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Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers Steam Hop! Once a month the erotically-inclined authors from MFRW get together to share spicy snippets from our books with you. Today I have another exclusive excerpt from my latest release Monsoon Fever. This one is MM. It is perhaps less explicit than some if my posts, but still packs plenty of heat.

Meanwhile, I’m giving away another copy of the book to one person who leaves me a comment. Please include your email so I can find you if you win!


When a charismatic lawyer arrives at their remote Indian tea plantation, he tempts a married couple with forbidden carnal delights.

Priscilla and Jonathan have grown apart. Anil Kumar, solicitor to Jon’s father, enchants both Priscilla and Jon with his beauty, poise and wisdom. Will the illicit cravings he excites be the final stroke that destroys their marriage? Or the route to saving it?



Spicy Excerpt

Kumar laid out the first folio in front of Jon. “Here are the accounts for the jute company. As you can see, it has been a moderately profitable enterprise. Last year it cleared forty percent more than in 1917.”

The Indian leaned over to point out the relevant figures. Jon couldn’t help but notice the man’s scent, some spicy, aromatic perfume that made him momentarily light-headed. The scent was somehow familiar. It had the strange and alarming effect of causing Jon’s penis to harden.

Well—the war…” Jon struggled to retain his composure. “I’m sure that the international situation…”

Of course, you’re right,” Kumar agreed smoothly. If he noticed Jon’s discomfiture, he did not show it. “Do you want to see the detailed revenue and expense statements?”

No, no, I’ll take them and look at them later. Just give me the ownership transfer documents for now.”

Kumar leaned closer, leafing through the folio until he reached the last page. Jon shrunk away, afraid that the native’s body would brush against his own, terrified of his own response if it did.

Sign here, please.” Kumar offered the pen, so close now that Jon could feel his breath. “And initial here, with the date.” Jon followed instruction, giving a sigh of relief when Kumar moved away to put the papers back into the satchel. “The ownership transfer will not be official for at least a month—the English have done what they can, but trying to rationalise Indian bureaucracy is a losing battle—but you can take possession of the factory any time.”

Jon tried to slow his racing pulse. “Well, I expect that I’ll be occupied here at the plantation for the next two weeks at least.”

Quite so. Well, what would you like to deal with next?”

Can you give me a moment?” Jon pushed himself back from the desk. “I think need a bit of air; I’m feeling a bit ill.” He turned to the window, gulping in the moist, fragrant air. His cock was still swollen, harder in fact than before. What was going on?

Can I do anything to help, Jon?” The Indian stood behind him, lips close to Jon’s ear. “Should I call Priscilla?”

No! No, please, don’t bother, I’m sure that won’t be necessary.” Jon could just imagine Priscilla’s reaction, finding his cock wakened by the presence of this native stranger, when he had just turned down the offer of her body. “I’ll be fine in just a minute.”

Kumar snaked his arms around Jon’s body, pulling it back against his own. Jon froze. His cock jerked skyward. “Let me help you, Jon. You are so tense. You need to relax.”

One of Kumar’s hands stroked Jon’s pectorals. Jon’s nipples spiked up into tight triggers that shot incredible pleasure through him when touched. The native’s other hand reached between Jon’s legs to cup the bulk of his erection.

No,” Jon moaned, but at the same time his engorged cock threatened to explode in response to the intimate caress. Kumar squeezed the rigid organ, and Jon groaned again. Please, I can’t…”

Kumar nibbled Jon’s earlobe. Sparks flashed down Jon’s spine to ignite in his groin . “Why not?” he murmured, his voice rich with encouragement. “Why not allow yourself the release you crave, that you need?”

Nimble brown fingers unbuttoned Jon’s trousers. Jon gasped at the first touch of Kumar’s bare skin on his own. He slumped back, letting Kumar take his weight as the Indian fondled his aching cock. Jon could feel the hard bulk of Kumar’s own erection pressing into his backside. Panic seized him. He had to escape.

At the same time, the rock-hard evidence of the other man’s arousal nearly took him over the edge. He leaned against the other man, not daring to move, trying to ignore the insistent tease of Kumar’s cock, knowing that with the slightest provocation he would experience the ultimate shame. Yet the humiliating image of his seed shooting out all over Kumar’s hand only drove him closer to that extreme.

Kumar slid his thumb back and forth over the exposed and sensitive bulb. Jon gave a strangled cry of pleasure and anguish. “Don’t resist it, Jon. Why not enjoy the flesh that the gods have given you?”

But—it’s an abomination. You, me…”

Perhaps in England. Here we know that male and female are merely two aspects of the One. Turn around now, and I will show you such pleasures that you will not doubt they come from the gods.”

Jon could not help himself. Kumar steered him around until the two men were face to face. The Indian fastened his ripe lips on Jon’s mouth in a sweet, deep kiss. He crushed Jon’s exposed cock to his own groin. Through the thin cotton trousers, Jon could feel the native’s rigid cock, duelling with his own.


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