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Why Erotica?

By Jenika Snow (Guest Blogger)

Why erotica?

This is a question that a lot of people around me have asked, and a question that I have asked myself.

Before I even started writing, I never envisioned myself writing erotica. I had started writing at a young age, but the stories were that of my twelve year old imagination. As I became older, I checked out a Christine Feehan book from the library on a whim.

Vampires and anything paranormal snagged my interested in movies, so I thought I might as well give books a shot. I was not disappointed! It was pretty much all over from there, and I found myself reading every book in her Carpathian series with fervor. Although this annoyed my husband because he thought I spent way too much time reading, I assured him it was great brain stimulation. Needless to say he didn’t buy it.

The very idea of an immortal creature finding that one person to spend eternity with touches a chord inside of me. Isn’t that the ultimate love story? A man trying to overcome the evil he feels lives within him so that he can be with the only woman that has ever awakened him?

When I first read the love scenes in the Carpathian novels I won’t lie, it raised my eyebrows. Now that I am an erotic romance author, I look back at my reaction to those love scenes and laugh at myself.

So, after reading all of Mrs. Feehan’s books, I started branching off into other paranormal romance authors. I read anything that I could get my hands on. One day my husband made the comment that he thought I should write a book. I looked at him like he was crazy—-me, write a book? No way!

Although I had ideas that swam around in my brain on a story, I talked myself out of writing. There was no way I could write a story that someone would read. So, time went on and my husband would make small comments about me writing a story. I had brushed the idea away every time, but one day, I decided to give it a shot. My husband was the only one who would ever read it so I convinced myself no harm, no foul.

So, I sat down at the table, pen and paper in hand and started writing my very first story. It wasn’t anything paranormal or really with a stable plot, but I found that the words flowed easily from my fingers onto the paper. When the hero and heroine finally came to the point in the story where they become intimate, I wondered how I was going to go about it. It didn’t take me long; because I knew I wanted the sex scenes not only to be about the love the main characters shared, but also very graphic, as if the reader were actually standing in the room experiencing it for themselves.

I thought I would feel uncomfortable actually writing out every little detail, but surprisingly, I found myself writing more and more graphic details. When it was all finished, I gave it to my husband to read, embarrassed now that it was finished and worrying about what he would think. I watched his facial expressions carefully, trying to gauge what he thought of the extremely erotic and explicit story I had conjured up. His eyebrows raised and I knew he had gotten to the sex scene.

I was worried I might have gone overboard, but when he finally finished the story and told me he really thought I should write one—not a small story, which is what he had read—I had finally agreed I would give it a shot and sat in front of my computer. It was with his nudging that I wrote Deliciously Wicked: Dimi of the Seven Moons, my very first published erotic story.

So why erotica you ask? Well, when I read a story and fall in love with the main characters and experience their journey through the story, I want to experience what they are experiencing when they finally are together. My theory is the hotter the better!

Since I like to have the full disclosure when reading stories, I wanted to convey that in my writing as well. I want the readers who decide to pick up one of my stories to see exactly how the hero and heroine come together, how not only they struggle with being together and getting through the hard times, but also being together as one in the most elemental sense.

I want to thank Lisabet Sarai for opening up her blog for me today. It has been a fun and entertaining time. Thank you everyone for your continued support, it means the world to me.


BIO: Jenika lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their young daughter. Thankfully, he shares her unusual sense of humor, and naughty nature. Along with taking care of their daughter, they have to keep an eye on Milo, their spunky cat. When not writing, Jenika works a full time at a hospital and attends school for nursing. Writing is Jenika's number one passion, but since life gets in the way, she isn't able to write full time (at least not yet.)

Jenika started writing at a very young age. Her first story consisted of a young girl who traveled to an exotic island and found a magical doll. That story has long since disappeared, but her passion for writing has stayed strong.

Jenika loves to hear from readers, and encourages them to contact her and give their feedback.

