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Love should never be a bed of roses…( @JamiGrayAuthor #flawedcharacters #suspense #pnr )

Marked by Obsession cover

By Jami Gray (Guest Blogger)

Do you carry a teeny tiny bit of conspiracy theorist in your tucked away psyche? Love a good romance with flawed couples? Are you addicted to the heart-pounding ride of unexpected twists?

Yeah, me too.

I started my PSY-IV Teams series because I wanted to combine my fascination with psychic phenomena, suspense, and romance. As an avid reader, I tend to read a great deal outside of my chosen fiction genres. One particular book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John D. Marks, followed the history of behavioral science and the CIA, and helped sparked the idea. After finishing that book, I moved on to The Psychopath Next Door and a few others (which now that I’m reading this I’ll refrain from listing since…um, yeah, my research library of non-fiction titles would be scary to an outsider).

Marked by Obsession is the third book in my Paranormal Romantic Suspense series. The PSY-IV Teams was unlike my Urban Fantasy series (The Kyn Kronicles) and proved a bit more of a challenge when I first started it. Although the series centers around ex-military psychics, no demons (real, physical ones), werewolves or other creatures who go bump in the night, exist in this world, my characters have to face the demons of their past, the nightmares they’ve survived, and navigate the ravages of life. It makes for a rather bumpy ride.

I was adopted at 14, so I find my main characters tend to bring their own baggage. Since I firmly believe that you have two choices when life starts putting you through the wringer, stand up or fall down, my women (and men) tend to stand up, even if they’re weaving on their feet, faces bruised and battered.

Without further ado, I give you Wolf and Meli from Marked by Obsession…

Some betrayals hide behind love, others obsession...

The loss of her beloved brother and a series of unexplained events plunges Meli Dwyer into a dangerously unfamiliar reality. Alone and floundering, she turns to the sexy and unsettling Wolf Kincaid, PSY-IV Team’s skilled telepath, for help even as her battered heart whispers to steer clear of a man more dangerous than what hunts her.
Will Meli find the answers to her personal nightmare before one man’s obsession costs her the heart of another?

Want a quick tease?

A flash of something came and went in those sea-glass eyes. “You don’t like accepting help, do you?”

What’s that supposed to mean?”

I’m not talking in tongues, here. It means exactly what I said.” He cocked his head, his face unreadable. “Why are you picking a fight with me, Meli?”

His question made me pause, and I sat back. Why was I picking a fight? Wolf and Bishop were only trying to help, and getting Rabbit to uncover the details behind Eric’s death might give us a clue as to what waited in the safety deposit box. Or maybe, it would just raise more questions. And there it was, “I think I’m scared of what you’ll find.” Saying it out loud didn’t do a darn thing to diminish the dread lodged like a weight in my gut.

Wolf leaned forward, one arm stretching across the table until he could cover my hand fisted next to my plate. “Why?”

Such a soft question to land so hard. The fears chasing themselves in my head were so disloyal, but there was no escaping the logic. Whatever Eric was involved in was at my front door, and there was no outrunning it now. I raised my head and met him head on, even though the words choked me. “During the last year, Eric changed. He was darker, harder than before, and worried. If this is tied to him, or what was haunting him, and it killed him, how do I fight it?”

His grip tightened. “You’re not doing it alone, angel. I won’t let you.”

The solemn depth to his words triggered another fear, even as shame scrambled underneath. As much as I’d love to stand alone, keeping everyone else safe, I couldn’t, I didn’t have the necessary skills to navigate this dangerous new road. But I couldn’t bear it if this man was hurt because of me, because of the trouble I brought. “Don’t stand in front of me, Wolf.”

His thumb brushed back and forth along my wrist, his gaze never wavering. “I can’t walk away. I won’t, so don’t ask.”

I shook my head vehemently because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I wouldn’t survive whatever was coming without him. “Beside me, stand beside me.” It came out rough and aching.

His smile was brilliant and fierce. “That I can do.”

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Jami Gray is the award winning, multi-published author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, and the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. She can be soothed with coffee and chocolate. Surrounded by Star Wars obsessed males and two female labs moonlighting as the Fur Minxes, she escapes by playing with the voices in her head.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Welcome back to Beyond Romance, Jami!

You're really manage to capture some subtle aspects of character in your short excerpt.

"Such a soft question to land so hard." What a great line!

Hope the book does really well.

Jami Gray said...

Awww, thanks, Lisabet. And thanks again for letting me come pop in for a visit! Happy Saturday, all!

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