Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Snog for Italy: The Ingredients of Bliss (#charity #disaster #giveaway)


This past Wednesday, a devastating earthquake struck a rural area in the mountainous Abruzzo region of Italy. Over 250 people are confirmed dead, while thousands have been left homeless. The centuries-old stone buildings in Amatrice and surrounding towns simply crumbled to rubble in the shock. Reconstruction is expected to take years.

My Sunday Snog today is dedicated to helping those affected by this disaster. I don’t have any stories set in Italy (got to remedy that!) so I’m giving you a sexy kiss or two from my French-themed erotic romance The Ingredients of Bliss.

Check out my excerpt below, then leave me a comment telling me what you think. For each comment I receive, I will donate one dollar to the Italian Red Cross for reconstruction.

In addition, I will randomly choose one person who comments to receive a free copy of this full length novel!

You can donate, too. Just go here:

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One sexy French chef. One kinky American TV producer. One ambitious Chinese gal who thinks she wants them both. The ingredients of bliss? Or a recipe for disaster?

Emily?Harrys voice boomed through the corridors, as if in answer to my thoughts.

In here. In Dant├Ęs cell.

Harry had to duck to get through the low doorway.Ah. I should have figured Id find you in a dungeon.He smelled of sunscreen, sweat and musk. Like Pavlovs dog, I started to get wet in response to the familiar stimulus.

I fought my rising need.Hi, Harry. I was just about the head back…”

Before I could stop him, he’d clasped me to his chest. “I missed you, love.” He buried his nose in my wind-tousled hair, breathing deep then nibbled my ear. “You smell delicious.”

I tried to untangle myself from his arms.I need a shower.My laugh sounded hollow.

That’s why you smell so good. No, actually that’s not true. You always smell good. One whiff of your magic scent and I’m hard as a rock.”

He wasn’t lying. His erection prodded my belly as he ran his hands over my curves and burrowed into the crook of my neck.

Too bad there aren’t any iron rings or bars. You’d look so fetching, shackled to the dungeon wall.”

Harry, come one. Be serious!Once more I struggled against his embrace, without success. He only held me tighter. He was far stronger than I. My stomach did a dizzy little flip at this realization.Theyre probably waiting for us…”

He left off his nuzzling and gazed into my eyes. In the dim cell, his were full of shadows. “Let them wait. And I am serious, Emily. I’ve never been more serious in my life.”

I couldnt avoid the kiss. Honestly, I didnt want to. His mouth sealed itself to mine and his tongue forced my lips apart, claiming me. Lust roared through me, unleashed by the ferocity of his oral conquest. I tasted the sugary residue of his soft drink, the mint of his toothpaste, residual garlic and herbs from the ratatouille. His assertive male odor surrounded me, the essence of pure sex. I opened to him and let him take me. I had no choice.

He didnt fondle my breasts or pinch my bottom or insinuate his fingers into my drenched knickers. He did nothing but kiss me, pouring every ounce of feeling into that mouth-to-mouth connection. Without the slightest stimulation, aside from his taste and smell, the firmness of his lips and the probing of his tongue, I found myself trembling on the verge of climax. Irresistible power flowed from him, overwhelming me. Helpless, lost and grateful, I let myself go.

He understood what he was doing to me. He felt my last resistance crumble. My plans, my qualms, my logic all came to nothing when faced with the intensity of his desire. And as I surrendered, the kiss changed.

Now he sipped at my mouth rather than swallowing me whole. His tongue feathered over my lips, coaxing me to let him enter. He breathed into me, warm and sweet, gentle as drifting clouds on a spring day. Holding me close, so close I could feel the heartbeat under his sweat-damp shirt, he bathed me in his devotion.

My sex still tingled and sparked, but now some other sensation swelled in my chest, a rare joy that seemed on the edge of triggering both laughter and tears.
I love you, Emily.His voice was rough velvet, his lips moist against my cheek.More than I can ever say. More than I know what to do with.

Tell him, my rational self whimpered, weaker by the instant. Tell him youre leaving, before its too late.

I raised my face to his and offered him my mouth, and the truth.

I love you, too.”


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K D Grace said...

Great post, great snog for a worthy cause. I'm spreading the word.

KD xx

E. Ayers said...

Hello, dear friend, this is a wonderful thing you are doing! My hubby went to high school in Italy because his father was there on business for several years. Italy might seem far away but these people are like you, me, and everyone else! And the Red Cross is always there in times of disaster.

That snippet is quite, um, hot without being much more than suggestive. :-) Oh, the places the mind goes. But there's something about those wonderful kisses!

Unknown said...

Hot and wow I want more... Fantastic cause also.

Victoria Blisse said...

What a beautiful thing to do. Thank you!

Barb Caffrey said...

A great cause and an interesting warm snippet to start off Sunday...excellent! Sharing to let other folks know.

Debby said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. It is very sad for Italy and thanks for the link to donate.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Leela Atherton said...

My husband is Italian, so we're both feeling quite sad and stunned right now. Thank you for the sensual snippet and the thoughtful gesture.

Unknown said...

A sensual delight! And you are doing a wonderful thing for the people of Italy. Thanks also for the link to the Italian Red Cross. Mairead D.

Kenn Dahll said...

Great idea to help Italy.

Unknown said...

A sensual delight! And you are doing a wonderful thing for the people of Italy. Thanks also for the link to the Italian Red Cross. Mairead D.

momofemmett said...

Thank you for your wonderful contributions. I'm going to add this to my Twitter and FB, and pray it finds a lot of people who will not only comment, but will donate. Thanks for the URL to do more!

Colleen C. said...

You are always such a generous soul! Enjoyed today's snog!

Rachelle21 said...

Thank you for your donation.

Kristine *chaos* said...

This is such a lovely thing you are doing for the people of Italy. I enjoyed the excerpt. Happy Sunday

KristineLR23 (AT) gmail (dot) com

Jill James said...

Wonderful cause. Spreading the word for you.

Rose B. Thorny said...

It's a good thing you're doing, Lisabet, kind and generous.


bn100 said...

nice cause to support

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your excerpt and the twist. That made it. Thank you for your donations for those victims families and the other survivors.

Unknown said...

I'd love a copy of the novel. I can be reached at



Anonymous said...

Enticing sample for an unbeatable cause!

Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

Fiona McGier said...

Wow, lady, can you write hot or what? The more of your stuff I read, the more I want to read! Excellent snog!

Jean Roberta said...

What a cliffhanger! This is a great scene- self-contained, but suspenseful.

Suz de said...

I love Italy and am heartsick over the devastation :(

Daddy X said...

During the 90's Momma X and I lived in Italy for a month- 6 weeks a year for 7 years at her publishing job. Learned to love the Italian people and their gracious ways. Good thing you're doing here, Lisabet. Oh, yes. And BTW thanx for the boner. :>)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks so much to everyone who commented! I'll round up and send $25 to the Red Cross. Not a huge sum, I know, but I do believe that every bit counts.

As for my winner, congratulations are in order to Jill! I'll be contacting you about your copy of The Ingredients of Bliss.

A big round of hugs!

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