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Charity Sunday for the most vulnerable - #ChildRefugees #Ukraine #CharitySunday @supportKIND

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As the war in Ukraine intensifies, it’s hard to avoid feeling helpless. What can we do to assist the victims and to foster peace?

I read this afternoon that three and a half million people have fled the country since Russia invaded. That’s almost 8% of the entire population. With their homes and their communities destroyed, their livelihoods and their lives threatened, many Ukrainian people have no choice but to escape, however they can.

Of this number, an estimated million and a half are children. As in most wars, children are the most vulnerable. Many become separated from their parents and caregivers in often tragic circumstances. I’m trying today to do what I can for these children by supporting KIND – Kids In Need of Defense – a charity that provides concrete assistance, legal assistance and advocacy for refugee and immigrant children.

Right now, KIND is working in Poland to assess the needs of these kids who are pouring into Eastern Europe, especially those who have been separated from their parents. KIND is also active in the U.S., lobbying for continued protection of Ukrainian children who have been given Temporary Protected Status. Meanwhile, between now and the 31st of March, an anonymous donor has pledged to match all donations up to a total of $100,000.

War is terrible no matter how old and cynical you may be. I shudder to think what it must be like for children to be torn from their familiar environments and sometimes from their families, huddling in crowded shelters, possibly cold and hungry, certainly frightened and lost. So for this month’s Charity Sunday, I will donate two dollars to KIND for every comment I receive – which will turn to four dollars because of the match challenge!

Meanwhile, my excerpt today has nothing whatsoever to do with my chosen cause. I’m posting a bit from my new release Alex in Tittyland: An Irreverent Erotic Fantasy. I wrote this for a creative and somewhat outrageous young man who’s a good friend of mine, and who currently is trying to deal with some serious physical handicaps. I wanted to cheer him up; as you might guess from the cover, this is not a serious book!

But it is sexy, if you like the harem genre!


Wonderland? Or wet dream?

When you’re up to your armpits in hot babes, it can be hard to tell the difference!

Alex’s life looks bleak. His basketball scholarship’s been canceled due to Covid and his foxy California girlfriend has dumped him. Now he’s stuck in Baltimore, living with his mother and working the night shift at the Shake ‘n Shop mini-mart. He’s sure he’s going to lose even that crappy job when a curvy customer in a rabbit mask takes off without paying.

Racing to catch her, he tumbles into a world of wonders, where sex organs grow on trees and horny women fawn over his endowments. Always the gentleman, Alex does his best to satisfy the lascivious inhabitants of Tittyland, even as he searches for the delectable rabbit-girl. But his quest leads him into the clutches of the sadistic and insatiable Queen of Hearts, who’s determined to first drain, then decapitate him.

Maybe Baltimore was better after all!


A bell chimed as someone opened the door, dragging him back to the here and now. “Welcome to Shake ‘n Shop!” he called out, though he couldn’t yet make out who had entered. The counter was piled high with all sorts of crap – candy and condoms, cheap phone accessories and expensive flavored water. He rose from the plastic stool where he’d been perched and craned his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the new customer.

His breath caught and his dick swelled when he did. As if she sensed his attention, she looked up from the display of salty, sugary snacks she’d been contemplating and gave him a saucy nod.

She was blonde and tiny, less than five feet tall he guessed, despite the heeled, knee-high purple boots that encased her shapely calves. Above her knees her thighs were bare, the pale skin gleaming in the fluorescent lights. Her skirt – if you could use that term for a garment so brief – was pink trimmed with white fur and did nothing to hide her generous ass. A matching halter top barely contained her bountiful tits and exposed her midriff. She must be freezing, but he saw no sign of goose bumps dotting the smooth expanse of her belly. In something like a trance, Alex noted a heart-shaped birth mark deep in her cleavage, and another, shaped like a diamond, on her naked right shoulder.

