to please. As diverse and as richly depicted, her women find themselves in a myriad of exotic and erotic situations, and are as lusty as their male counterparts, of not more so. Jude has work in print, e-book form and audio

Interested? Google her name, you'll find her. ‘Readers needed: Come, explore with me…if you dare!

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Hi Jude,

You know what they say about voices inside your head. lol. Kidding of course. I wish I had a few in my head to argue with.
Nice post, funny. Good luck with your upcoming venture.

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Hey, Jude,

Thanks for visiting my blog--and for bringing all your friends along!

Love you!


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