Monday, December 19, 2011

New Contracts, Free Reading, and a Super Easy Contest!

Greetings of the season! Thank you for taking the time out from your holiday schedule to check up on my news. I'll keep it short because I know you have LOTS to do. But don't miss my easy, fun cover contest!

New and Upcoming Releases

My biggest news this month is that Total-E-Bound has accepted my M/M science fiction book, Quarantine. I don't have a release date or cover yet, but believe me, when I do, you'll be the first to know! But I can share the blurb...

Love is contagious.

Dylan Moore will do anything for freedom. Seven years ago, a gay plague spread to heterosexuals, killing millions and sparking brutal anti-gay riots. The Guardians rounded up men who tested positive for the homogene and imprisoned them in remote quarantine centers like desolate Camp Malheur. Since then, Dylan has hacked the camp's security systems and hoarded spare bits of electronics, seeking some way to escape. He has concluded the human guards are the only weakness in the facility's defenses.

Camp guard Rafe Cowell is H-negative. He figures the lust he feels watching prisoner 3218 masturbate on the surveillance cameras must be due to his loneliness and isolation. When he finally meets the young queer, he discovers that Dylan is brilliant, brave, sexy as hell – and claims to be in love with Rafe. Despite his qualms, Rafe finds he can't resist the other man's charm. By the time Dylan asks for his help in escaping, Rafe cares too much for Dylan to refuse.

Dylan's plan goes awry and Rafe comes to his rescue. Soon they're both fugitives, fleeing from militant survivalists, murderous androids, homophobic ideologues and a powerful man who wants Dylan as his sexual toy. Hiding in the Plague-ravaged city of Sanfran, Dylan and Rafe learn there's far more than their own safety at stake. Can they help prevent the deaths of millions more people? And can Rafe trust the love of a man who deliberately seduced him in order to escape from quarantine?

I'm really excited about this book - and not just because it has taken so long for me to finish. It's full of action, adventure and emotion, not to mention a good deal of steamy sex. Now the real question is, how am I going to wait until it comes out?

Coming Together Presents: Teresa Lamai - edited by yours truly - is now available. All proceeds from this fantastic erotica anthology benefit Amnesty International. The stories in the collection all revolve in some way around the theme of dance, and many have BDSM flavor. Sound interesting? You can get your own copy here!

Other News

In my free reading section this month, I've added a new chapter of my feline shifter erotic romance, Cat Toy. Check it out!

If you're looking for free holiday reading, you'll find several appropriate stories, including Easy, Snowbound and my BDSM ménage, Silver Bells. Want something longer? My novel Necessary Madness and my novellas Almost Home and Tomorrow's Gifts all have seasonal themes.

I've added a new article to the "For Authors" section of my site. Mistress of Time talks about how to keep track of the timelines in your books and avoid making embarrassing errors. I discuss a variety of specific timeline-related problems as well as techniques that can help.

I've been giving away lots of books this past month, on various blogs. Want to be notified when I have a give-away? If you join my Yahoo group, Lisabet's List, you'll get all my announcements, including news on blog posts and prizes from my guests at Beyond Romance. If you only want to get mail when you can win something or when I have a release, send me a note asking to be added to my private, limited email list.


Only one person entered my "Everybody Wins" contest. Thank you, Jacki! Okay, I know you're busy... but I'll admit I was disappointed.

Anyway, my contest this month is super-easy. I've added a cover gallery to my website, with images of all my current stand-alone book covers. All you have to do for the December contest is check out the gallery and decide which cover you like the most.

Then send an email to contest [at] with the subject line "Cover Contest", telling me which cover is your favorite. The prize is your choice of a mousepad, mug or journal featuring your chosen cover, from the Total-E-Bound booty box, if you choose one of my TEB covers. Otherwise, I'll give you a US$ 15 Amazon gift certificate.

By the way, if you click on a cover, it will take you to the buy page for the book! (No pressure or anything...!)

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My December Pick of the Month is Ginger Simpson's new "Cowboy Kisses" blog. You've got to check it out, if only to enjoy the handsome young man tipping his hat in the banner! The general focus of the blog is on western and historical stories, but you know Ginger - on any particular day, you never know what you'll find! I dropped in this afternoon to find my good friend Keta Diablo sharing an excerpt from her historical/paranormal book, Dark of the Moon. Believe me, Ginger knows how to keep things interesting!

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