Sunday, October 11, 2015

Celebration Snog for Good (#195): Raw Silk

Today’s Sunday Snog is very special, Victoria’s 200th (and my 195th...I’m not that far behind!) It’s also the lovely Ms. Blisse’s birthday. To celebrate, she has organized a “Smut for Good” event. Each of the participating authors is donating to Action Against Hunger. Then we’re posting either food or celebration related kiss excerpts.

If you want to get into the spirit of this event, why not make your own donation? Just click here:

My excerpt is one of the most outrageous I’ve ever written, from my first novel Raw Silk. (New, expanded edition coming early next year!) Savor it...then head back to to sample more tasty Sunday treats!

Happy Birthday, Victoria!! 

Come, have something to eat. I hope that you enjoy spicy food.

Definitely. At home they say that it is because of my red hair.

Somtow ran his fingers through her curls.I see. So perhaps red hair is associated also with hot blood?

Try this, then.He offered her a plate of raw papaya salad. She recognised this as one of the spiciest dishes available from Thai restaurants at home, but was not prepared for the stunning effects this version had on her tongue.

Goodness!she said, taking a spoonful of the coconut rice that normally accompanied this dish, to dampen the fires in her mouth.I thought that I could handle hot food!They both laughed.

Somtow opened another bottle of wine and refilled their glasses. They continued to nibble on the exotic delicacies he had provided, sitting half-naked on the cushions in the balmy night.

Kate found her gaze drawn again and again to his smooth, muscular chest. The folds of the sarong around his waist hid his penis from her eyes. She wondered what he would do if she reached down to touch him, as she longed to do.

Somtow was talking about Thai cuisine, the two thousand royal dishes and the hundreds of other,country-stylerecipes. Suddenly, it seemed, he noticed her looking at his body. She blushed a little. He said nothing, but reached across the table to pick up a bowl of raw chillies.

Did you know, Katherine, that Thai chillies are considered to be among the hottest in the world?He picked up a bright green pod between his thumb and forefinger, and raised it to his mouth. Instead of eating it, however, he ran the pepper across his lips, almost as if applying lipstick. Then he leaned forward, and kissed Kate lightly.

The chilli oil made her lips tingle and burn.Mmm,she murmured, as she returned the kiss with enthusiasm. She felt him untying her sarong. Then his lips captured her nipples again, first the left, then the right.

She was not prepared for the sensations that assaulted her as the pungent oil touched her skin. The nubs were still hard, sensitised from her recent arousal. They burned and throbbed, almost painful, as Somtow deliberately anointed them with the remnants of the pepper. The near-pain was overwhelmed by the pleasure, though, as a delicious warmth radiated out across her breasts.

Oh...!She sighed, closing her eyes and savouring the heat.Thats incredible.

A light touch between her legs caused her to open her eyes. Somtow had another chilli in his fingers, brilliant red this time. With one hand, he parted her lower lips. Then, holding her open, he began to stroke the rigid little pepper against her equally rigid clitoris.

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Fab excerpt, and happy 'nearly' 200th birthday to you Lisbet :)

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