Monday, April 26, 2021

Review Tuesday: Carter's Mistress by Pebbles Lacasse -- #BDSM #Erotica #ReviewTuesday

Carter’s Mistress by Pebbles Lacasse

What do you do about forbidden desires? If your significant other has no interest in or stomach for exploring your kinky fantasies, are you justified in looking elsewhere? If you do, might you find the satisfaction you so desperately crave? Or is that just another hopeless dream?

Carter and Leah have both been married forever, and for the most part, they’re happy with their spouses. But Carter has always wanted to submit to a stern and demanding Mistress who’ll push him to the limit, and his wife flat out refuses to play that role. Meanwhile, Leah craves the rush of seeing a man kneel at her feet and promising to obey her commands, but her husband doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body.

Frustrated and aching for the kinky thrills they’ve been denied, Carter and Leah meet in an online chat room for BDSM newbies. After getting to know one another, they finally decide to get together in person – to see if it’s possible to turn fantasy into reality. Pebbles Lacasse chronicles their first encounter in her sizzling short story Carter’s Mistress.

If you’re a fan of D/s erotica, you won’t be disappointed by this tale. Ms. Lacasse excels at conveying the heat of power exchange relationships, and this book is no exception. Carter’s willing surrender to Leah is hot as hell. Beyond this, though, the author has done a wonderful job making the two of them human. They’re both nervous as well as excited. They’re both wondering whether this encounter will turn out to be a mistake. And they’re both realistically concerned about how their intense connection will affect their marriages.

The other aspect of this tale that I loved was way it demonstrates the mutuality and reciprocity of BDSM. Dominant and submissive are two parts of an intimate puzzle. Neither is compelled by the other, despite the trappings of harsh authority. Complementary desires bring them together. They’re complicit in their thrilling and taboo interactions.

Furthermore, although BDSM can be life-changing, it can also be play. There’s a light-heartedness to Carter’s and Leah’s scene, with a significant hit of humor. This isn’t what some people would expect from BDSM, but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s realistic. With the right person, BDSM isn’t just scorchingly arousing – it can also be great fun.

As you may gather, Carter’s and Leah’s connection is successful enough to have them worrying about the future. This too is realistic. This first meeting might be the start of a satisfying side relationship for the two of them. Alternatively, it might signal the break-up of marriages that neglected important aspects of Carter’s and Leah’s natures.

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