Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recipe for Arousal ( #chilipeppers #sex #rawsilk)

Chili peppers

Hungry. Ravenous.

Craving. Appetite.

Nibble. Taste. Savor. Devour.

Replete. Satisfied. Satiated.

Ever notice that we use the same words to talk about sex and food? Of course, both are fundamental needs, rooted deep in our animal selves. I suppose that eating is in some sense more basic than fucking, since one can live without the latter (albeit miserably) but not the former. Who can say, though, which offers the greater pleasure?

And sex and food definitely complement each other. A delicious candlelight dinner makes a fine preamble to an evening of lascivious delights. Oysters, olives, strawberries, grapes, chile peppers and chocolate are all reputed to enhance sexual energy and enjoyment. Who hasn't fantasized about being smothered in whipped cream and licked clean by his or her lover? (Unfortunately this turns out to be far more sticky and uncomfortable than erotic – trust me! - but it's an enjoyable image nevertheless.)

Furthermore, we treat our lovers like food. Taste, texture and smell all contribute to the recipe for arousal. We bite, slurp, suck at, and swallow one another.


I haven't written too many tales that directly mingle food and sex, but I do love to describe what my characters are eating as the tension rises. My heroes tend to be as skilled in the kitchen as in the bedroom. I do have one scene, thoughthe “famous” (or infamous!) chili pepper scene from Raw Silkin which food plays a major role.

Shall I give you a little taste?

Somtow was talking about Thai cuisine, the two thousand royal dishes and the hundreds of other‘country-style’ recipes. Suddenly, it seemed, he noticed her looking at his body. She blushed a little. He said nothing, but reached across the table to pick up a bowl of raw chilies.

Did you know, Katherine, that Thai chilies are considered to be among the hottest in the world?” He picked up a bright green pod between his thumb and forefinger, and raised it to his mouth. Instead of eating it, however, he ran the pepper across his lips, almost as if applying lipstick. Then he leaned forward, and kissed Kate lightly.

The chili oil made her lips tingle and burn. “Mmm,” she murmured, as she returned the kiss with enthusiasm. She felt him untying her sarong. Then his lips captured her nipples again, first the left then the right.

She was not prepared for the sensations that assaulted her as the pungent oil touched her skin. The nubs were still hard, sensitized from her recent arousal. They burned and throbbed, almost painful, as Somtow deliberately anointed them with the remnants of the pepper. The near-pain was overwhelmed by the pleasure, though, as a delicious warmth radiated out across her breasts.

Oh…!” She sighed, closing her eyes and savoring the heat. “That’s incredible.”

As you may imagine, my hero does not limit his attentions to my heroine's breasts...

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