Thursday, January 4, 2018

Review Tuesday Moved to Thursday: Giselle and the Hot Squad 2 -- #humor #sex #superheroes

Giselle cover

Giselle and the Hot Squad Book 2 by Dacy Alexandria
Excessica, 2017

Giselle Nyfall is your ordinary, average college freshmana long-legged, bodacious beauty with white-blond hair, luxurious breasts, and a sex drive that could power a moon shot. Aside from her monumental libido and the ability to seduce both males and females, Giselle has no special talents. However, her housemates in the upmarket New York condo she shares might very well be the world’s sexiest collection of super-heroes.

Petite, foul-mouthed hillbilly Dusty is actually a pixie, hungering to become a full-fledged fairy. Sleek, brown-haired Fleur is half succubus, half vampire, and all woman. Red-headed Sofi’s a kitsune, a Japanese fox demon who slips between human and animal form with the ease of a well-lubricated dildo sliding into a tight orifice. Finally, there’s the blonde goddess Princess Tristen Anna Maria Gunnarsson of Gyllengaardchampion figure skater, social media darling, heir to the ancient throne of the light elves, and wielder of the legendary magical sword Mysteltainn.

These amply-endowed females are ready to take a shadowy world of evil that includes a mercenary army of ninjas, a giant silver werewolf, Tristen’s renegade brother Gustav, and the hell-demon he’s summoned in his quest for vengeance and world domination. Poor Giselle is dragged along for the ride, though she’s intimidated and bewildered by her formidable roomies.

Giselle and the Hot Squad Book 2 is a hilarious, ribald romp that is really not like anything I’ve ever read before. The humor is broad, the sex is extreme and the battle scenes are stellar. At first I found the book a bit confusing, partly because of references to events in the first volume and partly due to numerous pop cultural allusions that I’m too square to understand. Pretty soon, though, I got into the swing of thingsswinging axes, swinging swords, and swinging mammaries in all directions!

Giselle is the classic clueless heroine, trying to keep up with her gang of oh-so-talented gals. She does her part, though, using her nymphomania as an interrogation tool when necessary.

The women of the Hot Squad foil the bad guys (of course), with flesh and flair. However, there’s no rest for Giselle and the hard-working super-freshmen of Druin College. The final chapter of the book introduces a new supernatural adversary. I have little doubt there will be more darkness, duels, and bouncing boobs in the next installment of Dacy Alexandria’s saga.

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