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Sizzling Sunday: The Gazillionaire and the Virgin (#AudioBook #BDSM #romance)

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Welcome to another Sizzling Sunday!

Today I am celebrating the release of The Gazillionaire and the Virgin as an audio book. WordWooze has done a spectacular job on this; narrator Erin Marsh brings Rachel and Theo to vivid life.

The audio version offers more than eight hours of engaging, intelligent and arousing erotic romance. Don’t believe me? Check out today’s excerpt! Then use the links at the end to get your own copy.

When I return to the bedroom, I find Theo naked on the bed, his rampant cock aimed at the ceiling. One hand grips that fat rod of flesh, sliding up and down with practiced precision. He has flung the other arm across his face, as if he can’t bear to watch.

My fantasies didn’t do him justice. He has one of those massive, powerful bodies that make you want to fall to your knees in worship. He doesn’t have the bulging biceps or rippling six-pack of an exercise nut, but his big hands, broad shoulders and lean thighs broadcast strength. As he jerks at his cock, I watch the tightening in his abdomen, the shifting of muscle under the pale skin of his arm. Aside from the black fuzz surrounding his cock, he’s mostly hairless.

Saliva pools in my mouth. I want to swallow that lovely cock once again, to torment him until he can’t help but spill his seed into my mouth. Later. Right now the hungry ache between my thighs takes precedence.

“Starting without me?”

He snatches his hand away from his penis with the startled, guilty look of a kid caught in the act. “Um – no – just thinking.”

I straddle him again, leaning forward to trail my rigid nipples across his smooth chest. On my hands and knees, I smile down on him. His bobbing cock streaks my belly with pre-cum and baby oil. “About me?”

His eyes meet mine, suddenly bold. “You know I am, Rachel. Don’t tease. I can’t stand much more.” 

He’s open, unguarded, showing me the depth of his need. Some part of me melts in the unflinching heat of that gaze. “All right, Theo.” I feather a kiss across his ripe lips, then sit back. My butt resting on his thighs, I roll a condom down over his erection. He gasps when my fingers make contact with his stretched skin.

I want to impale myself on him, to drive that tempting column of flesh as far into me as it can go. Still, I hover over him an instant more, my thighs spread wide, my juices dribbling into his pubic hair. Once more our eyes lock. Do it. I read it on his face, a plea, a command.

Unwilling to relinquish control, I lower my body bit by bit. My labia enclose the head of his cock, clinging to the smooth flesh. He enters my channel, an inch, then two, stretching me wide. I pulse my inner muscles around his cock and watch the pleasure spark in his eyes. Another fraction of an inch. I alter my angle a bit. His half-buried stalk nudges my clit.

Delicious! I could devour him with my pussy, but instead I savor his gradual entrance, the new sensations triggered by each increment of depth.

“Damn it, woman! I said don’t tease!” Theo seizes my hips and pulls me down, ramming his cock in the rest of the way. The force makes me gasp. His sudden, massive bulk splits me open. Just as I’m getting used to being full, he raises me, so that he slips half-out. Then he slams me down again, driving even deeper.

“Theo—Theo...Oh...!” Up. Down. Out. In. He’s using me the way he used his hand, to jerk himself off. His fingernails dig into my skin as he manipulates me. I flop around on top of him like a rag doll, shaken by each vigorous thrust.

I love it, rough and raw as it is. He’s wild, a bit clumsy, but his inexhaustible lust fans mine. He’s far stronger than me and that’s part of the thrill. I’m being taken—taken over. He can do what he likes with me. And he does. His cock ploughs my pussy, dragging over my clit with each stroke, pushing me up the slope to climax. The delicious sense of total surrender, though, is what pushes me over the edge.

The tingling tension in my pelvis coils into a throbbing knot, then suddenly unravels. Pleasure floods from my core to my extremities. A keening cry reaches my ears as I flail in Theo’s grip. It’s my own voice, high and sharp, unrecognizable. I close my eyes against the flare of sensation. When I open them, as the rumbling aftershocks of orgasm die away, they meet Theo’s gaze.

In those dark, compelling eyes I read his wonder, along with a knowledge that makes me squirm. He grins like a mischievous kid and reaches between our sweat-drenched bodies to find my clit. “Come again, Rachel,” he orders, pinching that sensitive, swollen bud. Helpless, I tumble into a new, more intense climax.

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