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Floating into the New Year - #secondchance #Georgia #waterfall @RobinsRomances

Baby Count on Me cover

By Robin Michaela (Guest Blogger)

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2018!

Because it’s January and freezing outside, I’m trying to think warm thoughts of summer heat waves and long, sunny days. Like many authors, I put lots of real life experiences and fantasies into my stories and one of my books is set right in the middle of summer.

Baby, Count on Me, takes place in the small town of Sweetness, in the North Georgia Mountains. During one scene, Beau and Jenna hike to a waterfall and end up making love behind the falls. While that doesn’t sound too appealing in January, I’d absolutely go for it in July, especially here in the steamy South. Confession time – I’ve done the hiking part, but not the sex part (hmm, maybe I’ve got to plan that for next year…).

The North Georgia Mountains have lots of cute little towns and tons of hiking areas (with or without waterfalls capable of hiding a couple’s…um, outdoor activities). Because I live in the metro-Atlanta area, it’s just about an hour’s drive to the mountains, so hubby and I are up there a lot during the summer. We especially enjoy poking around in the shops of Helen, which remade itself into a German-themed town in the 1970s to draw in visitors.

A river runs through Helen and, on hot summer days, buses loaded with excited kids and sweaty parents make their way up the twisting mountain roads, dragging huge trailers full of colorful pink and green inner tubes behind them. Several restaurants line the river and we enjoy eating lunch in the shade overlooking the water, while watching masses of inner tubes float down the creek like flamboyant jewels.

Because the river is shallow and rocky, lots of people get hung up on their way downstream. They have to use sticks and branches to push themselves off the rocks. It can be hilarious to see people tip over and come up dripping, only to find out they were just stuck in knee-deep water. My characters, Beau and Jenna, have a scene in the book where they watch the tubers before taking the float trip together. After they come back, soaked through, it leads to a little…indoor activity.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt below.


You don’t always get a second chance on your first love.

Jenna Carmichael played it safe all her life, except once in college when she gambled on love and experienced heartbreak. Now she’s ready to nurture a new spark of defiance and fight for the kind of relationship she deserves.

Beau Davis is back from the Air Force and ready to settle down, but he’s still carrying a torch for his former college sweetheart.

When Jenna and Beau are reunited, will they be willing to risk everything for a second chance at love?


Beau grinned and dunked the bandana in the water again, then draped the dripping fabric over his head. “Man, it is hot today.” He gestured toward the people floating down the creek. “I wouldn’t mind joining them. I don’t even have to have a tube. Here, Jenna, you go first and tell me how it is….”

A quick jolt shot through Jenna when he grabbed her with muscular arms and dragged her toward the stream. “No, I’m not dressed for it,” she shrieked through her giggles. “Beau, stop, I’m not wearing a bathing suit.”

He snorted. “Typical girl. Always has to be dressed properly for every occasion.” He stopped short of the water’s edge, acting like he was going to throw her in.

She had no choice but to fling her arms around his neck. Wrapping one tanned leg around his thigh, she clung to him tightly. “If you toss me in, I’m taking you with me.” Jenna loved how his eyes crinkled with laughter when he gave her one more, gentle shove toward the water. Shrieking again, she clutched at his shoulders.

He yanked her back against his hard chest at the last second before she fell in, then tightened his arms in a hug. In an instant, the laughter faded from her lips, replaced by a flash of desire. Jenna ran her hands lightly over his shoulders, releasing a long sigh of appreciation. She traced her fingers along the outstretched wings of his eagle tattoo and down over his powerful biceps, then slid her arms around his waist.

Beau groaned and bent his mouth to hers. His kiss was so intense, she was sure it would set the grass around them on fire. For a moment, she forgot everything except her mounting hunger. Then, the squealing laughter of a child broke the spell and he pulled back.

Jenna shook her head slightly to clear the haze of passion he’d ignited. She reached for his hand, not entirely sure her wobbly legs would hold her.

He kissed her cheek. “After that, I think we both need a cold shower, but since we don’t have one nearby, let’s go tubing.”

I told you, I’m not dressed for it.”

The hotel room is right up the road from the float trip landing. In this heat, I guarantee you’ll be dry by the time we walk back. Besides, if we go back to the room to change clothes, I’m pretty sure we can cross off the rest of the day.” His voice was husky with unspoken possibilities.

Beau’s words sent Jenna’s heart rate spiking again. It was so tempting to consider spending the day in bed with him. River tubing could hardly compare, but they’d have all night together. Plus, now that summer had truly kicked in, it was hot, even under the trees. “All right, you’ve convinced me. But, I expect to collect on your promise later.”

Her heart did a little dance at the image of just how she would collect from him.

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Robin Michaela has been reading romances since her teen years, when she first snuck her aunt’s copy of The Flame and the Flower, by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

She’s married to her own Handsome Prince (a military airman) and has lived everywhere from the sunny shores of Florida to the wild crags of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She currently resides in the Deep South. By day, she’s a dental hygienist and by night, Robin can be found eating chocolate, training for her next half marathon, and crafting her next novel (although not necessarily in that order).

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