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Power of the Tears cover

By Bethany Drake (Guest Author)

For those of you that know me you know I always write in the paranormal genre. I’ve written time travel and futuristic romance (under another name) and urban fantasy. I can’t seem to help it. I always have to push it a step farther. Instead of thinking about what would happen if they’re running from the law I think about what would happen if they were in the future running from a monster. It’s no surprise I came up with a werewolf world.

This werewolf series started a single title. I sat down one day, played my what if game and wondered how it would be if one of them was a werewolf. Hmm, what kind of werewolf? Definitely an alpha, they’re a lot more fun. I didn’t want to use the canon that is out there. No full moon, or silver bullets. They’re just like us but with the ability to shift. I knew I needed a strong heroine to stand up to him. Someone bright, funny and keeps him on his toes. I thought about it and decided that she’d be a 3rd degree blackbelt. She can protect herself, at least she thinks so. She also is human.

What’s next?

I love writing quest stories. I’m going to make them look for something. Something magical, something werewolfie (is that even a word or did I just create one?), something that will make my heroine balk. Put that wedge between the heroine and hero right off the bat.

When I created the idea of the Tears of the Queen I still believed this was a single title book. I was busy on another series, but the idea of the Tears stayed in the back of my mind. The Tears are a legend were tears from an alpha’s mate when he was killed fell to the ground and turned into red diamonds. If someone held all the diamonds they could turn someone from human to werewolf or werewolf to human.

I realized that the Tears could be a great catalyst for other books. As I had characters that I didn’t really want to let go of. I started to wonder if I could create more books. My brain mulled it around and a series was born.

In Power of the Tears I created Jacques. Good Lord, I love this character. I’ve now wondering if I can create another book with him and Catherine, my heroine. I’m sure it will come to me I just have to wait for my mind to figure it out.


Catherine is second in command in her pack and Max, her alpha, has made arrangements for her to visit a pack who has had three women murdered in a ritualistic manner. She isn’t looking forward to visiting a pack whose alpha believes women should only be mates and mothers. As the pack historian she has the knowledge needed to help the local sheriff solve the murders.

Jacques is the oldest son of the pack alpha, but an injury when he was young keeps him from shifting. He had to step back as the heir-apparent and let his brother rule. He’s now their sheriff. The moment he meets Catherine he wants something he feels he’s not worthy of. How could such a beautiful, successful werewolf want him?

The passion between them is powerful. Catherine starts to wonder if it’s interfering with her solving the murders. Jacques is determined to keep Catherine safe when it appears she may be the next victim. Can they solve the murders together? Can they have a happily ever after?

This book three in the Tears of the Wolf series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This paranormal romance contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, sensual scenes, mild power exchange and a happily ever after.

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He wanted to spank her? What had she done wrong? It had her thinking.

Jacques held the door for her when she reached the truck. She climbed in avoiding eye contact. No one had ever threatened to spank her before. Silence stretched between them.

I’m sorry.” She kept her voice soft. “I wasn’t trying to insult your father. I was only going to say I could have thanked him myself.”

If your brother told you not to talk to Max would you disobey him? Even if Max said something you wanted to thank him for?”

No.” He was right. She should have deferred to him like she said she would.

I know your brother and your alpha discipline you when you do something they’re not happy about. Perhaps I should do the same thing.”

She blinked. No one ever tried to discipline her. Max and Patrick kept her protected. “No one has raised a hand toward me since I was a child.”

That explains a lot.” He stopped the truck in front of his office. Once again he opened the door for her and waited for her to climb out. He headed to the door, unlocked and held it open for her once again. The moment he closed the door, he turned toward her. “It’s time for a lesson.”

A lesson?” She took a step back. He wasn’t serious, was he?

Yes.” He took several steps toward her. “Take your pants off.”

Wh-what?” She took another step back and found herself backed up against his desk. “Why?”

Because I’m going to spank you.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “And the longer you take to follow my orders the more I will spank you.”

She swallowed hard but did as he asked.

Turn around and grip the desk.” He set his hat down on a nearby chair.

She had never felt so vulnerable. No one had ever done this to her. The sting of the first slap brought her back to what was happening. Why didn’t she fight him? If anyone else tried this they would have seen the bottom of her shoe. The second strike had her wondering what Jacques was thinking. It was obvious he wasn’t afraid of what might happen if she said something to someone. The third strike made her realize she was kind of enjoying this.

Now stand up and turn around.” She did as he asked and found him inches away. “Next time, when I ask you to let me be in control you will do what I ask.”

She had no words but found she didn’t need any. One instant he was staring her down and the next his lips were claiming hers. He pushed her shirt up high enough that he could palm her breasts. His fingers brushed against the tips until they hardened for him.

Her hands fought with his shirt once again, but he didn’t seem to care what happened to the buttons this time because he didn’t stop her as buttons popped off. Once she bared his chest she fumbled with his belt. She sighed into his mouth when her fingers closed around his erection.

Jacques controlled their movements and had her up against the wall. This seemed to be a thing for them. He broke the kiss, looking into her eyes as he lifted one of her legs, centered himself and drove into her. He set the pace, quick and deep.

Catherine lifted her other leg and wrapped both legs around his waist. She moved with him, reaching for that moment when her release just started to wash over her. There was no finesse but she could feel her stomach quicken. That moment when she felt a thrill run through her.

His mouth was at her throat. Slight nips that put her into a sensory overload. A brush of his fingers against the side of her breast, the grip of his hand on her ass as he pounded into her, she felt each with such an intensity it took her breath away.

It started so quickly and was so intense she gasped as it washed over her. All she could feel was the intense euphoria. She floated. A soft howl escaped her. One escaped Jacques as well.

About the Author

Bethany Drake is a graduate of UNCC and a big fan of the 49er’s – the UNCC 49er’s. Owner of several cats, she tells people it’s her crazy cat lady starter kit. She lives in her own little world, creating new worlds for her characters.









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