Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Taking Off

By the time you read this, I'll be in the air, on my way to... well, I won't say to where, for privacy reasons (yes, they are listening!), but I will be away for about three weeks.

I've got some guests lined up for you this week and next. This coming Sunday I'm participating in Victoria Blisse's huge Hundredth Sunday Snog Hop and giving away a bookstore gift certificate. (By the way, my BDSM contest is still going on, too. See for details.) Later in the month, I've posted some reviews from my archive for you to enjoy.

Meanwhile, though, I want to let you know that Challenge to Him is now available at all your favorite online bookstores... except, at the moment, Amazon, which seems to have screwed up my listing. I'm hoping it will be sorted out in the next few days. Meanwhile you can buy the book at

Barnes and Noble
All Romance Ebooks

I should mention that if you care about your authors, you should buy direct from their publishers when possible. We get a bigger piece of the pie. And TEB, at least, can send your books direct to your ereader, whatever the brand - Kindle, Nook, Kobo or iPad.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a brand new excerpt from Challenge To Him, just to whet your appetite.

See you in a few weeks!


Olivia perched on the satin coverlet of the carved canopy bed, surveying the impossibly opulent bedroom where she had been installed. The chamber had to be at least thirty feet square, with a gilt-encrusted ceiling that soared ten feet above her head. Tall windows framed in emerald velvet looked out upon a verdant lawn that stretched to the ocean. Distant sails danced upon slate-blue waves and the breeze wafting through the open casements carried a hint of salt. The late afternoon sun sparkled among the crystal tears of the chandelier, casting shards of rainbow upon the polished oak floor. Nearer the bed, a plush Chinese carpet soothed the residual blisters on her bare feet.

She wore one of the delicate silk camisoles Andrew had selected for her as they’d passed through the town. Nothing else. The other garments he’d chosen hung in the rosewood wardrobe, all but the ball gown, which would be delivered, the dressmaker had promised, by Saturday noon.

Cocktails would be served at seven, Andrew had told her, and dinner at eight. In the meantime, he’d instructed her to await him here, in her current state of undress.

She’d never even considered disobeying.

Fingers entwined upon her lap, she breathed deeply in a struggle to calm her racing heart. Her nipples knotted against the silk, aching for stimulation. Her sex was as moist as the humid summer afternoon, her juices perhaps staining the pale green satin beneath her bare bottom. No matter. Andrew MacIntyre could afford to replace it.

Her entire body hummed with anticipation. He would be here soon, or so he’d promised, and the waiting would be over. She’d wanted this for so very long—long before she’d encountered the masterful young billionaire. They had not spoken openly of what was to come. She hoped she had not misunderstood his intentions. If she had, she’d die of embarrassment—or disappointment.

With her back to the door, she watched the snowy clouds drift and reform into fantastic shapes. Breathe. Relax. Open. She remembered perfectly, despite the years.

The hinges were soundless, but she sensed his presence as soon as he entered, the new aura of power that shimmered in the room. The lock clicked, shielding them from interruption and preventing any possibility of escape. She swallowed hard. The moment of truth had arrived.

He stood before her, silent, and she bowed her head automatically, her eyes on her clasped hands. Still, she knew he was gazing upon her near-nakedness. She felt the weight of his attention like a physical caress.

Olivia.” With one word, spoken low and sure, he claimed her. Heat rushed to her pussy and the bed cover grew damper.

Yes, sir?” It felt easy, natural—as though she’d never stopped.

On your knees, girl.” She slipped to the rug, boneless and loose already, his to command. Did he find her compliance strange? No matter. She had been right about his desires and that was all that mattered.

We’ll start slowly, this first time. Don’t be afraid.”

Afraid? The only thing that scared her was the intensity of her own dark desires.

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