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Celebrating International Cat Day! #Charity #Ailurophile #NaughtyFeline


Image by 성원 박 from Pixabay

Given how hard it is to type, I wasn’t planning to put up a blog post today. But then I found out that today is International Cat Day, and I really couldn’t resist celebrating!

Considering how much of an ailurophile I am, it’s surprising I don’t have more feline characters. My taboo erotic romance Miranda’s Masks, however, does feature a feisty marmalade tomcat named Heathcliff who plays an important role in the plot. I thought I’d share that bit with you today. And, since I canceled Charity Sunday in July due to my broken arm, I will donate one dollar to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (the organization who established International Cat Day) for every comment I receive! 


She took her plate and a glass of white wine back to her desk, where the brass lamp made a warm pool of gold in the darkened room. A mild night breeze ruffled the drapes and whispered in the corners, fragrant with spring. Intoxicating. Voices soft in the alley, the creak of a door hinge, the distant wail of a saxophone—the city breathed outside her window, full of mystery.

Miranda felt alert, wired, electricity in her veins. She ate thoughtfully, pondering her actions and feelings over the past few days. I thought that I knew myself, knew what I wanted, knew what was important, she mused. Now everything is unclear, everything except this lust, which blazes up in me without warning.

She had an inspiration. Perhaps she should write about it, record her feelings and experiences, externalize it all. Through most of her childhood and adolescence, she had kept a journal, using it as a mirror to confront her fears and her desires. Only after Geoffrey left her had she stopped. It was just too painful to write and to remember.

Miranda recalled the leather-bound Victorian diary. Perfect. The irony somehow pleased her—a modern student of Victorian excess using the historic journal to chronicle her own lustful explorations. She retrieved the diary from her desk drawer, located her fountain pen, opened the volume to the first page.

The blank, velvety parchment invited her. Confide in me. Trust me with your secrets.

How should she begin, though? Miranda sat for a long time, pen poised over the paper, reviewing the events and emotions of the last few days. Heathcliff sat on the corner of her desk, fixing her with his typical unblinking stare.

Miranda ignored the feline, her eyes focused inward. Heathcliff’s gaze became a challenge. Still, she did not respond. Deliberately, the cat reached out a striped paw toward her wine glass. With the graceful economy of motion typical of his species, he nudged at the stem, just enough to send a torrent of Pinot Grigio spilling over the desk and diary.

Heathcliff!” Miranda sprang from her seat to avoid being drenched with wine herself. “Bad cat!” She rushed to get a towel to sop up the moisture. “Oh, Heathcliff,” she said reproachfully, “how could you?”

The cat curled up on the corner of the desk, looking not the least chagrined. Meanwhile, the diary, though wet through, did not appear to be damaged. Miranda arranged it under the lamp, hoping that the heat from the incandescent bulb would help to dry the pages, and went out to the kitchen to wash her hands and refill her glass.

She returned to a marvel. The cream-colored pages baking in the lamplight were no longer blank. Even as she watched, writing darkened and became more distinct.

The hand was even, ornate, old-fashioned. And definitely feminine. Miranda could hardly breathe with the excitement. Someone else had confided in this diary, someone so chary of her secrets that she used disappearing ink for her confessions. As Miranda watched, the date at top of the page became clear.

June 12, 1886

I scarcely know how to commence this account of my adventures and my sins. Indeed, I do not fully understand why I feel compelled to commit these things to writing. Clearly, my purpose is not to review and relive these experiences in the future, for in twenty minutes’ time these sentences will be invisible even to me. Perhaps in the years ahead, I will trail my fingers across the empty parchment, colored like flesh, and the memories will come alive without the words, coaxed from the pages by my touch like flames bursting from cold embers.

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Koshkalady said...

Those mischievous, naughty kitties always getting into things. I had one that would steal the straws & ice cubes from my drink (he was blind, a foster that stayed) started giving straws stuck between ice cubes in a mug & set it on the wood bench, he loved the tactile experience of the cold which he could find & shoot around. Bearman would spin in circles when he heard the ice maker & I would shake the cubes in the mug for him to follow. Do you have any furry muses to inspire you & cuddle while writing?

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi Koshlady!

Of course! Currently I have two, both rescues about 4 years old, a mostly black male with white whiskers and golden eyes named Simon and a feisty tiger female called Kate. Kate has a partly amputated front paw because she apparently injured her front leg in a fall as a very young kitten and the wound was badly infected when a kind soul brought her to the vet. She limps when she walks but can run perfectly. She and Simon are great friends, frequently curling up together and giving each other baths!

If you check out my website, you'll find some pics of my previous cats, who have now passed on.

Rachelle21 said...

Just like a cat to do something unexpected and reveal secret writing. I have one cat who loves plastic bags. She sticks her head in and usually has to show me. She was playing supercat this morning and the plumber got a laugh out of it especially since I called her supercat.

Sacchi Green said...

What a lovely excerpt, and a lovely idea. Hmm. I have a story about Cleopatra's pet cheetah... Maybe I'll post some that,

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I love cats so much, and Heathcliff is no exception!

Colleen C. said...

I will have to give my cats some extra treats today!

Annette said...

I miss my cat so much!( It's amazing how they wiggle their way into our hearts. Happy kitty day!!!

Emerald said...

What an enticing excerpt! And I love the phrase, “with the graceful economy of motion typical of his species.” I found Heathcliff’s presence in this scene delightfully amusing!

I can’t believe I didn’t know the word “ailurophile” (which I had to look up), given that I’ve been one all my life. I’ve been consistently amused by my mother’s notation in my baby book of, “Age 2: Loves the cats. Always wants to pet them and cries when they go away from her.”

My current two, Radar and Lilac, appreciate this day celebrating them! Interestingly enough, Koshkalady, Radar is blind and also came to me as a foster originally. And Lisabet, Lilac had her left front leg amputated after an accident before she came to me. Somewhat fascinating coincidences…!

I hope you are healing well, Lisabet, and wish you all continued wellness. Thank you for sharing this excerpt, as well as for the information and your generosity!

Fiona McGier said...

When I was a Girl Scout leader, one of my co-leaders had 2 cats--one was named "Harry"--and boy, was he? He was so hairy that when you petted him, the air was full of his hair, which also settled on your clothing, your hair, and your skin. But he'd sit and purr like an engine while you petted him, so I liked to do it. Now one of my sons is living with his lady. She has had cats her whole life. She had adopted Persophone years ago--a huge black cat who only likes her. My son bribed his way into her affections by giving her lots of treats. But she still mostly ignores him. So they co-adopted Odin, a kitten who is part Maine Coon--so will be a huge cat when he's done growing. He loves everyone. Unfortunately, I recently discovered through testing at at allergist, that of the 30 of 32 things I'm allergic to, cats is one of them. So I take extra nasal spray with me when we go visit them.

Hope you are feeling better every day. So good to see your stuff in my in-box again!

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost said...

Tara was being a massive buttface today. She thinks its cute to run outside and then have her humans follow her. I was trying to get my walker back in the house when she did so, and this little game of hers isn't cute for me. My son was asleep, so I had no choice but to play and I wasn't happy about it.
BTW, I'm always happy to review or feature any of your books.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks for sharing your cat stories!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks to all for joining me in this celebration. I'm off to donate $10 to the IFAW.

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