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Betrayed by both her body and her heart - #steampunk #BDSM #MFRWsteam #MFRWAuthor

Rajasthani Moon cover

For this month’s MFRW Steam Hop, I’m sharing a bit from my super-spicy new release, Rajasthani Moon. This genre-bending erotic romance mixes steampunk, paranormal, BDSM, ménage and espionage. If you’re looking for something different – but sexy and fun – get yourself a copy!

Or... you can leave me a comment on this post and you might win a copy of this full length novel, in your choice of ebook format! I’ll randomly select one winner from among all the people who leave comments.


Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman on a mission.

A bandit prince cursed into beast form under the full moon.

A brilliant but sadistic Rajah whose robotic sex toys mingle torture and delight.

A voluptuous spy on a mission from Her Majesty, tasked with discovering Rajasthan’s secrets.

She has never faced such a challenge.

When Rajasthan refuses to remit its taxes, the Queen calls on her most lethal and seductive secret agent, Cecily Harrowsmith. Cecily expects to have little difficulty persuading the rebellious Rajah to submit once more to the Empire. Instead, she is the one forced to submit – to endure unprecedented extremes of pleasure and pain.

Kidnapped by the ruler's half-brother Pratan and delivered into the hands of the handsome but depraved Rajah Amir, she soon finds herself fighting against her own lascivious nature as much as the schemes of her captors. Her sympathy for the moon-cursed wolf-man Pratan only complicates her situation. Cecily has never failed to complete an assignment, but now she risks betrayal by both her body and her heart.

Steamy Excerpt

She returned to her senses to find herself slumped across the pommel of the saddle. Pratan was fussing with the straps that bound her legs to the infernal machine. Her wrists were already free. He bent to his work, exposing the nape of his neck. A single karate chop would render him helpless. The thought arose, unbidden, a product of her training. She dismissed it wearily. At this point she didn’t have the energy to kill a flea.

Pratan lifted her off the horse. She cringed at the nasty slurping sound as her pussy and rear hole released the twin dildos. Both orifices felt loose and raw. Her shoulders and thighs ached from the strain of fighting off orgasms.

Cradling her in his arms, the bandit carried her to a low divan near one wall and laid her gently on the silken cushions. Despite the soft fabric, the stripes on her back flared into fresh anguish.

Thank you.” Her voice was hoarse and strange to her ears. “I don’t think I could have borne any more.”

What makes you think we’re finished?” he asked with a devilish grin. Nevertheless his touch was tender as he brushed her tangled hair off her forehead. Kneeling beside the couch, he turned her face to his.

Those eyes again. The eyes of a madman—a beast—a god. She wanted to look away, but his gaze held her fast, searching her mind, or so it seemed. An awful temptation seized her. She would tell him everything—about the parchment, about her mission. Perhaps then he would be merciful and let her rest.

Before she could act on the impulse, though, he leaned in to claim a kiss. Automatically, despite her sore muscles, she reached up to encircle him with her arms. His firm lips sealed hers, capturing her moans of new pleasure. Her battered cunny wept with new need. As he plundered her mouth like the brigand he was, Cecily could do nothing but surrender.

He tasted of spices, the remnants of their lavish repast. Hot musk rose from his sweat-slicked skin. She felt his knotted muscles bunch and twist under her fingers as he straddled her prone form, their mouths still locked. His rigid member prodded her pubis. Despite her exhaustion and pain, she wanted him. Arching her back, she struggled to align her cleft with his teasing cock. Her stretched quim had never felt so empty.

Pratan broke the kiss, chuckling. Now he gripped her wrists in his huge hands, trapping her against the upholstery. “I thought you’d had enough!”

Cecily ignored the blush climbing into her cheeks. “Never mind. Just fuck me, won’t you?”

He ran his bulb back and forth along her slick outer lips, pulling away as she bucked up to meet him. “You want more, then?” Any trace of tenderness in his manner had evaporated. His lips drew back in a feral smile that displayed his sharp, white teeth. All at once Cecily remembered the wolf, ravaging Sarita. Drowning in lust, she pushed the recollection to the back of her mind.

Damn it all, Pratan! Please!”

His cock slid into her, just a fraction of an inch. She thrashed in frustration beneath him.

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Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost (Not Charlotte) said...

Whoo! Thankfully I remembered I needed to share my link, not just publish my post.
If I win, I'll review the book on Readers Roost.

Adriana said...

superbly done - you never disappoint!

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Maggie Blackbird said...

Whoa, sexy excerpt!

Fiona McGier said...

I love this book! Here's the end of my review on GR--

Before the story ends, there are sexual antics that will have you shaking your head in disbelief--can he/she/they really do that? Is that even physically possible? Don't ask. Just keep reading, and enjoy the ride--like the one Cecily gets on a modified pommel horse. You can't stop it, so you might as well enjoy it!

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was nice
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Excellent! Love the gnres combos.
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Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to Debby, my winner according to! Thanks to you all for dropping by!

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