Friday, March 2, 2012

Thank You for Sharing the Love!

Well, February is over, and so is our Coming Together blog bash. I want to thank everyone who participated - authors and readers. Personally, I'm awed by the talent of the folks who donate their time, energy and art to Coming Together. If you enjoyed the excerpts shared over the past month, I hope that you'll consider buying the volumes that pique your curiosity. They're highly affordable - and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your money isn't fattening some corporate wallet, but rather, is supporting the causes you care about.

We do have a grand prize winner from the bash. It's Juliana. Congratulations, Juliana! Meanwhile, individual authors have handed out a bunch of prizes to other participants. Hope you're enjoying them.

Finally - if you're an author of erotica or erotic romance, and you're intrigued by the Coming Together approach, drop by our website. We have several open calls for anthologies at the moment. We also have ongoing openings for single author shorts and novellas. If you've got any questions, just contact Alessia: alessia [at] We have high standards... but we'd love to have more of you doing good by being bad!

Once again, you have my gratitude.

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