The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed

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Aleksei is feared by all who cross paths with him. He is the great ruler of a race of immortal vampires known as the Blood Breed. Setting eyes on Lana for the first time sets off unquenchable desires that Aleksei has never experienced in his existence.

One night out leads to a destiny that will forever change Lana's life. It was an immediate attraction to Aleskei, feelings so strong they left her body on fire, so intense she didn’t know if it was real.

When an age old prophecy brings Lana and Aleksei together, nothing can stop the unbreakable bond that weaves itself into their lives, and when an unseen predator threatens to take away Lana, Aleksei will stop at nothing to destroy all who stand in his way from making Lana his.

Adult Excerpt

“Take them off of me.” Her eyes grew wide at the growl that came out of him. He gripped the top of her panties and ripped them clean off of her, tossing the fabric to the ground. She would be lying if she said his aggressiveness didn’t turn her on.

“You smell so fucking delicious. I can’t stand it.”

His voice became deeper, and before she realized what he was doing, he was between her thighs with his hands holding them open. His breath brushed across her exposed folds, and she let her thighs open wider of their own accord. The hot touch of his tongue along her engorged clit caused her to throw her head back and moan. It felt so good, so much better than when she touched herself. He ran his tongue in a circular motion, sucking her clit into the hot depths of his mouth before running over it again. He nibbled and teased her labia, twirling his tongue along the opening of her pussy and running it back up to torment her clit. She had her legs as wide as they would go, but even that didn’t feel wide enough. His tongue continued its exploration of her clit as one of his fingers ran in a slow motion around her pussy hole. She wanted, no, needed him to plunge it inside, to end the exquisite torture he was giving her. It was never ending, the pleasure he brought to her body with just a flick of his tongue and a tease of his finger.

He left no part of her untouched, swiping his tongue over her lips, around her center, and making his way back up to her clit. Moans and groans came from his mouth, vibrating off her clit and causing her orgasm to come closer to the surface. His hands had a tight clasp on her thighs, his big body wedged between them. He lifted one of her legs over the back the couch, opening her up even further to his wicked tongue. He continued to suck at her clit, and the tight coil of her climax moved through her body. Her sex blossomed like a dam opening up and getting ready to spill forth. Her wetness flowed out of her core from the tidal wave of pleasure that coursed through her.

“Oh, yes. I think I’m going to come.” She had climaxed plenty of times by herself but had never felt the feeling that washed through her at this moment.

“Come for me, Lana. Fucking come all over my mouth. I want your cream covering my lips.” He continued to suck and lick at her, and just hearing the provocative words he said set her off. Her orgasm tore through her, causing her to thrust her breasts out and groan loudly. He never let up, just kept sucking and licking until her orgasm tapered off. Although she felt sated and relaxed, the orgasm did nothing to stop the arousal still pulsing through her veins. She opened her eyes to stare at him, his glorious body now naked. She didn’t know when took off his clothes, but his shirt and pants now sat on the floor. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of his hard, muscled body.

He grabbed his cock as she slid her eyes up and down his body. She stared at his erection, eyes wide and heart beating quickly. He was huge, so big she didn’t even know if he would fit inside of her. His hands slid under her back and flipped her over so she straddled him. He leaned against the couch and gripped her naked hips.

“It will fit perfectly. You will feel exquisite when I slide in and out of you. Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

She breathed heavily, loving the dirty way he spoke to her. His cock rubbed along her slick folds, teasing her clit as he slowly thrust his hips up. The flame in her body grew stronger, her desire burning hotter and hotter. She initiated the next kiss, dipping down to meet his firm lips and slipping her tongue inside. He groaned and slid his hands to her ass before slipping one hand further down to rest by her vagina. He brought his other hand to her breast, tweaking and pulling at her hard nipple. His finger didn’t move any closer to her pussy, just sat close to her hole, making her want to thrust onto it. Their moans filled the room, and before she knew it, he scooped her off the couch and carried her to his bedroom.

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Hello, Jenika,

Welcome to Beyond Romance! I always enjoy hearing about what led an author to break through barriers and start writing explicit fiction.

Good luck with The Chosen.


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