Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What’s Christmas to You?

By Stephanie Taylor (Guest Blogger)

As a child, Christmas was so magical. I always looked among the stars on Christmas Eve and watched for the red light of Rudolph’s nose, guiding Santa’s sleigh. The presents under the tree on Christmas morning were from a special someone that came in quietly during the night and left after eating his cookies. When I was in second grade, a friend of mine broke the news.

I approached my mother about it and she confirmed the worst. I cried and felt betrayed and wailed, “So you’re the one who ate all the cookies?!?”

Leave it to me…

Ever since that Christmas, the magical quality was lost. Of course, I still looked forward to it, but no longer was the supernatural element involved and the loss of Santa signaled one thing: I was growing up. The next twenty years went by in a blur of Christmas’s.

Eventually I married and my own children came along. This year they’re 4, 3, and 2 (and yeah, I’m done thankyouverymuch) and every year I’m able to see some of the magic returning. For personal reasons, my husband and I have decided not to let Santa be a part of our Christmas. In our house, he’s like Disney Princesses or dinosaurs. Fun to pretend, but it’s clear he’s just that: pretend. Even so, to see their eyes light up and the reflection of the Christmas lights in their eyes as they stare in wonder at each intricate ornament, it’s like reliving my childhood. I know that no matter what traditions we begin, Christmas is magical to them.

My Christmas book, Tinseltown, released on 12/6 and it focuses on the strength of family making up the “magic” of Christmas. The blurb is below.


by Stephanie Taylor

A-list actress Deb Atkins hasn’t allowed her glamorous lifestyle to go to her head. She owes this to her wonderful family, who keeps her grounded. So, for Deb, not just any man will do, especially if he’s part of the Hollywood elite. Most actors have one thing on their mind, and happily ever after isn’t it.

Until she meets Zach Sparks, her new co-star.

Zach Sparks is famous not just for his acting skills, but his quick wit and good looks. One glance at Deb, and he's smitten. After a drunken night at a Vegas premiere after-party, one thing leads to another. The result: marriage.

Deb is appalled by her actions. So much so, she and Zach can't get along on the set. Their director demands they spend Christmas holidays together to work out their differences or they're both fired. Driven by selfish motivations, they don't expect to fall in love over Christmas or for their marriage to turn into a real one. But can their tenuous relationship withstand a bigger test than either of them ever imagined?

To celebrate the holidays and Tinseltown’s release, I’m giving away a .pdf copy of my book to one lucky commenter. And be sure to follow me on Facebook for more opportunities to win fabulous prizes!

Read an excerpt of Tinseltown here:


Stephanie Taylor wrote and illustrated her first novel, The Bear Who Ate Christmas, several notebook pages stapled together to open like a “real book”, at the tender age of six (it’s still in the attic, just in case you were curious). Over twenty years later, she lives in Alabama with her husband and is a mommy of three by day and a writer by night. She has a doctorate in multitasking and can actually walk a tightrope while changing a diaper with one hand and typing her next novel with the other. She is the author of Doubting Thomas and Tinseltown. Her next release will be on Valentine’s Day from Decadent Publishing.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Greetings, Stephanie,

Welcome to Beyond Romance. What a perfect title for a Christmas story!

Best of luck with the release.


Stephanie Taylor said...

Thank you Lisabet!

Kalie said...

I remember that I figured out Santa on my own. My mom's handwriting totally gave it away. Congrats on the Release!!

Colleen said...

I never felt any misery from finding out about Santa... every year we went to a party at my father's firehouse to see Santa and receive a gift... I caught on that he was a fellow fireman... and that at home my parents gave the gifts... handwriting does give them away!!! :) It is funny, many many years later, my parents still sign a few gifts from Santa!

She said...

For me Christmas is the good feelings embodied by holding onto the spirit of the holiday. It is the joy in giving the right gift to a person. It is watching a child's eye light up with the wonder of the season. It is the peace felt at midnight as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas day. Merry Christmas to all!

Shawna Thomas said...

Hi Stephanie,

My mother never told us there was a Santa Claus and after considering it, I decided not to tell my children either. However, my kids recieve gifts from the cat... and the gecko. ; )

Congratulations on the new release!

desitheblonde said...

congrat on the book our house was all way full
with 5 kid and we all were told that santa was coming and one year my mom did put coal in a stocking and nothing else you should of seen the faces of my brother and sister and now my service dog does to he getting pic with santa on sat for his bd

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