Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Snog #173: Rajasthani Moon

My kiss today comes from Rajasthani Moon, my multi-genre steampunk opus. I happened on the passage while I was trying to decide what to read at the Smut By The Sea event in two weeks.

In case you’ve forgotten the plot line of novel, here’s the blurb:

Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman with a mission.

Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent extraordinaire, is a woman on a mission. When the remote Indian kingdom of Rajasthan refused to remit its taxes to the Empire, Her Majesty imposed an embargo. Deprived of the energy-rich mineral viridium, essential for modern technology and development, Rajasthan was expected to quickly give in and resume its payments. Yet after three years, the rebellious principality still has not knuckled under. Cecily undertakes the difficult journey to that rugged, arid land in order to determine just how it has managed to survive, and if possible to convince the country to return to the Empire’s embrace. Instead, she’s taken captive by a brigand, who turns out to be the ruler’s half-brother Pratan, and delivered into the hands of the sexy but sadistic Rajah Amir, who expertly mingles torture and delight in his interrogation of the voluptuous interloper.

Cursed before birth by Amir’s jealous mother, Pratan changes to a ravening wolf whenever the moon is full. Cecily uncovers the counter-spell that can reverse the effects of the former queen’s hex and tries to trade that information for her freedom. Drawn to the fierce wolf-man and sympathising with his suffering, she volunteers to serve as the sacrifice required by the ritual—offering her body to the beast. In return, the Rajah reveal Rajasthan’s amazing secret source of energy. In the face of almost impossible odds, Cecily has accomplished the task entrusted to her by the Empire. But can she really bear to leave the virile half-brothers and their colourful land behind and return to the constraints of her life in England?

When you’re done with my snog, head back to Victoria’s place for more Sunday kisses!

* * * *

One day before the full moon, Amir announced the training was complete. “I’ve done what I can,” he told her, as he helped her rise from the bench. “Now it’s up to you and Pratan to bring the ritual to completion.”

Still quivering from her latest orgasm, Cecily leaned on her companion’s arm. “When will he return from the temple?”

Tomorrow morning, I believe, though I have not heard from him in several days. I’ve consulted the astronomical charts, by the way. Moonrise will occur around eight p.m. If we leave for the mountain as the sun is setting, we should arrive in plenty of time.”

We? You plan to accompany us?”

Who else will restrain the beast until the appropriate moment? Who will subdue him, if he becomes overly violent?”

Cecily had to admit this made sense. Still, despite the risks, she would have preferred to confront and couple with Pratan alone. She released a sigh that did not assuage the heaviness in her chest.

Amir swung her around to face him. “Cecily—pet—don’t worry. I’ll take care of you both.” To her astonishment, he gathered her into his arms and nuzzled her hair. “I’ve become quite fond of you,” he murmured. “And I deeply appreciate what you’re doing for Pratan, regardless of your motivations.”

Amir—Your Highness…” Cecily struggled to extricate herself from the Rajah’s embrace. “I don’t think…”

Don’t think,” he ordered, and took possession of her mouth with the same self-confident power with which he did everything else.
Cecily relaxed into the kiss. Given his lewd acquaintance with her most intimate parts, resistance seemed silly. In truth, she had to admit to herself that he felt absolutely delicious. His lips moulded to hers while his tongue slipped into her mouth with an authority that did not require force but brooked no refusal. He tasted of masala tea, cinnamon and cloves, with a tart undercurrent that might be lime. Surrender was sweet. His muscles shifted as he encircled her with his arms and drew her closer, mashing her full breasts against the rough cotton of his kurta.

The two climaxes she’d experienced during their ‘exercise’ did not stop her pussy from swelling and tingling anew, especially when he insinuated a finger between her rear cheeks and stroked her recently distended hole. “Please,” she moaned into his mouth, not really wanting more stimulation, but helpless to resist. Already her body was ramping towards orgasm, so conditioned had she become to that state in Amir’s presence.

She was grateful when he released her, rather than pressing his advantage to its ultimate conclusion. She wasn’t sure she could bear another climax.

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