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Love from the Dust (#historical #erotic #romance)

By Lola White (Guest Blogger)
The 1930s was a difficult time for most people living in America. For those in the western and Midwest states, the Great Depression was compounded by terrible dust storms, brought on by drought, which led to famine. People left the Dust Bowl in droves, because the land their families had occupied for generations no longer lent them a sense of hope.

Women were forced to knead bread in dresser drawers to prevent dirt from being on the menu. Men worked in dusty conditions that had them choking behind the handkerchiefs they tied around their faces. Children walked miles through the driving grit to get to schools in danger of collapsing under the weight of the wind. The government began initiatives that may have done more harm than good and creditors fought loan forgiveness all the way to the Supreme Court. These were dark days.

The Double O Saga is all about hope, though. In the face of great challenges, insurmountable obstacles, the O’Neal family holds tight to their hope, and in the process finds love. In Audacious Audit, Opal O’Neal hass been abandoned or betrayed by every man in her life, has taken on the responsibility of single-handedly raising her young nephew and is left the burden of dealing with her family’s broken-down ranch, The Double O. She’s a fighter and she doesn’t trust anyone, but Sam Hollister, the bank auditor, is determined to gain her heart, no matter the danger to himself. And there is danger—in the swirling grit of the Dust Bowl’s worst storm, the loss of all Opal holds dear seems inevitable, unless she risks trusting a man, one last time.


She has little choice—she swore she’d never trust a man again, but she needs his help.

Opal O’Neal doesn’t trust any man. Since her brother’s death and her husband’s departure, she’s been raising her nephew alone, standing on her own two feet as years of drought have left the Double O on the verge of foreclosure. She’s struggling to stay a step ahead of utter ruin, and an investigation by a Home Loan Bank Board auditor is the last thing she needs.

Samuel Hollister is diligent about going over all of Opal’s paperwork, but he’d rather go over all of Opal. Living in the Dust Bowl, she’s a feisty woman who’s been keeping body and soul together through sheer force of will during the Depression, earning Sam’s respect and fostering his desire to help however he can.

The fight for Opal’s rights against foreclosure can’t compare to the burdens of Mother Nature, though. When the biggest storm the region’s ever seen descends on the Double O and puts her nephew in danger, Opal has no choice but to place her trust in Sam—something she’s sworn she’d never do.

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Hers was a simple goal. She would take Samuel Hollister into her body, find pleasure and give it in return, and make the memories she would savor long into her lonely future. And she would not give him a piece of herself that he could break, like all the other men she’d known had done.

With that in mind, Opal took control. She climbed onto the bed on her knees, and threw one leg over Sam’s waist. His big hands came up to catch her hips, kneading a moment before sliding over her ass and up her back as he urged her toward his chest.

She complied because she didn’t want to hear any more of his words on marriage or commitments. She could see the arguments forming in his gaze, in the tension infusing his features, and it sent a thrum of anxiety to interrupt her lust. She refused to let it. She brushed her breasts over Sam’s chest and fastened her mouth to his, just to lock his words away.

Lips met and clung. Opal ravished his mouth. She kissed him deeply, tongues tangling in mindless carnality, her emotions as firmly locked away as she could make them. Purely physical, she surged forward, thrust and parried for nothing more than her enjoyment.

She sensed Sam’s shock. She tasted the moment when he tried to take the control away from her, but she shredded his attention with the simple act of aligning her wet folds to his rigid dick and arching until his mouth went acquiescent beneath hers again. She slid her body against his, took a single minute to appreciate the rasp of his chest hair against her nipples and gripped his head to angle him for an even deeper kiss.

He filled the space between her legs perfectly. His thick length spread her folds and rubbed over her clit with every rock of her hips. Sam’s heat radiated up into Opal’s body, spreading shivering tendrils of sensation down her legs and up her spine. Already primed from her midnight ponderings, her pussy grew wet enough to turn his cock slippery in just a few thrusts.

Sam’s hands impressed her spine as they slid back down toward her ass. He gripped her and hauled her closer as she rolled her hips, then his fingers descended between her cheeks, reaching far enough to find her pussy and tease the entrance. Opal shivered as he slid two fingertips just inside her body.

Her control threatened to crack. She gasped into his mouth and fought to maintain their kiss as he played with her. A single minute of feeling his fingers penetrate her body was too much for her, and she jerked away from his hands. Levering up onto her knees, her ass raised and head lowered so she could continue their wild kiss, Opal groped blindly for his dick and dragged him to her entrance.

Once he was notched in place, she had to pause to get her bearings. She pulled back from their kiss and licked over his lips, eyes closed to feel and savor, to burn the sensation of his thick crest parting her and barely pressing into her onto the pages of her memory for all time. Inner muscles clenched in anticipation as she waited a moment more, then lowered herself onto his dick.


Shh.” She licked Sam’s lower lip. “Just feel me all around you.”

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