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An awesome interview with the Hot Squad! #humor #erotica #babes

Giselle and the Hot Squad 2 cover

By Dacy Alexandria (Guest Blogger)

Hi, I'm Dacy Alexandria! Happy 2018! You may know me...from absolutely nowhere. But maybe you know me from my books Giselle and The Hot Squad Book One and Two. Lisabet gave me an awesome review of Book Two, which was very nice of her. To sum the book up, check out this blurb...


Giselle & The Hot Squad return in an all new adventure bigger than the size of their busts!

Accepted into the prestigious liberal arts institution Drouin University in Manhattan, NY, SoCal girl Giselle Nyfall couldn't have imagined life in the big city would involve conspiracy theorist classmates, dominatrix style faculty, demonic constructions, and teaming up with her roommates known as The Hot Squad to save the men in their posh upper east condo from a curse by riding a whole lot more than the L train! She and The Hot Squad now find themselves in the outrageous aftermath of their thigh thumping heroineism, left to battle a supernatural mercenary gang, contend with gateways to the underworld at their school, avoid demonic death traps all while constantly coming out their skimpy clothes and into the arms of hot studs and each other! In the middle of all this Giselle learns an amazing secret about The Hot Squad, and the babes soon find themselves in a supernatural tug-of-war that hits close to home for one Hot Squad member!

~ ~ ~

Now back to me, Dacy! I've decided to bring to you the, awesome readers of Beyond Romance a hard hitting, pull no punches interview with the members of The Hot Squad. That's right, I sit down with Sofi, the social media maven who will do anything for a like, Fleur the dour Boston southie who will do anything for a hard drink, Tristen the youngest princess of the Gunnarsson dynasty of the Scandinavian country of Gyllengaard, Dusty the BB gun toting, volleyball swatting, shin kicking, terror of Nashville, and Giselle the self proclaimed leader of The Hot Squad.

The Interview!

Inside the spacious, radiant, expensive - and also littered with empty beer cans because one girl can't control her drinking and is too lazy to clean - upper East Side NYC condo of Giselle and The Hot Squad sits author Dacy Alexandria with the girls themselves. The girls have fitted themselves into the rich cream colored furniture of the living room as their official scribe, Dacy, sits in front of them. On a folding chair. A folding chair with one broken leg. And that has an indention of someone's forehead on the back.

DACY: Hello, I am Dacy Alexandria, Sagittarius, former amateur ballet dancer and author of Giselle and The Hot Squad Book One and the recently released Book Two! And I am here with Giselle and her Hot Squad, and we are pumped to tell Beyond Romance all about Book Two!

GISELLE: Our first group interview! How exciting!

DUSTY: Like bouncing on Santa’s lap!

FLEUR: You mean sitting.

DUSTY: You ain't never met the real Santa.

FLEUR: Don’t think I want to after hearing that.

SOFI: It's totally cool of you to write our adventures for all my...I mean our fans to read. And reading is such an awesome thing, even though I don't do it.

GISELLE: You don't read?! How are you gonna make it through school?

SOFI: I gave a sophomore the username to my private Snapchat so in exchange he's gonna read for me.

DACY: In my freshman year, a wise sophomore babe told me C's and D's get degrees. We reunited recently at the unemployment office. So, anyway, Giselle why don't you give us a rundown of how you got from the sticky situation in Book One to the supernatural showdowns with mercenary gangs, demons and rogue elves in book two?

GISELLE: Well, in Book One we had a whole lot of hot hunks in our condo complex in desperate need of saving from an evil curse. But we brought the evil magic to it's knees...mostly by getting on our knees, and really any other position you can think of. But in Book Two, we're investigating who cursed these dudes. And it turns out the conspiracy goes super deep!

FLEUR: Yeah, that's not the only thing that goes deep. Talking of course about the book's poignant symbolism and biting political commentary....

DACY: I sense sarcasm.

DUSTY: From Fleur? Nah, never!

GISELLE: I'm the leader of the group so I'm risking life, limb and a healthy GPA to solve this mystery with the help of my trusty party members, The Hot Squad. I'm kind of like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. I even get to hook up with the hottest NPCs!

FLEUR: Since when are you the leader? Leader of what?

GISELLE: Leader of the Hot Squad!

FLEUR: I told you people, stop grouping me into your second rate sorority.

DACY:, Princess Tristen, I have to guess you're pretty excited about Book Two. Finally the world is given just a hint to what the magical country of Gyllengaard is like.

TRISTEN: Why of course I am excited! Truly it is a marvel to have one's every personal detail laid bare upon the page for all to salivate and pleasure themselves over.

DUSTY: Yep, this fella even got the funny noises you make when yer humping!

TRISTEN: Is that crass turn of phrase the truth?! My...moans.....for everyone to read! Unacceptable! I demand the books be recalled at once!

FLEUR: Recall? It's a fucking book not a Chevy Malibu. Giselle, you're the leader, get your girl.

GISELLE: Now I'm the leader?!

DACY: Hheheh, uh...well, why don't you all tell those who missed Book One about yourselves.

SOFI: Oh gosh! Where to begin!

FLEUR: By going out and buying Book One. All you need to know is there. You can purchase Book Two while you’re at it. Now you can do something on your phones, tablets and computers besides watching internet porn. You can read internet porn.

A nervous look spreads across Giselle's face, and she hurriedly turns to the tiniest Hot Squad member.

GISELLE: Dusty, you're a real funny girl-

DUSTY: I am?

Giselle shoots an elbow into Dusty's ribcage!


GISELLE: Tell Dacy about yourself.

DUSTY: Yeah, okay. I'm Dusty! I'm from Nashville! I got into Drouin on a Volleyball scholarship. I like huntin, fishin, and hot women! But the hottest of all is my future wife, Princess Tristen!

TRISTEN: I shall ignore that for the moment. A word, wordsmith. As Gyllengard royalty, not to mention one of its greatest warriors, I find it rather befuddling — indeed insulting even — you chose not to place my name front and center of your series.

DUSTY: Yeah! Give us one good reason why Tristen shouldn’t order your execution on the spot!

FLEUR: Man, we haven't had a beheading in about a day.

SOFI: I’ll miss all your likes.

GISELLE: Eeep! Uh, guys, maybe we can stay on track here.

DACY: Or we could wrap it up so I can run. Any final words?

TRISTEN: Amusing. I was prepared to ask you the same.

GISELLE: Well, I’d just like to say those who enjoyed Book One will love, love, love Book Two. And if you haven’t read Book One you’ll definitely have the urge to do so after reading Book Two.

TRISTEN: I have the urge to do something right now and it doesn’t involve reading.

DUSTY: You mean humping, right?

TRISTEN: No, of course not. Well...perhaps.

DACY: Thanks again for your time, ladies! Enjoy Giselle and the Hot Squad Book Two!

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