Tuesday, May 9, 2017

An attraction that cannot be denied (@AuthorACRose #art #virginity #giveaway)

Stay After Class cover


A passionate professor. A smitten student. An attraction that cannot be denied.

Amanda Slade has a major crush on her sexy art professor and wants his help with an important extracurricular activity: Project VirgEnd.

Professor Jem Nichols knows falling for his beautiful student is a bad idea but he just can't say goodbye as the semester ends. But the professor refuses to hastily take her virtue. Instead, he wants to slowly teach her the most important lessons of lovemaking. As she experiences first-time pleasures and passions, love blooms.

By the time they're done, he'll know every inch of her body. But as her deadline for deflowerment looms, will the professor be the one to take Amanda all the way? This is a sweet yet steamy love story.

Excerpt: Amanda and the Professor Meet

As he sauntered over I couldn’t help noticing how well put together he was—neat jeans, tucked in white shirt, ankle high leather boots. And when he turned to face me his good looks were almost distracting. I paused to study the distinct line of his square jaw and dark layered hair that stopped just above the collar. His features came together to create a perfectly handsome face.

It wasn’t like me to fall for good looks, but I was mesmerized. Just as I was about to snap his photo, his eyes found mine. My breath hitched. It was like he was looking into me. I’d come to ignore most men over the years, from looking in the other direction to flat out telling them to buzz off. But suddenly my heart beat faster than I knew it could.

Smile,” I said, managing to get back to the reason he was here. “That’s if you want to, of course. Scowls are permitted too.”

He laughed.

I’m going for the smile,” he said, showing his teeth. “Not difficult to do at all, with you as a muse.”

I usually shut down vaguely flirty comments immediately, but suddenly, I could barely breathe. As soon as he smiled, I snapped the shutter three times, even though I only needed to do it twice. One photo went on his card, one went in his file, and one was going into my psychology textbook, so I could look at him at my leisure without him seeing me gawk. What had come over me?

About the Author

A.C. Rose is a sex and love journalist who also loves to write very steamy romance books.

As a former editor of an iconic women’s magazine, sexy stories and beautiful men have long been her beat.

She has written extensively on sexuality, relationships, female desire, and the “kissing book” industry.

Has real life provided fodder for her fictional worlds? She’ll never tell.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), Passionate Ink (PI), and the Author’s Guild (AG).

Connect with A.C. Rose here:

E-mail: acrose [at] acroseauthor [dot] net

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jodi marinich said...

thank you for the chance

Unknown said...

Thank you to BEYOND ROMANCE for hosting and for sharing STAY AFTER CLASS with readers. I wish you a great day! Blessings, A.C.

pansypetal said...

Yes! The co-ed/prof trope is among my favorites. But why does she have to be a virgin? That takes off points for me. *sigh* The except sounds fun though so will give it a look. Thank you. aka Becky

Unknown said...

Hi PansyPetal. I thought it would be fun to write a virgin, so that everything could be new to her and he could teach her about love. I have to remember FAR FAR back to my first everything!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, AC,

Thanks so much for being my guest, and especially, for coming by to chat with my readers. I hope your tour is going really well.

orelukjp0 said...

Stay After Class sounds like a great read. Good luck on your tour.

orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

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