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Two Bargains! Which should you buy? (#99cents #bdsm #erotic)

Today, March 8th, happens to be the one day when the promo price deals for my two new releases overlap. Today you can snag both The Gazillionaire and the Virgin and Raw Silk for only 99 cents! The deal for Raw Silk ends today. The G&V price drop just started yesterday.

Since these are both full length novels, they’re both bargains at less than a buck. So which one should you choose?

That depends on what you’re looking for and what you like. In this blog post, I’ll try to help you make a decision! Tell me what you enjoy most in a book, and I’ll give you my recommendation.

I like a book that transports me to another world, where the author chooses a distinctive setting and makes it come alive

Raw Silk is definitely the book for you. It’s set in exotic Thailand, around the turn of the millennium. In fact, that country is almost another character. Gorgeous Thai landscapes and sensual Thai culture tempt my heroine Kate into sexual explorations she’d never consider in her home town of Boston. As Kathleen Bradean says in her review, The Bangkok setting is fascinating and adds to the overall feeling of opulent sensuality. Lisabet Sarai deftly shows the country without ever letting the descriptions take over the story.

I like a book that focuses on the developing love between the main characters.

Both books provide HEAs where the heroine enters a committed relationship with the hero. However, G&V is a more traditional romance, chronicling all the steps (and missteps) in Rachel’s and Theo’s journey towards love. As Lola White wrote on Goodreads , “I was completely drawn into this relationship, and the relationship IS the story. The connection Rachel and Theo build between them is vividly portrayed, beautiful and well-written, poignant in some ways and hot enough to melt the pages in others.”

I like a book with a complex, well-designed plot.

Raw Silk has a far more detailed plot than G&V, with many more minor characters. In G&V, the main plot arc relates to the protagonists’ learning to trust one another. Compared to Raw Silk, most of the action is private and internal.

I like a book where the characters have wild sexual adventures.

You should read Raw Silk. I promise you’ll need a cold shower after each chapter! Not that G&V is tame, mind you—it includes pretty much every variation on MF sex—but Raw Silk has MM and FF scenes, MMFF and MMMF ménage, voyeurism, public sex, sex involving toys and inanimate objects...well, I think you get the picture. It’s rated triple-X.

I like BDSM romance.

Both novels explore the development of BDSM-flavored relationships, but their tones are very different. The kink in Raw Silk is more extreme, and perhaps less realistic. Gregory has many years experience as a Dom. He pushes Kate hard, subjecting her to trials of obedience that might make some readers uncomfortable—though she gives her eager consent to it all. As is typical of many BDSM romances, Kate’s a novice when it comes to power exchange, but she discovers in herself a “natural” desire to submit.

In G&V, Theo is a natural Dom with lots of imagination but little practical experience. And since Rachel is used to being boss outside the bedroom, she sometimes ends up topping from below.

It really depends on what pushes your buttons. The kink in Raw Silk is probably closer to what you’re used to if you’ve read other BDSM erotic romance. G&V turns a lot of the BDSM romance clichés on their heads. On the other hand, to quote Kayla Lord’s review of G&V: "Do I recommend this one? Oh hell yeah. Realistic D/s with hot as hell kinky sex? Yes, please!"

I like alpha heroes.

Get yourself a copy of Raw Silk. Though I’d never read any romance when I wrote this novel, Gregory is the classic alpha—tall, muscular, powerful, domineering, an expert in the sexual arts, mysterious and a bit closed, emotionally. Theo from G&V, on the other hand, is an anti-alpha. He’s nerdy, insecure, socially awkward—and a virgin! I’ll tell you a secret, though. These days I’m more drawn to someone like Theo than someone like Gregory.

I like feisty heroines.

Both books feature smart, independent, sexually confident young women, so there’s not a lot of basis for choice with regard to this criterion. In fact, they both have curly red hair! (A fantasy favorite of mine.) Both are submissive. Neither is in any way a doormat.

I look for well-written, well-edited prose.

I can promise you that you won’t have to wade through typos and grammatical errors in either story. To be honest, I think G&V is the better written of the two books. This isn’t surprising, considering that Raw Silk was my first novel—although I revised it quite thoroughly for this release, as well as penning a whole new chapter. G&V, on the other hand, represents the pinnacle of my fifteen years experience writing erotic romance. I have enough confidence now to do things I wouldn’t have dared do (from a literary perspective) when I first started writing.

Which should you choose?

Well, of course, you could buy both! Less than two dollars for five hundred pages of erotic romance goodness... how could you go wrong?

To help you out, I’ve included buy links below. And if you do decide to buy one over the other, I’d love for you to leave a comment, telling me why!

Buy Links – Raw Silk

Amazon US

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Barnes & Noble

Totally Bound

All Romance

Buy Links – The Gazillionaire and the Virgin

Amazon US

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