Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congratulations to My Winners!


I've been away for the last five days, but I'm happy to see that my guests have been keeping things interesting!

I have several winners to announce.

Andrea wins a free ebook for commenting during my guest-fest last week. Thanks,Andrea! And thanks to all of you who made my guests feel at home.

Meanwhile the lovely Jenna Byrnes was the only person to correctly guess which of my seven statements were true, in my Bald-faced Liar post. The correct answers were #4 and #6. Alas, I've never been in a long-term polyamorous relationship, though I have been fortunate enough to participate in several ménages a trois. (Want to know more? Drop by Oh Get a Grip! next Sunday!)

I can't tell you who the Pulitzer Prize-winning author is, for fear of revealing my true identity. However, I can share the fact that the miniskirt was hot pink (my favorite color at the time) and so were my cheeks when I was hauled into the school office. On the other hand, it was the sleazy principal who was ultimately embarrassed, when he looked up my records and discovered that I was the top student in my class. I'm sure that he was thinking I was some cheap, stupid bimbo whom he could intimidate. I've always thought that dress codes were unutterably dumb, just a way to regiment kids and suppress their individuality.

It was actually quite difficult to come up with plausible lies. I'm basically pretty honest. Also, I've shared quite a bit about my life experiences here and there on the 'Net. I didn't want to use any facts that I'd already revealed!

So here's a challenge for you readers. What's the most unbelievable truth about yourself? Leave me a comment and tell me something that nobody would ever believe -- but which is true nevertheless. I'll randomly pick one commenter, and give away yet another prize!


s7anna said...

Congratulations Andrea & Jenna!!! WTG!!!

The most unbelieveable truth about myself?...Hmmm...I'm incredibly shy although I force myself to be more outgoing when I'm interacting with others. Everyone always thinks that I'm super outgoing and socially confident but I'm a giant bundle of nerves the whole time.

SiNn said...

hum one thing no one would believe would probably be i love irly frilly things with lots of girl colorsi wear alot of black and dark colors but i love lovegirly things even tho i rarelt buy them or wear them

kaenar said...

The most unbelievable truth about myself. Hmmm. How about-I haven't actually had all that male/male sex I write about.

booklover0226 said...

Kaenar - your post was a hoot! LOL

For me, I'm a big yaoi (novel, manga, and anime) fan! No one would believe it unless they say my bookcases!

Tracey D

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the book Lisabet! I look forward to reading it very soon!

Kaenar, you haven't? I'm shocked! *G*

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