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She might have been the only person on earth – #Summertime #Nature #PNR #MFRWHooks

Hot Spell Cover

Greetings! For today’s MFRW Book Hooks hop, I felt like posting something summery. I believe this bit from my paranormal erotic romance Hot Spell will fit the bill nicely!


Comfortable and at home in nature, Sylvie doesn't mind being alone in the wilderness. But she's not the only being haunting the glades and the trails. The stranger she encounters bathing in the stream near her camp obviously wants her, but refuses to act on his desire. Aidan is cursed with a power he fears will destroy her if they surrender to their passion. Can Sylvie refrain from tempting him?


The Hook

She awoke with the sun on her face. It had to be at least nine—maybe later—if the sun was high enough to make it through the canopy. The air still had a hint of freshness but she could tell it was going to be another hot day.

She really didn’t want to get dressed. It felt so right to be naked. This early in the season, the chances of meeting someone out here, in an official wilderness area, were miniscule. Of course, she might encounter the man from the stream again…

The thought made her heart beat faster. Who was he? Anyway, he’d already seen her body, hadn’t he?

She finally compromised, donning a T-shirt and khaki shorts but no underwear. She planned to hike to Crystal Lake today. She needed some protection against scratches and bug bites on her most delicate parts. As she puttered around the campsite, getting her breakfast and cleaning up, she began to doubt the wisdom of her choice. The soft brush of cotton against bare flesh teased her nipples into tight beads and the crotch of her shorts was already damp.

She wasn’t normally so easily aroused. It must be the effect of the fresh air…not to mention the escape from the stress of her normal life. Jill and Alice would be scandalized, but why should she care? It felt so good, it couldn’t be wrong.

Sylvie looked at her day pack with distaste. On such a sweltering day, she really didn’t want to be weighed down. She peered up at the sky, a bowl of cloudless, brilliant blue. Certainly, there was no chance of rain. After tucking her jack-knife, compass, and a few Band-Aids into one pocket and a couple of granola bars into the other, she hoisted the rest of her gear into a tree to protect it from bears. She set off towards the lake, delightfully unencumbered except for the canteen swung over her shoulder.

Although the blazes marking the trail were obvious, the path was strewn with fallen branches. I must be the first to take this path since last year, she thought, a notion that raised her already-high spirits. She loved the idea of being the only human for miles around.

What about the man in the creek? The recollection should have alarmed her, but it had the opposite effect, magnifying her excitement. Her chest seemed full of helium. Her feet flew along the trail. Her rigid nipples poked through the clinging fabric of her sweat-damp tee. The thrill of being back in nature mingled with a steady buzz of arousal, fed by friction and memory.

Tree shadows told her it was well past noon by the time she reached the high meadow that overlooked Crystal Lake. The lake spread out below, a shimmering expanse of sapphire fringed with emerald. From the city, the hills had looked sere and sun-bleached, but here in the heart of the mountains all was green, save for the scarlet splash of early poppies. Jagged peaks reared in the distance, still clad in snow, almost too bright to look at.

The sun beat down upon her, burning hot but somehow less cruel than in the city. The warmth distilled the fragrances of nature—pine resin and crushed foliage, musty fungus and moist soil. Sylvie filled her lungs. The spicy mountain air was like wine, making her feel drunk, wild, a bit crazy.

She glanced around the clearing. A flock of swifts swirled up from the rippling sea of green into the surrounding trees. Otherwise, all was quiet. She might have been the only person on earth.

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Janet Lane Walters said...

Interesting character. Will the daydreams become reality?

Personalized Marketing Inc said...

I love the cover!

Fiona McGier said...

This was a steamy read. Your post just reminded me that I never wrote a review for it! Sorry--that will be remedied very soon!

Kate Hill said...

Great description of her surroundings. I'll be she's not really alone, though!

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