As for her face – well, you couldn’t see much of it, because of course she wore a mask – a mask that included an appliquéd pink nose with white whiskers bristling on either side. Meanwhile, a pair of elongated ears sprouted from her champagne-pale curls, furry-white lined with pink satin. Most bizarre of all, her eyes seemed to be a matching pink.

Weird contacts they have these days, Alex thought, trying to gain control of his bodily reactions. In that crazy, minimalist get-up she was ridiculously alluring. His cock swelled to enormous proportions in his loose jeans, steely and demanding, as if he hadn’t beaten off twice that morning.

Can I help you – miss?” he managed to stammer as she grabbed bags of corn puffs, pretzels and chips and tossed them on the counter.

Ring these up,” she responded, giving him a once-over that made him harder than ever. “Give me a pint of Johnnie Walker, too.”

I’m sorry, but I’ll need some ID…”

She pulled open the V of her top to expose her monumental jugs, giving him a clear view of the thick, pink nipples. “Do these look underage to you?” He couldn’t see her mouth behind the mask but her eyes smiled. “Just ‘cause I’m small doesn’t mean I’m young. Now get me my whisky, like a good little boy.”

Alex was so dumb-founded by her lush flesh that he didn’t even notice the insult. In a horny daze, he reached up to get the booze down from the shelf behind him. As he turned back to his bizarre customer, her phone chirped.

The girl – or woman – gave a cry of alarm as she studied the screen. “Oh, dear! By my ears and whiskers, I had no idea I was so late! She’ll have my head! Gotta go!” She stuffed the snacks in the satchel slung over her shoulder, then snatched the bottle out of Alex’s hand. “Sorry – I’m late!” she called back at him, already headed for the door.

Hey!” he called. “Wait! You can’t just waltz out without paying…” But the strange creature was already gone, leaving him with a legendary hard-on and the certain knowledge his boss would have his ass.

Abandoning his station behind the till, he rushed out of the store and peered desperately into the gloomy night. Half the street lights seemed to be on the fritz. A car swept by, way faster than the speed limit. He leapt backwards, too late to prevent being drenched to his knees in icy water, and watched it round the corner to his right. No pedestrians in that direction, but as he looked to his left, he made out a pale but curvy shape scampering down the road.

Stop, you thief!” he yelled. “You’re gonna get me canned!” He raced after the elusive woman, as fast as he could with his trainers slipping on the slick pavement. Despite the lack of traction, he seemed to be gaining on the rabbit-eared temptress, when all of a sudden she disappeared. “What the hell? Where—” At the location where she’d vanished, he tried to stop in order to look around, but he slid wildly, out of control.

The ground gave way underneath him. All at once, he was tumbling down a dark shaft that smelled of rotting vegetation. He barely had time to look up and see a circular cutout of night sky above him, bright in comparison to the inky blackness of the sewer, before he landed on unforgiving cement with a thump that rattled his bones and drove the breath from his lungs.

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Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Great cause, Lisabet, and so needed.

Loved your excerpt, and what a wonderful cover!

Karinski said...

Thank you for all you do! Loved the excerpt

Larry Archer said...

Great story and even greater cause. I hope the destruction of the Ukraine people's world and way of life can be stopped.

Debby said...

You find the best causes. Thanks for doing this.

Colleen C. said...

A wonderful cause

orelukjp0 said...

A truly worthy cause. I wish
the US would take in more refugees. My husband is Ukrainian and we are deeply disturbed by the one man's delusions. But most wars were caused by one delusional man. Think Hitler or Napolian or Stalin. Putins name will be forever linked to the crazy mass killers of the world.
It's such a shame so many are suffering.
Thank you for helping the innocents.

Tina Donahue said...

Another great cause. Those poor people. God, I hope the war goes in their favor.

Fiona McGier said...

Sorry I'm too late for the matching funds. But I'm happy to help donate to this cause. Thanks for letting me know about it.

And cute excerpt! Alice in Slutland? LOL!

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