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Sunday Snog 266: Test Drive (#mfromance #motorcycle #charity)

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Happy Sunday!

My kiss excerpt for today’s Sunday Snog comes from my story “Test Drive”. This story is part of the altruistic erotica collection Coming Together: On Wheels, edited by Leigh Ellwood —along with seven other fabulous tales on the themes of fast cars, big bikes and speed. All proceeds from this volume benefit UNHCR, that is, the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

When you’re done with my snog, head back to Victoria’s place for more weekend kisses.

And maybe you’d like to pick up a copy of the book? It’s for a great cause.

I pulled off my helmet and shook out my tangled hair. “Wow!” My pulse still raced. Between my thighs, I was thoroughly drenched. I didn’t care. “That was just amazing. Thank you!”

Jack gave me a smile without the slightest hint of smugness. “I knew you’d like it. The moment I saw you, I knew.”

He leaned closer, brushing his lips against my earlobe. His warm breath tickled my neck. Sparks skittered across my skin, jumped to my nipples then raced down to my pussy. Cupping my chin in one hand, he traced the shape of my mouth with the pad of his thumb. “So lovely,” he murmured.
I opened my lips. His thumb slipped inside. I pulled it deeper, eager to taste any part of him.

Oh, Alice! Oh, yeah.”

Pretending the digit was his cock, I flicked at the tip with my tongue, then sucked hard. Jack moaned. I felt the pull myself. My nipples drew into aching peaks and my clit pulsed each time I swallowed.

God, Alice!” He wrenched his thumb away and replaced it with his mouth. He tasted of coffee and breath mints, sweet and spicy. The honest lust in that kiss fanned my own.

He snaked his wiry arms around my body. My nipples sparked as they mashed against his solid chest. His hands wandered down my back to knead my ass. Shameless, I ground my pussy against the bulge in his jeans. Fireworks lit up my clit.

You really are something,” he murmured when we came up for air. “You want this too?”

Isn’t it obvious? Feel how wet I am.” Astonished by my own boldness, I grabbed his hand and dragged it under my skirt. He caught on immediately, slipping a couple fingers under the elastic of my panties and into my soaked cleft.

I writhed in his arms. “Jack—please…”

Lie down, darlin’. Yeah, that’s right. Just relax now. Leave everything to me.” 



Valerie Ullmer said...

Thanks for having me today, Lisabet.

My excerpt today is from my new paranormal release, Seth (A Dark Assassins World Novella Book 2.5) available on Amazon:

“You’ll meet Reaper and Ara when I introduce you to Liv and Kai, but the others who are usually around are Xander, Hunter, Gunnar, Ax, Jade—who are all shifters—and Thomas, Isaac, and Kane, the vampires.”

Aubrey was quiet for several minutes, processing everything he’d thrown at her, but he wanted her to be prepared. Hearing about them differed greatly from meeting them.

“What do you mean by mate? Is it like wife or husband?” Aubrey’s mouth barely moved, the question quiet.

“From what Kai and Reaper have told me, it’s a deeper connection. When they both caught sight of their mates, they knew that they were meant to be together. Kai had a little rougher go at it. He denied to himself and others that Liv could be his mate, until she was kidnapped and he had to face losing her. Reaper had known Ara was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. What they feel is love, but they describe it as a deep need to be with their mate, combined with a strong feeling of protectiveness. It’s hard to describe, but when you see how they act with each another, you’ll understand.”

Seth reached for her hand, smiling when she threaded her fingers with his and curled them around his hand. She was starting to trust him more, but he knew that she was confused about the feelings he brought out in her.

“Do they know about me?”

“Yes. I told them the same day I met you. Kai figured it out when I started talking and through their mind link, communicated his thoughts to Liv. Liv is excited for me.”
He could see the doubt reflected in her eyes.

“They want what’s best for me and you are what’s best for me. I noticed you the moment you walked in the classroom. And when you walked away from me the first time, I was devastated. I know that this world is new to you, even though you’ve been a vampire for ten years, but I know something that you don’t. I’m your mate.”

S.Lira said...

Thanks for doing this Lisabet. This comes from my latest with co-author Remmy Duchene called Wounded Pride

“Expert?” Renford rolled another and placed it in the row he’d been forming. “I think you need more wine. Maybe that’ll help your, um, ball-making skills.”
“Help or hinder, who knows?” Brian snickered and shrugged.

“Only one way to find out.” Renford grabbed the bottle and filled their glasses again. “Take a sip and try again.”

Brian didn’t bother wiping his hands. He took the glass and drank the whole offering in one gulp. “Ah, that’s really good.” He plunked his hands back inside the bowl and gathered some more ground beef. He shaped it carefully and it came out a little better. “How’s that?”

“Here,” Renford said, gripping Brian’s hips with his meat-covered hands. He twisted Brian’s hip slightly, then pulled in close behind Brian. Resting his chin against Brian’s right shoulder, he picked up some of the meat and placed it in Brian’s palm. “You have to be gentle with it,” Renford told him. “Roll it around. Don’t press down too hard.”

Feeling Renford’s hard body behind him, Brian’s breath caught in his chest. He rolled the meat around, being as careful as he could. He desperately wanted to lean back into Renford and rub his backside against Renford’s crotch. That would be hot. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to stand not touching him after that. “Is that good?”

“I think you need more practice.” Renford whispered, breathing against the side of Brian’s neck. He pressed closer. “Try again.”

Brian gasped and slowly moved his buttocks against Renford’s crotch. Though they were fully clothed, Brian was pretty sure he could come from doing this. The temptation was too strong not to acknowledge it, to embrace it. He couldn’t give a crap about the meatballs; he only wanted Renford’s body on top of his.

“You’re squishing them.” Renford pressed his arousal against Brian’s ass even as his mouth made a trail up Brian’s neck to the back of it, before pulling Brian’s ear between his teeth. “We’ll never get dinner made if you can’t get them right.”

Hearing that, Brian swallowed hard, fighting the erection from growing in his jeans. “Right now, dinner is the furthest thing from my mind. I know we gotta eat, but I’m hungry for something else.” Brian stopped suddenly. His own subconscious told him to slow down. “I’m thinking you want something else too.”

Renford laughed softly. “Reading my mind now, Brian?”

Savanna Kougar said...

A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance Novel

"My breasts want you." The moment he heard her plea, Drev did what he'd longed to do since Keina entered his cabin.
He captured her small hands against the wall so they were trapped on either side of her head. Like a predator, he fastened his gaze on her breasts.
Gorgeous, petite creamy mounds with nipples the color of pink rosebuds, her breasts were both dainty and voluptuous.
"Beautiful," he praised, his voice like smoke in his throat.
Drev latched onto one elongated nipple and sucked. Keina strained against his hold, offering her breast to his mouth.
As he pulled her nipple deeper, Drev sensed for her reaction. Given her wild little moans, he suckled more vigorously.
"Oh yes...hunter."
Keina's legs vise-clamped his waist. The silky heat of her sex folds teased his cock unmercifully, even as she tried to shove her breast closer to his lips.
Sucking harder, Drev savored the taste, the succulent texture of her bud-like nipple—a carnal heaven he intended to possess.
Yep, he counted himself one lucky bastard, alright. Come hell or highwater, Keina belonged to him.
Given his out-of-his-mind lust, Drev ordered himself to stay tuned into her sexual frequency—as he thought...


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