Thursday, April 19, 2012

Odds and Ends of News


I have a couple of news items to share with you.

First, I got a very nice review of Hot Spell on Romance Junkies, Four Ribbons. Chrissy writes:

Lisabet Sarai’s descriptions of the nature surrounding this couple seem to blend in perfectly with the sheer eroticism of their actions

You can read the full review at:

Second, I now have the release date for Quarantine. If all goes according to plan, Total-E-Bound will publish my M/M sci fi novel on July 9th! I'm planning a big release blitz, with lots of prizes (of course), so stay tuned!

Third, I just got my first month's royalties for Just a Spanking and while I don't want to brag - I was pretty blown away. If you're one of the folks who bought the book - THANK YOU! And if you're not...well, what are you waiting for?

Finally, I'm going to be editing an charity anthology of vampire erotica and erotic romance called Coming Together: In Vein, to benefit Doctors Without Borders. I'll have the details for you soon!

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Celia Kyle said...

Yay to both Just a Spanking and In Vein... I'm pretty excited about the vamp antho. :D

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