Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Snog #196: Fire in the Blood

Just a few weeks until Halloween! I figured it’s time to bring out the spooks, so today I’ve got a brand new excerpt from my M/M/F vampire ménage, Fire in the Blood. This dark, sexy romance, set in Jamaica, may be just what you need to get into the mood.

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Oh, and I’m giving away a copy of this book over at Jessie Clever’s blog: I’ll draw the winner later this week.

Anyway, here’s the snog, a bit of intense orality that takes place the morning after Madeleine’s and Troy’s encounter with the vampire Etienne.

Ruby light danced on Madeleine’s closed eyelids, teasing her awake. She resisted the call of the morning, grasping at voluptuous images that skittered away like the little lizards on the bungalow walls. She had dreamt—something marvellous and sensual, full of magic. If only she could bring it back…

The visions fled, though, leaving only the emotions—awe and longing. She sighed and opened her eyes to the sunlight streaming in the window. The warm beams gilded her bare skin. She stretched luxuriously, deliciously aware of every sensation—the fine cotton of the sheets under her buttocks, the breeze from the ceiling fan tickling her nipples, the sweetness of tropical blossoms hanging in the morning air.

Troy sprawled beside her on the bed, as naked as she was. His beauty made her chest ache. One arm lay across his eyes, as though he was trying to keep out the sun. He appeared to be asleep, but he was fully erect. His sleek cock reared up towards the ceiling, trembling with the small motions of his breathing.

Sudden hunger overwhelmed her. She had to taste him. She couldn’t wait. She scrambled onto his body, her face in his groin and her ass in the air. Troy shuddered when she flicked her tongue across the taut bulb. When she pulled his whole length into her eager mouth, he moaned.

Maddy, baby…Ah…”

She buried her nose in his pubic hair, drinking in the musk of his night-time sweat. He tasted salty, with a faint metallic tang that was oddly exciting. She swirled her tongue around the rock-like shaft then turned on the suction. He gave a hoarse groan and jerked his pelvis, forcing his cock down her throat.

It was just what she wanted. She swallowed him, opening wide and taking him deeper than seemed possible. The blood swelling his organ pulsed against her tongue as she held him for motionless for a long moment. The sensation drove her wild. Her lips pursed in a tight ‘O’, she worked her head up and down, licking, sucking, nipping at his tender flesh until he was thrashing beneath her.

Maddy’s pussy throbbed in time with the cock she was devouring. Her thighs straddled Troy’s chest. She crouched down, bringing her spread sex closer to her lover’s face. He understood immediately what she wanted. A muscular wetness stroked its way between her lower lips. She trembled, her moan vibrating around Troy’s cock. Firm hands gripped her rear cheeks, holding her open. An impossibly long tongue swept through her folds and across her aching clit. She dove down into Troy’s crotch, gnawing at his flesh as he consumed hers.


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Susan Arden said...

Very very hot!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Susan!

A reviewer called this book "a dark philosopher's tale". It's very appropriate for Halloween.

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