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Sunday Snog: A Virgin's Kiss from Incognito

Happy Sunday - or perhaps I should say Snogday! Thanks for visiting me.

Today I've got a rarity for me - a character who is a virgin. This snippet from Incognito recounts the heroine's first sexual experience, with a charming character from London who's visiting her college town and chats her up in the restaurant where she works as a waitress to support her education. Those British accents will do it every time!

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Geoffrey slowed to a stop in front of a three-story frame house. He helped her off the bike. Miranda’s legs wobbled, the muscles still twitching from the bike’s vibrations.

“I’m renting a room here,” said Geoffrey, “while I‘m visiting. It’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable enough. Come on up.”

By this time, they were in a dark entry hall. Miranda had the urge to run. What did she know about this young man? She should be home; she needed her sleep; she had to study for her linguistics examination on Monday.

Geoffrey took her hand, then seemed to sense her hesitation. Silently, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. The warmth and strength of his body felt incredibly right. Miranda found herself melting in the embrace, offering up her mouth to his urgency.

They fit. The curves of her body matched the hollows in his, perfection, completion, the puzzle solved. Her eyes closed, Miranda revelled in the sensations, strange and yet familiar, comfortable. He pressed his pelvis against her and she felt the hardness there. She skipped a breath at the thought of what it meant. She had talked to friends, of course, read books, and examined pictures alone in her room, but she had blushed even then.

They flowed from the embrace, up two flights of stairs. His hands were on her the whole way up, stroking, supporting. At the top of the stairs he unlocked a door and ushered her into a dark space of indeterminate size. He locked the door behind them. Then he once again swept her into a kiss, which she enthusiastically returned.

His roaming fingers brushed her nipples through the nylon of her uniform. Miranda gasped as a delicious shiver ran down her spine. When he touched her lightly between her legs, though, she stiffened. As she pulled away from him slightly, he released her.

In the dim, streetlamp-lit room, he searched her face. Miranda stood nervous and uncertain under his gaze.

"Miranda," he said softly, finally. "This is your first time, isn’t it?"

She nodded, embarrassed at both her inexperience and her fear.

“Forgive me,” Geoffrey said. “You were such a delightful tease at the restaurant, I never would have guessed.” She felt her blush deepen.

 “I want you, Miranda. I want to touch you, taste you. Teach you. But only if that’s what you want.”

He stroked her face with a gentle hand. Something fierce and unfamiliar surged through Miranda. She grabbed his hand and planted a fiery kiss in his palm. Then she brought it down and placed it between her legs, pressing it against the padded triangle of flesh below her belly. She knew that he could feel the curly hair, there, through the thin fabric of her tunic. Inside, she felt a buzzing, a vibration, as if she were still astride the motorcycle.

“Take me,” she said. “Please, Geoffrey. I want you, too. I don’t know what to do, really, but I want to do it.”

She threw her arms around him and ground her body against his hip hungrily. Geoffrey laughed a little.

“Shh,” he said. “Slow down. Let’s relax and take our time. We have all night, after all.”

“Let me undress you,” he said. “But first, some illumination seems to be in order.” He lit a candle. In the flickering light, Miranda saw that they were in an attic room with a sloping ceiling. There was a twin bed covered with a colonial quilt, a chest of drawers, a desk piled with books near the dormer window, which was open to the spring night. The scene was reassuring, much more a student domicile than a playboy’s lair.

“Now,” he said, returning to stand in front of her. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that zipper since I first caught sight of you.” He grasped the tab near the collar and began to pull it down slowly, inch by inch exposing Miranda’s flesh to his view. She shivered a little as the night breeze caressed her bare abdomen. The zipper disengaged at the bottom and the zip-front uniform fell open. Geoffrey slipped his warm hands inside the garment, reached behind Miranda’s back, and unfastened her bra. Lifting it out of the way, he cupped her breasts, then bent to nuzzle her nipples with gentle lips.

Miranda sighed with delight. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations aroused by her companion’s hands and mouth.

Roughness where his tongue grazed the erect points, wetness as he licked their sensitive surround. He sucked hard and seemed to tighten some cord linked to her sex. Between her legs there was an ache, a tingling, a yearning that swelled whenever he increased the suction.

His mouth still feasting on her breasts, he slipped the uniform off her shoulders. She raised her arms, and let him pull off the loose brassiere. Only her sensible cotton panties stood between her and nakedness. Miranda itched to remove them, to let the night wind cool the fires raging between her thighs. Still uncertain and shy, however, she allowed Geoff to set the pace.

He lingered a while longer on her nipples, until she was sure he was teasing her. Then he began moving downward, ever so gradually. He ran his tongue lightly down her abdomen, left a wet trail around her navel. Now he kissed her delicately, just above the edge of her panties. He pushed his tongue under the elastic.

“Oh, please, please, take them off. I’m dying...” Miranda wanted to beg, but she was too shy to say a word. As if answering her thoughts, Geoffrey deftly slipped his thumbs under the waistband and pulled the garment down around her ankles. Crouching at her feet, he used his thumbs to part the fur cloaking her sex, and plunged his tongue into the crevice revealed.

Miranda gasped, jerked, nearly lost her balance. This was totally new, lightning, electric shock, a surge of pleasure so acute she could barely believe it. Expert, his first probe hit its mark.

She knew about the clitoris, of course, in these days when such things were discussed on television. She masturbated, very rarely, lying on her stomach with a pillow stuffed between her legs. She had never dared touch herself there, though, shyness and embarrassment winning over curiosity even when she was alone.

So she was totally unprepared for the effects of Geoff’s skillful mouth. Holding her lower lips apart with both hands, he sucked the reclusive button of flesh while raking his tongue over its tip. Miranda moaned, her knees sagging. Geoffrey caught her, kissed her lightly, and laid her on her back on the bed.

Miranda tasted a hint of ocean on his lips, salt and seaweed. She was thrilled to realise that this was her own flavour.

Geoffrey resumed his attentions, his tongue dancing in her sex. Miranda spread her thighs wide, brazenly pushing her pelvis at him. She wanted more, more. He obliged, grasping her buttocks and lifting her to his mouth, eating her greedily and yet tenderly.

Miranda gave herself up totally to her pleasure. She thrashed and twisted, urging his tongue deeper.  Taking his head in her hands, she pressed his face into her crotch. She was beyond shyness, beyond shame, beyond thought.


C. A. Szarek said...

Wow!!! Thanx for sharing! This is awesome!

Ginger Simpson said...

Gulp! I wish my first sexual encounter had been so, so...well, let's just say this wasn't it, but I'm sure it's every woman's dream. Great post.

Anonymous said...

This was one hot & smoking excerpt. A virgin's 1sthas to be the best , because it affects her for the rest of her sexual activity. This book is a definite buy for me. Suzanne

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Crissy,

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you'll come visit often!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Ginger,

My first time wasn't much like this either LOL (though it wasn't exactly bad).

Actually one thing I noticed in pulling out this excerpt is how much my writing has improved since I wrote this book. This was only my second novel. The sex scenes are hot but the dialogue seems really artificial.

Thanks for dropping by, hon!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Suzanne,

Well, you can get your copy here....!!

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

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